More Bikes, Safer Roads

Richmond bikers often complain that drivers have no regard for their safety.

But according to a study released by researchers in Wales, the number of collisions decreases as the number of bicycles increases. Motorists are more likely to drive safely and respectfully when there are more bikes on the road.

Over the last few weeks BizSense has reported on the growing trend of recreational and commuting bicyclists on the road. The study makes sense, but it also sounds paradoxical. More bikes would mean more chances for accidents. Especially if more of the new riders are beginners and not used to the rules of the road or the handling of their rig.

On the other hand, drivers obviously know to look out for them and get habituated to sharing the road. It brings to mind an argument I read somewhere (Freakonomics, maybe) that unsafe cars reduce accident fatalities because drivers are far more cautious than in big SUVs that make them feel invincible.

But it’s a feather in the bike helmet of those who pedal around.

We still want to hear if any Richmond employers are offering incentives to employees who bike to work. Do any companies have new bike racks?

And please share harrowing experience of almost getting run down by a Mac Truck, or some rouge biker.

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