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This is the first story in our new weekly legal roundup data section. We’ll soon give it a snappy new name. And eventually it will be for BizSense Pro subscribers, which we will be introducing in coming weeks. The data provides an incredible glimpse behind the scenes on what businesses are doing in circuit courts. It will give business owners a valuable tool for finding out what clients and competitors are up to. It’s also entertaining. But be warned, there are a ton of “trip and fall” lawsuits. Some interesting cases this week: a printer wants $20,000 from a magazine publisher it says didn’t pay for copies, according to the lawsuit. Also this week, a hardware supplier wants more than $20,000 from a builder it says didn’t pay.

City of Richmond

AM Liner East Inc. v. A&M Services Plus LLC:  Breach of Contract
Plaintiff alleges defendant refuses to pay $22,000 plus interest and costs.
Filed 5/12/10, CL 10002241-00

Kevin T. Evans Central Virginia Legal Aid v. BB&T and Prof. Foreclosure of Va.
Plaintiff states terms of Deed of Trust lien against his residential dwelling were violated because there was no face-to-face interview with plaintiffs before putting the dwelling on a foreclosure list.
5/13/10, CL 10002242

American Express Bank v. The Pet Club Inc. and Howard Konwinski
Plaintiff claims defendant owes credit card debt of $15,426 plus interest costs.
5/13/10, CL 0002244

Kenecko Robinson and Martin Johnson v. Salvation Army: negligence
Plaintiff claims defendants were careless and negligent when an unknown object struck plaintiff on or about her head. Plaintiff says she suffered severe and permanent damage. Asking for $250,000.

Gary Oliver v. Gas Equipment Company Inc. and Worthington Cylinder Industries Inc. : Negligence
Plaintiff states he used an unsafe, dangerous and defective propane gas tank. Negligence by defendants caused severe and permanent injury and suffering. Defendants also failed to warn plaintiff of danger resulting in breach of implied and expressed warranties. Asking for $50,000,000 and costs.

Robert C. Smith v. Essex Bank and parent company, Community Bankers Trust Corp.
Plaintiff claims breach of contract under credit line deed of trust.
5/14/10, CL 10002261

State Farm Fire & Casualty v. CW Brown Logging Inc.
Plaintiff alleges defendant negligently cut down a tree. The tree fell on a residential dwelling that plaintiff insured, causing damage. Asking for $60,250 in damages and $500 deductible paid by homeowners.
5/14/10, CL 0001164

Linda Wildermuth v. City of Richmond
Plaintiff claims defendant failed to maintain property. A hazardous stump next to a meter located by a sidewalk on West Broad Street caused plaintiff to trip and fall resulting in personal injury. Asking for $50,000 and costs.

Digital Inc. v. Betsy Heath and Bay Splash Magazine
Plaintiff states that defendant did not pay for printed copies of Bay Splash Magazine. Asking for balance owned of $20,916.

Chesterfield County Circuit Court

Lee Hauling v. Wrecker Service Inc. (Ray’s Wrecker Service)
Plaintiff claims dump truck was towed and damaged as a direct result of negligence, carelessness and recklessness of the defendant. Asking for $100,000 compensatory damages plus interest and costs.

Phyllis Johnson v. Cracker Barrel Old Country Store Inc.
Plaintiff states defendant negligently failed to inspect property where she tripped and fell in entrance way of store. Asking for $100,000 plus interest and costs.

LTC Financial partners, LLC v. Long Term Consultants, Inc.
Plaintiff claims damages of $100,000 and punitive damages of $50,000 plus attorney fees and costs, and also wants defendants to disgorge any profits gained by wrongful acts, imposing a constructive trust for the benefit of the plaintiff.

Quality Excavation Company Inc. v. Thomas Adams
Plaintiffs ask for a judgment for $194,500 plus interest and costs.

Hall Publishing, LLC v. Moss Sales and Marketing, Inc.
Plaintiff claims defendants breached an oral and written contract by failing to pay a debt owed. Also, plaintiff wants defendant to be barred from enforcing their non-compete provision. Asking for judgment of $23,884 plus interest and costs.

Michelle Mosby  v, Resh Realty Corp.
Plaintiff claims when she told defendant she was leaving her job after she completed working with some clients, the defendant immediately terminated her. Plaintiff states she did not receive her commission and is asking for $8,369 plus interest and costs.

Allied Building Products Corp. .V. Buckeye Builders LLC.
Plaintiff states defendants did not pay for all the merchandise that was delivered to their store. Asking for $24,952 plus interest and costs.

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