The Docket: Circuit Court Roundup for 5.25.10

City of Richmond

Tiffany Hill v. Rainbow Apparel Distribution And Rainbow USA Inc. And Angela Cris Gaul And Linda Wallace And Desiree Morgan And Latonya Dabney: Defamation

Plaintiff claims after her employment, vicious and systematic false statements including she had stolen and embezzled store monies were made by the store employees to their customers and is asking for $3 million in compensatory damages and $1 million in in punitive damages.
06/11/2010  ,  CL10002649

Rosemary Forehand v. U M U M 3 Properties Inc.: Negligence

Plaintiff is seeking $250,000 from a fall she incurred because she claims the repaired and or installed hand rail in her stair well was done negligently.
06/14/2010  ,  CL10002653

Brittany Rice And Jonathon Dyke v. V C P Y LLC And I C A F S Inc.: Judgment
Plaintiffs are seeking $1.5 million in personal damages as a result of exposure to mold and moisture.
June 14, 2010  ,  CL10002656

Tally W. Harold I LLC T/A J S Lipman DDS Inc. v. Felix E. Deacon And Margaret B. Dean: Default
Plaintiff claims defendants defaulted on a loan. Plaintiff is seeking $351,496.67 and $50,000 in attorney fees.
06/15/2010  ,  CL10002679

3405 Commerce LLC T/A K Associates Commerce LLC v. City of Richmond Real Estate Tax Department: Complaint

Plaintiff claims defendant erroneously increased their tax assessments for several years and is seeking for them to be lowered.
06/17/2010  ,  CL10002725

Robert Slotnick v. Old Homes Inc., a Virginia Corporation And Jonathan Bell And Heather Bell: Judgment
Plaintiff is seeking a judgment for $150,000 after defendants defaulted on a promissory note.
06/17/2010  ,  CL10002733

Sherwin Williams Company v. Dustin Howell T/A Howells Painting: Judgment

Defendant  purchased products from plaintiff and did not pay. Plaintiff seeks $23,385.18 and $7,015.55 in attorney fees.
06/17/2010  ,  CL10002736

Lewis Ashworth, Eddie H. Callahan, Thomas C. Coleman, III, William E. Driggs And Garland Glenn Edwards v. Virginia Department of State Police; petitioners And Col. (W.S.) Steven Flaherty; superintendent of the State Police: Petition

Suit is being brought by the efforts of the petitioners to obtain information about certain unlawful activities made by the Virginia State Police that they claim were directed at them and to also insure these unlawful activities are not repeated. Petitioners also claim these activities include conducting civil and criminal investigations of petitioners without authority and in violation of Virginia Code.
06/18/2010  ,  CL10002761

Richmond Redevelopment And Housing Authority, a political subdivision of the commonwealth of Virginia; petitioner v. L M T Trust: Petition
Petitioner seeks to acquire through condemnation in fee simple, absolute, real property owned by the defendant for the purpose of single family residential development.
06/14/2010  ,  CL10002799

County of Chesterfield

N.B. Goodwin & Sons Inc. v. John M. Dempsey; Debtor And Wachovia Bank NA; (Garnishee): Garnishment

Garnishment for $28,224.49 as of March 17, 2010.
06/15/2010  ,  CL10001631

Joyce Bajnai v. Delhaize America, Inc. D/B/A Food Lion, LLC: Slip and Fall lawsuit
Plaintiff claims that while shopping at the defendants grocery she slipped and fell on produce that was on the floor and was severally injured. Plaintiff seeks $150,000.
06/15/2010  ,  CL10001635

Regal Wear Inc. v. Won Ho Shin T/A Sun-T-Shirt: Judgment
Plaintiff is seeking balance due of $60,239.33 on unpaid clothing orders.
06/15/2010  ,  CL10001636

Citibank South Dakota  NA v. Jeffrey Moore; Debtor And Wachovia National Bank: Garnishee: Garnishment
06/18/2010  ,   CL10001640

A Wizard Cleaning Inc. v. M P I Lakewood LLC: Breach of Contract
Plaintiff is asking  for $27,077 that is due for cleaning the property of the defendants.
06/16/2010  ,  CL10001641

Stock Building Supply LLC v. Southport General Contractors And John D. Yates And Christopher M. Walsh: Default
Plaintiff is seeking $74,157.67 for unpaid building materials supplied to the defendant and $5,075.75 in attorney fees.
06/16/2010  ,  CL10001644

Caroline E. O’Conner v, United States Census Bureau And John Doe: Complaint

Plaintiff claims she had bad faith dealings with the defendants while under their employment. Plaintiff is seeking $5,760 less wages paid to her as of 05/30/2010 in compensatory damages and $1,500,000 in punitive damages.
06/16/2010  ,  CL10001660

Capital Granite And Marble v. Hamilton Mitchell And Associates: General District Court Appeal

06/16/2010  ,  CL10001669

Old Dominion Truck Leasing Inc. v. GGI Logistics LLC And Universal Pallet Supply Inc And ADM Transport LLC: Breach of Contract
Plaintiff is asking for $30,000 on the purchase price.
06/18/2010  ,  CL10001686

Richmond Fitness Inc. v. CTL Inc.: Breach of Contract

Plaintiff seeks damages of $117,150 for janitorial services defendants did not conduct, but were paid for.
06/21/2010  ,  CL10001692

Southeastern Installments v. Central Virginia Bank: Complaint

Plaintiff states that he had two loans with the defendant. One secured by the title to his 2003 Nissan and one secured by two other vehicle titles. Plaintiff claims that when the loan secured by the 2003 Nissan was fully repaid, the defendant refused to return the title. Plaintiff is asking for the title or $12,000, which is the fair market value of the 2003 Nissan.
06/21/2010  ,  CL10001706

County of Henrico

Paul A. Bracco v. Sheltering Arms Hospital And Amanda Gallagher: Medical Malpractice
Plaintiff claims while undergoing  physical therapy, he frequently slipped off the balancing beam suffering from jarring impacts on his body. Plaintiff seeks $1,500,000.
06/11/2010  ,  CL10001700

Matte L. Johnson v. Sharon A. Lambert And Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Inc. And Samuel I. White, P.C., Trustee And Bank of America, N.A., PRLAP Inc., Trustee: Partition

Plaintiff is seeking the court to adjudicate a partition on real estate that she owns ½ interest in so that it can be sold.
06/14/2010  ,  CL10001702

American Express Centurion Bank v. Ryan Taylor; Debtor And Wachovia Bank; Garnishee: Garnishment
06/14/2010  ,  CL10001703

Scaffolding Solutions L.L.C., A Virginia L.L.C. Company v. John C. Green, Joseph H. Brown And William Burton, Jr.; Trustee of the Sandy Hook Church of Christ (Collectively): Mechanic’s Lien
Plaintiff has already filed a mechanic’s lien in the Circuit Court Clerks Office for an unpaid balance on materials and labor provided to the defendants. Plaintiff is seeking a judgment for $25,194.27.
06/14/2010  ,  CL10001711

MCV Physicians v. Willie J. Pulliam; Debtor And The Koger Company; Garnishee: Garnishment
Balance owed as of  June 24, 1997 is $1,569.32
06/16/2010  ,  CL10001731

ODG Properties L.L.C., A Virginia L.L.C. v. Paragon Commercial Bank, A North Carolina Banking Corp. And Michael E. Keck And Essex Bank F/K/A Bank of Essex: Complaint
Plaintiff states that their company is a small business comprising of two people; Joan L. Tate and Ray M. Tate. Ray M. Tate has multiple judgments against him. Plaintiff claims these judgments are not attached  to ODG Properties in any manor. Creditors are coming to ODG Properties for relief of Ray M. Tate’s debts. Plaintiff demands relief from defendants in separating Ray M. Tate’s judgments and debts from Odg Properties.
06/15/2010  ,  CL10001739

Friendship 35 Inc. D/B/A Firehouse Subs. v. Powhatan Punp And Plumbing Inc.: Petition

Plaintiff seeks invalidating a mechanic’s lien filed by the defendant in the amount of $11,500.
06/18/2010  ,  CL10001769

Midland Funding L.L.C. v. Mariam Christian: Complaint
Plaintiff seeks a judgment for $29,095.19.
06/18/2010  ,  CL10001773

American General Finance Services, A Delaware Corporation v. Dorethea Nelson: Default.
Defendant defaulted on a loan. Plaintiff is seeking a judgment for $25,616.43
06/21/2010  ,  CL10001795

Vida Jane Barbee v. Dixon’s Auctions, Inc.: Complaint
Plaintiff claims that defendant did not honor a reserve placed on an auction to sale her real estate causing financial loss. Plaintiff is seeking $25,000.
06/23/2010  ,  CL10001817

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