The Docket: Circuit Court Roundup for 8.16.10

The Docket is a listing of recent civil lawsuits filed in nearby courts that RBS believes are of interest to its readers. By listing these cases, RBS is not implying guilt or innocence of either party or whether the claims alleged in each suit have any merit. It is merely a tool for local business people.

City of Richmond
Gerald Cubbage; Jonathon E. Halperin, Esq. v. Carson Crane, Inc.: Slip and Fall
Plaintiff states he was an employee of the defendant. As a part of his employment, the plaintiff claims he attempted to enter a GroveRT760E Crane and when he stepped onto the ladder to enter, it was defective and he fell. Plaintiff wants  $1,000,000.
07/14/2010  ,  CL10003086

Union First Market Bank, successor by merger to First Market Bank; William H. Casterline, Jr., Esq.  v. 1509 Belleville Street, L.L.L., et als
Plaintiff is seeking a court order for approval for a special receiver.
07/15/2010  ,  CL10003088

United Methodist Church v. Shaun M. Hicks And Martha Elinore Hicks: Breach of Contract

Plaintiff claims the defendants breached their contract by not paying all owed on a promissory note. Plaintiff wants $17,400 plus past accrued interest of $6,866.
07/16/2010  ,  CL10003107

Morris Industries, Inc. v. G.K. Brooks Building & Design Co. And Glen K. Brooks: Confessed Judgment

Defendant owes the plaintiff through a confession of a judgment promissory note the amount of $10,710.
07/16/2010  ,  CL10003109

Michael J. Morrissey; Pro Se, v. Michael Morchower, et al: Change of Venue
Plaintiff is seeking this case moved to another area of the state for trial.
07/16/2010  ,  CL10003114

Jill Tromba; Michael J. Miller, Esq.  v. Nancy Armstrong, M.D. And OB/GYN Associates, LTD And Richard Pettit, M.D. And Richmond Surgical Group: Medical Malpractice
Plaintiff claims she went to the above defendants more than once with a complaint of a mass in her left breast; where no medical tests were done. Finally, she went back to the Richmond Surgical Group with an added medical problem with her breast. Plaintiff claims that with the proper medical tests done, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and had to have a total mastectomy. Plaintiff wants an undetermined amount for damages.
07/16/2010  ,  CL10003119

James B. Perry And Edna Perry; Steven S. Biss, Esq. v. Hunter Holmes McGuire Medical Center And William C. Broaddus And Daryoush Tavanaiepour And Richard Stranger And Kathryn L. Halloway And Randall Krawcheck And Elona D. Thompson: Battery, Gross Negligence, Medical Malpractice, Assualt And Intentional Infliction of Emotional Harm
Plaintiff, Edna Perry claims these allegations against the defendants are from the medical care and surgeries her husband, James B. Perry received, the treatment she received while at her husband’s bedside and future costs and expenses.
07/19/2010  ,  CL10003122

Carol C. Conner; Kevin W. Mottley, Esq. v. David S. Robinson, Jr. And Fontainebleau Farm, Inc.
Plaintiff claims the defendants are in default on the balance of a deed of trust and want $47,152.78.
07/19/2010  ,  CL10003123

S. Brian Farmer; Matthew T. Paulk, Esq. v. Progress Bank Of Florida And Virginia M. Mentzer, Individually: Fraud and Violation of the Securities And Exchange Act
Plaintiff claims he bought stock and wants a judgment for $14,167.
07/19/2010  ,  CL10003132

Tiffany Milton; Tamara L. Jezic, Esq. v. Greens At Salem Run limited Partnership And Greens of Salem limited Partnership And S.L. Nusbaum Realty Co. And JTS Professional Ground Management, Inc.: Slip and Fall
Plaintiff claims the defendants own, operate and/ or manage an apartment complex where she fell while walking on their parking lot that had accumulated ice on it. Plaintiff wants $325,000.
07/22/2010  ,  CL10003146

County of Chesterfield

Jesse  Baker, Jr., And Emma Pearson-Baker; Henry W. McLaughlin, Esq. v. Darrell Underwood And Cynthia Underwood And Walkwood Corporation, A terminated corporation And Colin C. Connelly And Sir Walter Scott, III And Patience E. Scott And Carlton Jones And Ivy R. Brittle And Golden Crown Real Estate LLC And Kingdom Investments, LLC And Bank of America, N.A.: Fraud
Plaintiffs state some of the defendants are innocent parties in interest. Plaintiffs want to be made whole again by the return of the title to their home, compensatory damages to recover for wrongs done to them by at least one or more of the defendants, by reason of wrongful behavior including and not limited to forgeries and want reformation of the deed of trust or to secure a deed of trust from Bank Of America-the innocent defendant party in interest. Plaintiff also wants a Declaratory Judgment against  Kingdom Investments, LLC, Walkwood Corporation, Connelly, Brittle, the Underwoods and any John Doe(S) jointly and severally for $250,000 in compensatory damages and for $350,000 in punitive damages.
07/29/1010  ,  CL10002102

Mary Bradley; Kenneth W. Paciocco, Esq. v. Wal-Mart Stores, L.P.: Slip and Fall
Plaintiff claims she was injured in the defendant’s unsafe and dangerous public bathroom. Plaintiff wants $300,000.
08/02/2010  ,  CL10002127

Branch Banking And Trust Company; Steven E. Scarce, Esq. v. Dolphin Free Logistics, LLC, a Virginia limited liability company And Sean Diamond And Ilona B. Diamond: Default
Plaintiff claims the Diamonds are the member managers of  DFL and are in default of a promissory note. Plaintiff wants a judgment of $37,637.85 and interest in the rate of $10.42 per day.
08/03/2010  ,  CL10002143

Linda S. Hudgins; Cheryl S. Tuck, Esq. v. Chippenham And Johnston Willsi Hospitals, Inc. T/A CJW Medical Center: Slip and Fall
Plaintiff was taking her elderly mother to the defendant’s place of business for health care when she claims she slipped on dangerously uneven pavement in the parking lot and fell. Plaintiff seeks  $250,000 compensatory damages.
08/05/2010  ,  CL10002175

HSBC Mortgage Co. v. Andrea Francis And Ernest Francis; pro se: Petition

Defendants want an emergency hearing to stop the foreclosure sale at 6003 Oak Landing Drive, Chester, VA on August 6, 2010.
08/05/2010  ,  CL!0002177

Reginald L. Bell, Jr., a minor by and through his Father and Next Best Friend Reginald L. Bell, Sr., Gregory S. Hooe, Esq. v. The Goddard School At Rivers Bend And Giving Tree School, LLC AKA, d/b/a The Goddard School At Rivers Bend: Slip and Fall

Plaintiff claims his two year old son fell through some rails, landed on the ground several feet below and sustained a fractured arm. Plaintiff wants a judgment for $75,000 against the Giving Tree School, LLC.
08/06/2010  ,  CL10002188

The Lamar Advertising Company; Tessie O. Barnes Bacon, Esq. v. StoneHaus Construction, LLC: Confessed Judgment
Confession of judgment promissory note states the defendant owes $7,896.75
08/06/2010  ,  CL10002190

The Lamar Advertising Company; Tessie O. Barnes Bacon, Esq. v. Hauser Homes, LLC: Confessed Judgment
Confession of judgment promissory note states the defendant owes $33,086.50
08/08/2010  ,  CL10002191

The Lamar Advertising Company; Tessie O. Barnes Bacon, Esq. v. Excite Marketing Team, Inc. And Pamela S. McElrath: Confessed Judgment
Confession of judgment promissory note states the defendant owes $14,088.53
08/06/2010  ,  CL10002192

Chris Vasquez; Michael V. Durkin, Esq. v. Select Hotels Group, L.L.C. d/b/a Hyatt Place Richmond Arboretum: Slip and Fall

Plaintiff claims he was walking on the parking lot towards the hotel entrance and fail. Plaintiff seeks $500,000.
08/09/2010  ,  CL10002213

Alejandro A. Reyes D/B/A Alex & Son Contractor; Peter A. Koot, Esq. v. Vantrece Rajah D/B/A Vantrece’s Salon And Day Spa: Default
Plaintiff claims their company did not get paid for renovating  and “building out” the defendants leased retail space. Plaintiff wants $44,309.08
08/10/2010  ,  CL10002224

County of Henrico

Novation Capitol L.L.C. And Preston Haskins; Brenna Newman’ Esq.: Petition
Metropolitan Life Insurance Corporation-Structured Settlement Obligor/Annuity Owner names Preston Haskins as annuitant payee. Haskins has executed an agreement of sale in order to receive a lump sum of these funds.  Metropolitan Life Insurance Corporation is an Annuity Issuer. Haskins wants the Court to authorize a transfer of structured settlement rights so he can receive $71,000.
08/02/2010  ,  CL10002207

Bank of Essex; Robert F. Moorman, Esq. v. Ahrens Construction Company And David J. Ahrens:  And Nickole C. Ahrens: Default

Plaintiff claims the defendants defaulted on an account and wants $192,250.37, with daily accruing interest of $33 and $28,837.56 in attorney fees.
08/03/2010  ,  CL10002217

Spencer Butts v. The Commonwealth Of Virginia, Division of Risk Management And David A. Von

Plaintiff states he is an 18 year old freshman and on the fencing team at The College of William and Mary, who was riding with Coach Peter S. Conomikes when they were in a violent auto accident and his coach was killed. Plaintiff claims he has already sued the Estate of Peter S. Conomikes and won an award of $955,230. After Geico paid $95,000 on the car insurance to the plaintiff, it leaves an unpaid balance of $860,230. Plaintiff wants William and Mary to pay the remaining balance through their Risk Management Plan of the Commonwealth of Virginia.
08/02/2010  ,  CL10002210

Raymond L. Sanders; David S. Bailey; Esq.  v. UDR , Inc. DBA Dominion Creekwood: Personal Injury
Plaintiff claims he was physically harmed from exposures to excessive and unhealthy mold and other contaminates contained in his apartment and wants $2,500,000.
08/04/2010  ,  CL10002242

Felicia Nicholson And Sean Nicholson; Henry W. McLaughlin, Esq. v. Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corporation: Wrongful Foreclosure
Plaintiffs state they were behind on their FHA mortgage. Plaintiffs claim because one of the defendant’s  offices is within 200 miles of their residence, a face to face meeting between the defendant and them is required before a foreclosure can take place. The plaintiffs claim this was not done. Plaintiffs want a declaratory judgment because the plaintiff did not comply with the terms of the deed of trust and any foreclosure sale on August 6, 2010 should be voided because the plaintiff is not entitled to one.
08/04/2010  ,  CL10002244

Diane K. Budjinski v. Phillips & Cohen Associates, LTD: Harassment

Plaintiff claims she purchased a computer from Gateway years earlier, it was assigned to NCO Financial Systems, Inc. and they settled the account. Then later, the defendant through letters, phone calls at home and at work, used profanity and harassed the plaintiff. Plaintiffs want $25,000.
08/05/2010  ,  CL10002248

Short Pump Town Center, LLC; Andrew Biondi, Esq. v. Andrew’s Gallery, LTD D/B/A Andrew’s Gallery-West And Sharing The Light Gallery, LTD And Andrew A. Jeretine And Danielle D. Jeretine: Non-payment of Rent
Plaintiff claims the defendants with their place of business located on Cary Street has not paid rent and wants $36,003.09.
08/05/2010  ,  CL10002250

American Express Bank, FSB v. Baron & Snipes C., Realtors t/a Weichert Realtors And Thomas Snipes: Breach of Contract

Plaintiff claims the defendants defaulted on a contract and wants $30,361.78 and $6,983.20 in attorney fees.
08/05/2010  ,  CL10002256

Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. v. Wilton Development of Steamboat, LLC And Henry Wilton: Confessed Judgment

Plaintiff claims the defendant defaulted on a note and owes  the plaintiff $7,000,000 and $1,050,000 in legal fees.
08/06/2010  ,  CL10002258

Kenmore Envelope Company, Inc. a Virginia corporation v. ICM, Inc., a Virginia corporation: Breach of Contract
Plaintiff states they manufacture customized envelopes and the defendant owns and operates a direct mailing company. Plaintiff claims they defaulted on a contract and want $70,808.43.
08/10/2010  ,  CL10002294

First Capital Bank; Henry L. Perkins, Esq. v. The Complete Horse, LTD And Elizabeth S. Ferris: Default

Plaintiff claims the defendant defaulted on a business loan agreement and seeks $102,272.72.
08/10/2010  ,  CL10002296

Lemuel Woldemarian, Robert H. Smallenberg, Esq. v. Guitam Fessatsion And Colonial Cab, LLC And Colonial Cab Of Richmond, Inc.: Improper Transfer of Stocks

Plaintiff claims the defendant and he bought stocks and the defendant transferred the stocks and all assets from the LLC to the Corporation. Plaintiff claims the defendant had no legal right to do so. Plaintiff wants all access to the books and records of the corporation, wants the corporation dissolved, the assets determined and improperly transferred funds returned to the plaintiff. Plaintiff wants an unspecified amount of damages.
08/10/2010  ,   CL10002300  

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