Mind in the Gutter sold, former owner begins new venture

Pete Hatcher has launched a new Home Improvement and Maintenance Company named For Pete’s Sake.  The company will provide a one-stop shop for home owners looking to make one call for all their home improvement and maintenance needs.

Hatcher’s previous company, Titan Solutions Inc. dba Mind in the Gutter has been sold to Ethan Powers of Powhatan.  The new company, D.E. Powers & Company, LLC dba Mind in the Gutter will continue to provide full service gutter solutions to Greater Richmond and surrounding counties. After many successful years managing companies for large corporations and travelling extensively, Powers decided to put his experience to work closer to home by purchasing Mind in the Gutter and helping to continue the years of growth.

“The company has been built on superior value, quality, and customer service. I want to continue to build on the strengths of Mind in the Gutter. I believe that customers want straight talk, quality work and products at a fair price, no pressure selling, and a company that is easy to do business with. This is the way that both I and Mind in the Gutter have always done business, and this is the way that we will always do business” said Powers.

“Over the past five years I enjoyed starting the company and developing the brand that has become Mind in the Gutter. Contracting can be difficult at times, but if done right… it’s a great way to meet wonderful people in my community and even make a few friends along the way” said Hatcher.

Hatcher, a Chesterfield native, plans to concentrate first in Chesterfield County and expand to cover Powhatan, Henrico and the city of Richmond over the next five years.

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