BizSense Pro: Be in the know

BizSense Pro puts the information you need to stay competitive at your fingertips. In addition to breaking news about and analysis of the Richmond business scene, you’ll have access to a cache of exclusive data, including:

The Deedbook
What properties have changed hands in the area. The DeedBook is a biweekly compilation of commercial transactions.

The Docket
When businesses disagree, their beef often ends up in circuit court. BizSense visits each of the major courthouses in the area and produces a weekly report of who is fighting with whom and why. You’ll be the first to know when, for example, a customer or a competitor is late on payments to a vendor.

The R&D Dept.
Find out first about the most promising technology coming out of the region with this biweekly list of patents awarded to local inventors and companies.

Breaking Ground
There’s always a new project in the pipeline. Find out which developers and contractors are building around town and where their residential and commercial projects will be.

New Business Licenses
Don’t wait for a new business to open its doors: Get leads on what’s coming with this weekly list of new business licenses from around the Richmond metropolitan area.

See which properties in Richmond and the surrounding counties have fallen into foreclosure and are headed to auction. A great tool for potential investment opportunities and to keep an eye on local landlords.

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Terms of membership
Individual subscriptions are $500 per year. Discounts are available on bulk subscriptions. For companies with fewer than 10 employees, please email Linda Dunham at [email protected] Day passes for $50 are also available for access to an individual day’s data section and/or list. At the end of your subscription year, you will be prompted to renew. As always, feel free to contact us if you have any concerns or problems. You can also call us at 804-855-1037 or email [email protected].