The Docket: Circuit Court Roundup for 8.2.10

City of Richmond

Commerce Concrete Solutions I, LLC v. Virginia C. Moorefield And Colonial Construction Corporation: Breach of Contract
Plaintiff alleges that Virginia C. Moorefield, the owner of a multifamily residence, contracted with Colonial Construction Corporation (CCC) to construct various improvements. Plaintiff claims that CCC contracted with them for the supply of concrete, stone, labor and construction. The defendants failed to pay the $16,000 owed. Plaintiff filed a  Mechanic’s Lien against the real property and now wants the Mechanic’s Lien validated and the priority of its lien be established through the Court. Plaintiff wants the real property and the improvements sold to satisfy the rights of the Mechanic’s Lien.
06/31/2010  ,  CL10002902

Sheila Johnson v. Bon Secours-Richmond Community Hospital, Inc.: Race Discrimination And
Unlawful Retaliation

Plaintiff is a former employee of  Richmond Community Hospital. She alleges she was unlawfully discriminated and retaliated against because of her race; African American. After she complained of incidents of race discrimination, the plaintiff alleges she was harassed and intimidated; which made her work environment hostile. Plaintiff states she received her Master’s Degree in Nursing and wanted to grow within the defendant’s company. Among other things, the plaintiff alleges she was turned down for two job openings that were filled by two, lesser qualified Caucasian applicants. She also claims her supervisor closely scrutinized her work, while ignoring the work of other employees and that she was subjected to different terms and conditions of employment in retaliation for complaining. Plaintiff is seeking on Count 1 compensatory damages of $250,000 and punitive damages  of $250,000. On Count 11, she is seeking the same as Count 1.
06/30/2010  ,  CL10002909

Michael Kraft
And Rapid Transit Rentals, Inc. d/b/a Richmond Raft Company v. City of Richmond, Virginia: Breach of Contract
Plaintiff states he provides group rafting services along the James River and had a Rafting Lease Agreement with the defendant. Plaintiff claims, among other things, that the defendant broke the agreement. Plaintiff wants of $1,600,000 for damages from the defendant’s Breach of Contract; Renewal Options.  You can read more about that in an RBS story here.
07/01/2010  ,  CL10002921

State Farm Fire & Casualty Company  Subrogee of Suzanne Marisa v. Hayes Construction, Inc. And James Hayes t/a Hayes Construction And Hayes Builders, Inc. And M.E. Flow, Inc. And Sign of the Crab: Breach of Contract; Breach of Warranty- Product Liability

Plaintiff claims the defendants’ installation of a water pipe/ line in the subrogee’s dwelling  failed and caused water damage within the dwelling and damaged her personal property.  The plaintiff was the insurer and wants a judgment for $130,823.73.
7/07/2010  ,  CL10002937

Urias Miller v. City of Richmond And Oakwood Cemetery: Exhumation; Mishandling of Grave
Plaintiff states his mom was buried in the Oakwood Cemetery and when he went to acquire about placing a tombstone on her grave, the grave was not hers. Plaintiff claims he was shown another grave. That also, was not his mom’s grave. Then, at a later date, the plaintiff was told that all graves were accounted for and they knew exactly where the plaintiff’s mom was buried. Because of the mishandling of his mom’s remains at Oakwood Cemetery, the plaintiff is asking the Court to exhume the body in the grave that is presumed to be hers. The plaintiff feels that this is the only sure way to know that this is actually his mom’s grave.
07/02/2010  ,  CL10002941

James River Petroleum, Inc. v. Mitchell Dean t/a DK Express: Breach of Contract
Plaintiff claims their company sold petroleum to the defendant for use in the defendant’s trucks. Plaintiff claims default and wants $27,352.38
07/06/2010  ,  CL10002945

James River Petroleum, Inc. v. Time Critical Freight, Inc. And Rahman Group, LLC: Breach of

Plaintiff claims their company sold and delivered specifically measured amounts of petroleum to the defendant and is in default. Plaintiff wants $337,391.82
07/06/2010  ,  CL10002948

Ralph Bohon v. Linhart Company And Dominion Auto Group: Garnishment
Garnishment in the amount of $750,000
07/06/2010  ,  CL10002950

Elnora Parham. Friedman & MacFayden, PC And F&M Services, L.C. And Johnie Muncy, Esq.:

Violation of Fair Debt Collection Practices; Breach of Fiduciary Duty
Plaintiff alleges that a foreclosure sale was conducted on her residence when the plaintiffs knew that the foreclosure sale would be invalid. Plaintiff also alleges that the reason for the foreclosure sale was to collect a debt that the  plaintiff owed HSBC. Plaintiff wants to recover actual damages, statutory damages, attorney fees and costs for the defendants violating the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.
07/06/2010  ,  CL10002956

City of Richmond v. Roger Norman a/k/a Roger Wayne Norman: Forced Sale
Plaintiff claims the defendant owns real property assessed at $20,000 and owes delinquent real estate taxes  in the amount of $2,994.84 along with possible special assessments. Plaintiff wants the real property sold to pay delinquencies.
07/06/2010  ,  CL10002958

County of Chesterfield

Rauch Industries Inc. v. KWS Enterprises Inc. And First Citizens Bank And Trust Company: Garnishment
Garnishment Summons with a balance due of $129,829.22
07/072010  ,  CL10001874

Virginia Auto Sales v. River City Motors: General District Appeal
07/23/2010  ,  CL10002020

Carrie E. Jacobson v. Midlothian Hotel Associates Operator, Inc. And Chesterfield Midlothian Hotel, LLC.: Slip and Fall
Plaintiff claims she was attending a conference in the defendant’s hotel and while walking to the rest room,  where the guests using the pool also walk, she fell on the non-carpeted and slick floor. Plaintiff alleges she suffered injuries including a cracked pelvis and wants $70,000.
07/26/2010  ,  CL10002039

Amtrust North America v. TDS Construction Of VA, Corp.: Insurance Default

Plaintiff wrote certain insurance policies and coverage to the defendant. Following an audit of the policy(s) in force, the plaintiff claims the defendant owes a remaining balance due on the earned premium and has not paid. Plaintiff wants $36,991 and $136 in costs.
07/26/2010  ,  CL10002044

Magna Group, LLC., a Virginia limited liability company v. Zaremba Metropolitan Midlothian, LLC. And Watkins Centre Community Development Authority And J&C Dining, Inc. t/a Red Hot & Blue and/or its successors in interest (Parties Unknown) And Douglas Aquatics Inc. And B&B Building Systems, Inc. And Joseph Kelly And Bailey’s Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, Inc. And School’s Electrical Service, Inc. And Taylor Construction Services And Precision Landscaping Company And Etec Fire Protection, LLC And Officemax North America, Inc. And Bank Of America, National Association And Tuyet Lu t/a  Solar Nails And Target Corporation T/A Target Stores, Inc. And County of Chesterfield, Virginia, a political subdivision of the Commonwealth of Virginia: Breach of Contract

Plaintiff claims that Zaremba Metropolitan Midlothian (ZMM) is the owner of real property where J&C Dining, Inc. t/a  Red Hot & Blue (J&C) operated a restaurant. Plaintiff claims that they had an agreement with J&C and provided labor, materials, equipment and supervision for certain improvements within that restaurant and have not been paid. Plaintiff states they have filed a Mechanic’s Lien on that portion of real property.  Unperfected Mechanic’s Liens have been filed by some of the parties listed in this case, along with parties who have other interests in this same property. Plaintiff wants the real property sold to pay off and satisfy the claim they filed in the amount of $105,131.91 pursuant to the Mechanic’s Lien. If the Mechanic’s Lien is not perfected, the plaintiff wants a judgment against J&C for that amount.
07/28/2010  ,  CL10002078

County of Henrico

Media General Operations, Inc. t/a The Richmond Times Dispatch v. Martha Shelton t/a New Sounds Hearing Aid Center.: Default
Plaintiff claims they ran print ad insertions for the defendant and has an unpaid balance. Plaintiff is seeking $23,466.
07/14/2010  ,  CL10002016

Spotts Fain P.C. v. Rastek Construction & Development And Robert L. Borum And Associates, LLC And Balzer And Balzer And Associates, Inc.: Escrow Account
Plaintiff entered into a purchase and sales contract for real property and, at the same time, entered into an escrow agreement. Plaintiff wants the defendants to be compelled to file statements in writing and to hold hearings as to the nature of their claims per the escrow account. Plaintiff wants the Court to issue an order on the defendants’ rights in claiming and order the clerk to distribute the escrow amount. Plaintiff also wants to be released from this action.
07/15/2010  ,  CL10002029

Hermitage Country Club v. Matthew George Peeler: Breach of Contract

Plaintiff claims the defendant defaulted on promissory notes and wants $49,548.26.
07/16/2010  ,  CL10002052

Abdusssalam M. Bader v. Carpentry And Painting Experts, LLC: Mechanic’s Lien
Plaintiff wants the defendant to release a Mechanic’s Lien obtained by the defendant on his real property in the amount of $2,237.50.
07/21/2010  ,  CL10002081

Linda L. Porter v. Busch Entertainment Corporation, t/a, d/b/a Busch Gardens Williamsburg And Sea World Parks And Entertainment, LLC: Slip and Fall
Plaintiff claims she entered into the Abby Stone Theatre during a production and as she attempted to find a seat, she fell down an unlighted and unmarked step/aisle/walkway and was injured. Plaintiff demands a judgment of $74,000
07/21/2010  ,  CL10002082

Caterpillar Financial Services Corporation v. Cornerstone Concrete, Inc. And Steven M. Dickerson: Default
Plaintiff claims the defendants are in default of payment on purchasing a Caterpillar 257B Skid Steer for $43,191 and a Caterpillar 303R Excavator for $52,147.80. Plaintiff claims the fair market values of the equipment is $13,250 and $16,000. Plaintiff wants equipment located, repossessed, an order requiring the equipment be turned over to them and $21,059.26.
07/20/2010  ,  CL10002085
Hazel Smith v. Ghost Medical Transport, Inc. And Amir Osman, Individually And Faten Mansour B. Ali , Individually And Khalafalla Magdi, Individually And John Doe, Unidentified: Personal Injury
Plaintiff states she was being transported home by the defendants. She alleges they failed to lock and secure her wheel chair and  fasten her seat belt securing her in the van.  Plaintiff further alleges that the driver of her van slammed on his breaks, she became a flying object and was thrown violently from the rear to the front of the van. Plaintiff claims she had to be immediately taken to the nearest hospital for head and other injuries. Plaintiff seeks the $16,000 it has cost her in medical bills for compensatory damages, $100,000 for ordinary damages and $500,000 for punitive damages.
07/23/2010  ,  CL10002104

Bonnie Allen And William Allen v. Sears Home Improvement & Products, Inc.: Breach of Contract

Plaintiffs claim they paid the defendant $21,316 to install siding at their residence. They claim the defendant hired an unknown subcontractor who installed the siding over rotten and/or loose wood. Plaintiff wants $20,000.
07/23/2010  ,  CL10002110

Aapha Forming Systems, Inc. v. James River Concrete, Inc. And Leslie G. Davis: Default

Plaintiff claims the defendants defaulted on an account and wants $15,397.85
07/23/2010  ,  CL10002115

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