The Docket, Circuit Court Roundup for 7.5.10

City of Richmond

Joshua L. Spencer v. Dr. Jed S. Vanichkachorn And Tuckahoe Orthopedic Associates, Ltd And Blackstone Medical, Inc. And Orthofix International, N.V.: Medical Malpractice
Plaintiff claims back fusion was not good because of negligence on the part of the doctor and the screws  and bolts used. Plaintiff is asking for $50,000 or what the court deems fair.
6/14/2010  ,  CL10002668

Little Oil Company, Inc. v. Kamat Enterprises, Inc. T/A Deli O And Juan Carlos Hernandez And Guillermina H. Hernandez: Judgment
Plaintiff is asking for a money judgment  for an unpaid debt.
6/16/2010  ,  CL10002724

John Murray, Jr. Administrator to the Estate of Patricia Holmes, Deceased v. Riverside Tappahannock Hospital, Inc.  And Riverside Health System Foundation, Inc. And K. Hayden, RN.: Medical Malpractice

Plaintiff is the son of Patricia Holmes and claims that after his mom was in the hospital from non complicated surgery, her doctor left an order that all sedative medication be with held and medication for nausea to be given. The plaintiff also states the nurse did not notice the order from the doctor until it was too late and the plaintiff’s mom had passed away.
6/17/2010  ,  CL10002743

Metticks Construction Inc. v. Safway Services: Judgment
Plaintiff wants judgment for monies owed.
6/21/2010  ,  CL10002763

C A S H  LLC. V. Woodson T. Drumheller: Judgment
Plaintiff is seeking a money judgment in the amount of $22,844.05 for a debt owed by the defendant.
6/23/2010  ,  CL10002804

Jessica L. Cooper v. R V Service of Virginia, Inc. And Wendel T. Cocke: Sexual Harassment And
Wrongful Termination: Etc.

Plaintiff claims sexual harassment and wrongful termination among other allegations from her previous supervisor, Wendel T. Cocke, while an employee at R V Service of Virginia, Inc. Plaintiff is seeking $1 million in compensatory damages and  $350,000 in punitive damages.
6/24/2010  ,  CL10002811

Lindsey Saylor v. T T C of Virginia, Inc.: Slip And Fall
Plaintiff was a business invitee of the defendant’s. While walking down their carpeted steps, plaintiff states she fell from the negligent installation and or negligent maintenance of the carpet causing her bodily harm.
Plaintiff is asking for $100,000.
6/25/2010  ,  CL10002819

County of Chesterfield

C L Design & Construction, LLC v. Gill Electric And Emerald Construction Company And Reams & Moyer, Inc.: Breach of Contract
Plaintiff claims the defendants owe $40,000
6/16/2010  ,  CL10001643

Capital Granite And Marble v. Hamilton Mitchell And Associates: General District Court Appeal

6/17/2010  ,  CL10001669

Roper Brothers Lumber Co. Inc., a Virginia corporation v. Haley Builders Inc. And Gregory W. Haley: Breach of Contract
Plaintiff claims that the defendants have not paid for materials and labor provided to defendant’s real property. Plaintiff is asking for $65,929.75 and  $16,482.43 in attorney fees.
6/22/2010  ,  CL10001715

Citizens And Farmers Bank v. Robert McWhorter: Breach of Contract
Plaintiff wants a judgment in the amount of 4219,026.17 and up to $50,000 for attorney fees.
6/22/2010  ,  CL10001716

Mark V. Blackwell v. Seven Springs Marina LLC And Henry D. Parker, Jr.: Slip And Fall
Plaintiff states he was stepping off  a boat unto the dock and the dock collapsed under his feet causing his right leg to hyper flex and he fell. Plaintiff claims the dock was rotted and that he has suffered permanent physical injury.  Plaintiff is seeking $1,497,912.16 in compensatory damages.
6/23/2010  ,  CL10001741

S B Cox Ready Mix Inc. v. Pennington-Grimes Contracting And Bryan Nevers: Judgment, Jr.
Plaintiff  wants a judgment for $60,350.77
6/24/2010  ,  CL10001751

Commonwealth Transportation Co. v. Melvin J. Puckett And Juanita A. Puckett: Petition

Plaintiff is seeking to condemn real property owned by the defendants.
6/24/2010  ,  CL10001752

Branch Banking And Trust Company, a North Carolina banking corporation v. Teaching Tracks, Inc., a Virginia corporation And Donna L. Wilder And Wilson M. Ferrell And Susan H. Ferrell: Breach of Contract

Plaintiff states that the defendants owe money from a default and is asking for $17,396.10
6/30/2010  ,  CL10001809

Chippenham And Johnston Willis Hospital, Inc. v. Cindi Osterbind: Breach of Contract

Plaintiff states that at the times of the defendant’s husband’s hospital stays, Albert Oliver Osterbind, the defendant and her husband were not legally separated. The plaintiff is asking for a judgment award against the defendant for $42,494.14 for the remaining balance owed for her husband’s hospital medical care.
6/30/2010  ,  CL10001824

County of Henrico

Neiding Electrical Service Co. v. John Crown: General District Court Appeal
6/15/2010  , CL10001722

CASH, LLC v. Margaret C. Cummings: Complaint
Plaintiff states the defendant defaulted on a contract and owes $32,375.65
6/22/2010  ,  CL10001810

Neil R. Burton And Maya M. Eckstein v. Paul Saunders Roofing Company, Inc.: Complaint
Plaintiff claims his roof leaks and wants no less than $67,000.
6/22/2010  ,  CL10001812

County of Henrico v. Resolution: Bonds: Petition
Petition resolution in the amount of  $77,455
6/24/2010  ,  CL10001827

Martin Marietta Materials, Inc. v. Lief Josephsen And Robert I. Young And David Liverman And Robert McCann: Breach of Contract
Plaintiff states their company is a supplier of stone, sand, gravel and related materials. Plaintiff is asking for $32,419.44.
6/24/2010  ,  CL10001837

James Ronald Garwood v. Earle Spruell And Western Energy Inc. And Hot-Z Transport Company: Breach of Contract

Plaintiff states not only was there a breach of contract, but there was also a breach of fiduciary duty, fraud and civil conspiracy. Plaintiff is asking for no less than $10,000.
6/24/2010  ,  CL10001839

Glenn W. Garnes v. Kroger Limited Partnership D/B/A Kroger: Slip And Fall

Plaintiff claims he fell because there was either water or a clear liquid substance on the floor of Kroger Grocery Store. Plaintiff is asking for $100,000.
6/24/2010  ,  CL100001843

Susan Neuroth v. Costco Wholesale Corp. And Sagheer Ayaz: Slip And Fall
Plaintiff states  an employee of the defendants was not paying attention and rammed the cart into the left hip and lower back area of the plaintiff causing physical harm. Plaintiff is asking for $175,000.
6/28/2010  ,  CL10001863

H. Leroy Carter, III v. NIC Trading Company Inc. And Tilman A. Nadolski: Breach of Contract
Plaintiff was sole share holder of Suitable Framing, Inc.; an art framing company. The plaintiff claims he entered into a purchase and a non-compete agreement with the defendant and the defendant defaulted on  the terms of this agreement. Plaintiff is seeking an outstanding balance of $41,666.67 and an anticipated future damage of $52,083.33.
6/28/2010  ,  CL10001865

Michael J. Osborne v. Matthew J. Mayr; M.D. And Mid-AtlanticSpine Specialists: Medical Malpractice
Plaintiff claims the defendant was suppose to perform surgery and a fusion on his cervical-C 5/6 and instead  the defendant accidentally did the fusion on C 6/7. The plaintiff states the defendant performed corrective surgery, but now the once healthy C 6/7 is now damaged. The plaintiff also accuses the defendant of assault and battery by performing an unauthorized operation on C 6/7. Plaintiff is seeking 2,000,000.
6/20/2010  ,  CL10001880

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