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Foreclosures: 11.11.19

The top two sales this week are over $1 million. For the entire list of properties, become a BizSense Pro member.

The Docket: Local court roundup for 11.7.19

A state healthcare provider group is alleging a mismanagement and misappropriation of funds in connection with an accountable care organization. BizPro members get full access.

Trading Day: Local SEC filings for 11.7.19

Genworth discloses the latest pay packages for its execs, while it waits to see if its deal with China Oceanwide will close. Plus, earnings season continues with Altria, Performance Food Group and others filing their quarterly numbers.

Breaking Ground: Local building permits for 11.6.19

Chesterfield has permits for a sports complex upgrade and work continues at the Charter Colony Publix. Richmond has permits for heavy alterations to apartments on Midlothian Turnpike. For the entire liste, become a BizSense Pro member.

Foreclosures: 11.4.19

Over $5 million worth of properties are on the block this week. Chesterfield has four of the top five. For all of this week’s list, become a BizSense Pro member.

The DeedBook: Local property transfers for 11.1.19

A hotel in Richmond’s Shockoe Slip sells for $5 million. An old concrete factory is sold in eastern Henrico for $850,000. For the entire list of transfers, become a BizSense Pro member.