Local scrap-booking company to appear in Martha Stewart Living

Do a Google search for Tabitha Geary and 37,900 hits come back. After clicking through eight pages worth of links and being confronted time and time again by the same face, it seems that there is no other Tabitha Geary than the Richmonder who owns a scrap-booking company that bears her name.

And now Geary’s face will be staring back from the pages of Martha Stewart Living.

Geary started her photo organizing company, “OK, Picture This…”, in 2005. Now, three years later, the name has been switched to “Tabitha Geary.” After appearing on countless national, regional, and local outlets, this week Geary is being featured as part of the Martha Stewart “Dreamers into Doers” contest. The contest asked contestants to describe how they turned their dream or hobby into a career. She found out about the contest from a friend, who sent her a link and implored her to enter.

“Four days later Martha Stewart (the company) contacted me and said I was selected as their feature person of the week for June 25th,” said Geary. She said that she is excited for the exposure that a national audience brings, and thinks that it is an amazing opportunity for herself and for her business.

So what advice does Geary have for start-ups or local businesses looking to increase exposure?

“Work hard, be thoughtful, and treat your clients, vendors and employees with respect, because word-of-mouth is stronger than most people realize.” She said that people like feeling connections to companies, and if you make them feel appreciated, they’ll be much more likely to help you.

Although the title of “memory organizer” may seem foreign, it is a simple process. First, customers bring Geary photos, albums, artwork, letters, tickets, or any other combination of nostalgic items. The items are then organized in pretty much any way the customers want, assuming that Tabitha and her team are physically able to do so. Think of it like a scrapbook, but one put together by a team of professionals who exercise the utmost diligence in taking care of precious memorabilia.

Geary’s team consists of nine full-time employees, but that number will grow in the coming months. Geary said that her business is currently seeking news sales representatives and creative talent. She also recently expanded to the current showroom at 506 Libbie Avenue.

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