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Breaking Ground: Local building permits for 5.27.20

Henrico reports more than $5 million in hospital upgrades, and Chesterfield continues to work on their public schools. Richmond includes permits for Carytown and Forest Hill. For the entire list of permits, become a BizSense Pro member.

The Pitch: Advertising and marketing news for 5.26.20

Awards season ramps up with recognitions for several PR and ad shops, a Richmond artist takes part in a locally produced campaign for a national clothing retailer, and a pair of production studios assist with a mini-documentary tied to a homegrown public TV series.

Foreclosures: 5.26.20

Chesterfield dominates the list of homes for sale this week. For the entire list, become a BizSense Pro member.

New Business Licenses: 5.22.20

This week’s list includes a dog trainer and a mobile diner in Chesterfield. Henrico reports a burger restaurant and an investigative services firm.

The DeedBook: Local property transfers for 5.22.20

A Manchester project changes hands for $8.7 million in Richmond. Chesterfield’s top transaction is the sale of a furniture store for $8 million. For the entire list of transfers, become a BizSense Pro member.

The Docket: Local court roundup for 5.21.20

A telecommunications provider goes after three companies for allegedly cutting its cable and fiber optic lines. A video game machine company says a market grocery chain violated exclusivity and non-compete clauses. BizSense Pro members get full access.

The R&D Dept.: Local patents for 5.20.20

This week’s patents include a roadside assistance device, an electric guitar pedal board, and a bone fusion device, among others.