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New Business Licenses: 10.11.19

Multiple openings in the area this week, including a cardiovascular clinic in Henrico and a cryotherapy practice and a drone firm in Chesterfield. In Richmond, we have a new seafood restaurant, a downtown cafe and a scooter touring company.

The Docket: Local court roundup for 10.10.19

Business owners claim they are due $750,000 in damages for poor legal, estate planning and investment actions by defendants. And a real estate broker alleges conspiracy from a former member of his team and wants $500,000 in damages.

Breaking Ground: Local building permits for 10.9.19

Henrico reports more townhomes and a tennis club does an update. Chesterfield continues to work on its new schools and reports more townhouses. For the entire list, become a BizSense Pro member.

Foreclosures: 10.7.19

The top five homes on the list this week are south of the river in Chesterfield and Powhatan, including two homes over $500,000. For the entire list, become a BizSense member.

The DeedBook: Local property transfers for 10.4.19

This week’s list features over $27 million worth of transfers. The top sale is a $9 million hotel property in Chesterfield. BizSense Pro members get the entire list.