Richmond Starbucks Safe…for now

Starbucks won’t close many of its Richmond locations, if any, according to several local employees who asked that their names not be used because they are not allowed to speak on behalf of the company.

ast week, BizSense reported that Starbucks announced plans to close 600 stores and cut 12,000 jobs.

Baristas at three different locations said their managers told them that the Richmond locations are not on the chopping block. Many said their stores are still busy despite an economic slowdown.

An employee at the Starbucks on River Road shop said employees have heard that most of the stores that are being shut down are the ones in major cities, where you can find two or three Starbucks on every block. None had been told by management to expect any changes.

An employee at the Ashland Starbucks also said she has been told that location is safe.

In fact, employees sounded excited about changes to make the company more profitable.

Maybe that was just the coffee talking.

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