Ellwood Thompson’s Wants Shoppers to Go Green

Ellwood Thompson’s, the Carytown market known for organics, is giving 25 cents to anyone who walks, bikes, scoots, or rides the bus to the store.

Calling it Envirocredit, if you can get to the Carytown store through some form of low-petroleum transportation, mention it to the cashier. They will deduct 25 cents from your purchase price.

Envirocredit was launched in the beginning of July. Advertisements are starting to show up in local newspapers and magazines, and more are on the way.

This isn’t Ellwood Thompson’s first environment-friendly deal. If customers bring their own grocery bag to the store, they also get 10 cents off their purchase.

In January, Ellwood banned plastic bags at the checkout stand.

According to their website, the ban has kept 34,359 plastic bags out of the Richmond community since January 2nd. That means 158 bags are saved every day.

In the coming months, paper bags will be phased out as well. Ellwood Thompson’s wants people to start using reusable bags every time they shop. Such bags are available in the store for $1.99.

That’s only 8 bike rides to Carytown.

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