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New Business Licenses: 12.27.19

New owners for a multi-generational auto sales company in Henrico. Chesterfield reports a cyber center and mobile auto repairs service, among others.

Foreclosures: 12.23.19

The two top foreclosures in Henrico and Chesterfield are over $1 million each. BizSense Pro members get the full list.

The Agenda: Local government briefs for 12.23.19

Local businesses and nonprofits pitch in on a renovation of Richmond Social Services’ Child Protective Services room, a 1,250-unit residential development advances in Chesterfield, and City Council’s Navy Hill advisory group delivers its report this week.

New Business Licenses: 12.20.19

This week’s licenses include a dental service in Chesterfield and new retail and beauty services in Henrico. For the entire list, become a BizSense Pro member.

The Docket: Local court roundup 12.19.19

A property maintenance provider claims $1 million in damages for defamation and breach of contract. BizSense Pro members can access all of this week’s lawsuits.

Breaking Ground: Local building permits for 12.18.19

Henrico leads the list with over $50 million worth of projects, ranging from school upgrades to a new commercial building in Libbie Mill. For the entire list, become a BizPro member.