Charlotte baseball team might fit in Richmond

bravessculpturerefitBalpark Digest is reporting that the Tripple A Charlotte Nights are the most likely team to move to Richmond so far.

According to the website, “Multiple sources in ownership ranks and the N.A. confirm the Charlotte Knights (Class AAA: International League) are first in line to claim the open Richmond market, with Ken Young and the Bowie BaySox (Class AA; Eastern League) slipping to the #2 spot. With tough times in the credit market, the escalating cost of a new ballpark in Charlotte’s Uptown area and the seemingly endless legal battles, owner Don Beaver is looking at all his options — and a potential move to Richmond is on the list.”

Sources have told BizSense that Mayor Wilder is now a fan of a downtown ball park, and that he will make an announcement at a press conference later this month. However, we have not confirmed it.

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