The Docket: Circuit Court Roundup for 6.14.10

The Docket is a new BizSense feature of business cases filed in Circuit Court. In the future BizSense readers will be able to request the full case from us.

City of Richmond

Island Architects, LLC v. Larry Culp and Wendy Culp: Breach of Contracts and Quantum Merut
Plaintiff claims the defendants wanted architectural services for their vacation home and they entered into an oral and a written contract. The defendants received services and have been unfairly enriched-Quantum Merut because monies owed have not been fully paid. Plaintiff is asking for $79,653.86, pre- and post- judgment interest and costs.

Gail A. Megginson Exor. Warren L. Megginson Est. v. Merck & Co., Inc.
Warren L. Megginson started taking doctor prescribed Vioxx, a drug manufactured by Merck and suffered a stroke. Petition alleged that Mr. Muggings‘s Megginson stroke was a direct and proximate result of his being prescribed Vioxx. Without admitting any legal liability and contractual obligation, the defendant entered into a settlement program with the plaintiff. Plaintiff moves the court to file her petition for approval of a compromised settlement.

Richmond Real Estate, LLC v. Calfee & Douglas Inc. And Promac LLC: Breach of Contract
Plaintiff states Calfee & Douglas Inc. was paid $156,520 for renovation of the Columbia Building for roofing repairs and other work performed. Plaintiff claims the defendants breached the expressed and implied warranties. Promac, LLC was a subcontractor for Calfee & Douglas Inc. Promac Inc.  LLC was obligated to use good materials free from defect in repairing the roof and it was not repaired adequately. Plaintiff is asking for $60,095 in compensatory damages plus interest and costs.

Hercules Fence Co. v. James River Concrete Inc. : Breach of Contract
Plaintiff claims his company furnished the defendant with labor and materials necessary to install an ornamental steel fence. He further states the defendant accepted and signed the proposals and terms and as of yet, the plaintiff has only received a partial payment. Plaintiff is seeking the remainder of what is owed in the amount of $26,695 plus interest, costs and reasonable attorney fees.

Auto Owners Insurance v. J & J Inc.
Plaintiff states the defendant owes the plaintiff for a final and actual additional premium on the defendant’s policy for coverage that was provided by the plaintiff per the affidavit and statement of accounts. Plaintiff is seeking $18,746 plus interest and costs.

Yellow Book Sales And Distribution v. Custom Blinds & Window Treatment
Plaintiff claims the defendant had two contracts between them for advertising in the South Hampton Roads Yellow Book directories and that the defendant has not paid what he owes. Plaintiff is seeking a judgment of $16,046 plus attorney fees in the amount of  $5,295.18, interest and costs.

Chesterfield County

Specialty Flooring LLC v. Daniel & Company Inc.
Plaintiff entered in to a contractual agreement to provide supplies, labor and materials to make improvements located at a property known as Godwin Hall, John Tyler Community College in Chesterfield, Va. A. Plaintiff performed all work including various additional services. Plaintiff claims that defendant only partially paid and is still owed $22,927  plus interest and costs.

Donald T. Delegge v. Great Decorating Inc. T/A Ducks In A Row And Jennifer L. Delegge: Default on a note.
Plaintiff claims the defendant signed a note for $35,000 in consideration of monies defendant owed him. Plaintiff even perfected his lien against Great Decorating Inc. by filing a UCC financing statement that became due and payable on 12/31/09. Plaintiff further states that the defendant has failed to hold corporate meetings and minutes and has paid herself an exorbitant salary despite Great Decorating Inc.’s inability to meet current debt obligations. Plaintiff also confers that the defendant has failed to operate Great Decorating Inc. as a separate entity and has treated  its assets as her own and eliminated the separate person of the corporation. On plaintiff’s information and belief, the defendant’s conduct has worked to commit an injustice and gain an unfair advantage to the detriment of the plaintiff and he is asking for $35,000 plus fees and costs.

Union First Market Bank, successor by merger to First Market Bank FSB v. Mac Technologies LLC And Wayne J. Castlebury
Plaintiff states Mac Technologies is a lapsed limited liability company and the defendants defaulted on a promissory note which is due and payable. Plaintiff wants a judgment in the amount of $32,150.17 plus interest, costs and attorney fees.

Terradon Corp. v. Dockside At The Reservoir LLC
Plaintiff states the defendant and he entered into a letter agreement and that the plaintiff would provide various site work and services. Plaintiff claims the defendant has not paid the entire bill and is asking for $61,260 plus interest and costs.

Cavalry Portfolio Services LLC v. Lisa Christian

Plaintiff claims defendant opened a Chase Credit Card and subsequently, it was assigned to plaintiff. Plaintiff is seeking relief in the amount of $18,026.57 plus interest and costs.

The Sherwin-Williams Co. d/b/a Duron, Inc. and Duron Paints and Wall Coverings v A & E Painting Inc. And De’Ann Evans, Guarantor
Plaintiff sells sales such things as paint, paint equipment, paint supplies, wall and floor coverings. Defendant has purchased products of the plaintiff’s and still owes. Plaintiff is asking for a judgment in the amount of $17,570.40, interest, costs and $4,392.60 in attorney fees.

Henrico County

Townes Site Engineering P.C. v. Wilton Development Corp. And Wilton Family Investments L.L.C.: Breach of Contract
Plaintiff claims the defendants did not pay for engineering services performed on Wilton Development Corp. property. Asking for a total judgment of $40,465.00 plus attorney fees, interest and costs.

Raymond L. Sanders, Shawnda Sanders, Jointly With Raymond L. Sanders, And Shawnda Sanders, Individually v. UDR Inc. D/B/A Dominion Creekwood: Breach of Duty
Plaintiffs claim the defendant failed to perform reasonable care to get rid of mold found in the plaintiffs’ apartment. Plaintiffs further state that expenses and costs from injuries and harm resulted from exposure to excessive and unhealthy levels of the mold and other contaminates contained in their apartment unit. The plaintiffs are seeking $15,000 award in compensatory and other damages for medical expenses, pain, suffering and emotional distress in the amount of $175,000 plus interest and costs.

Seymour Hundley Properties LLC v. Maryland Casualty Co.: Petition For Declaratory Judgment
Plaintiff is the owner of property on Monument Avenue and was insured at all times relevant by the defendant. The building’s rear parking lot area was excavated and discovered the underground conduit had failed causing water to enter the conduit and pass through it to the electrical cabinet. Plaintiff further claims that the defendant is denying the claim based on the ground water and wear and tear cover exclusion, where instead, the damages were actually caused by failure of the electrical conduit system. Plaintiff is seeking total damages of $35,200 plus interest and costs.

Amerifirst Home Improvement Financial F/K/A Federal Diversified Services v. Melany Carter
Plaintiff states defendant entered into a home improvement retail installment contract with plaintiff in the amount of $18,165.00. Plaintiff claims deed of trust default and still owes $15,245.16 plus interest, attorney fees and other costs.

The Docket is a new BizSense feature of business cases filed in Circuit Court. BizSense can email a copy of any lawsuit. There is a charge.

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