The Docket: Circuit Court Roundup for 8.30.10

The Docket is a listing of recent civil lawsuits filed in nearby courts that RBS believes are of interest to its readers. By listing these cases, RBS is not implying guilt or innocence of either party or whether the claims alleged in each suit have any merit. It is merely a tool for local business people.

City of Richmond

Rogers Realty Advisors, LLC, et als v. Old Homes, Inc. And Belkor Realty Group, Inc.: Injunction
Plaintiff wants a declaratory judgment and injunction relief arising out of defendants’ refusal to acknowledge the plaintiff’s termination of them as Development Manager/and or Manager of certain
Lawyer: Paul A. Anders of Gregory Kaplan
07/23/2010  ,  CL10003183

Masters Pharmaceutical Company v. Reddy Medical Associates P.C. And Ramakrisha Reddy Nervaveta: Default
Plaintiff claims the defendants owe a balance on their invoices and wants $29,561.86.
Lawyer: David H. Gouger
07/26/2010  ,  CL10003190

Lyon Financial Services d/b/a Usbancorp Manifest Funding Services; v. Presentation Resource, LLC And Peter A. Winters: Default
Plaintiff claims the defendants defaulted on an equipment finance agreement and wants $28,414.11 and
$7,103.52 in attorney fees.
Lawyer: Stephen A. Angelidis of  Steingold & Angelidis
08/02/2010  ,  CL10003301

Chippenham South Associates 2, L.L.C. v. Brick Oven Pizza, Inc.: Default
Plaintiff claims the defendant did not keep current with their rent and wants a judgment of $16,878.51 plus attorney fees of $4,219.63.
Lawyer: Edward S. Whitlock of Lafayette, Ayers & Whitlock
08/05/2010  ,  CL10003372

Covenant Realty, Inc v. Ark Construction, Inc.: Breach of Contract
Plaintiff alleges the defendant failed to get the work they were contracted to do done and wants $57,862.50.
Lawyer: Bryan K. Streeter of Rothenberg, Streeter & Tluchak
08/05/2010  ,  CL10003374

American Builders & Contractors Supply Company v. French Consulting Company, Inc. T/A Bradco Supply And Justin French, Individually: Breach of Contract
Plaintiff claims the defendants owe for credit extended for building materials and wants $35,407.52.
Lawyer: Richard M. Sissman of Fracassi, Mahdavi, Sissman And Rand
08/05/2010  ,  CL10003376

Cheryl Murd v. Metro Richmond Zoo, Inc.And Jim Andelin, Individually and d/b/a Metro Richmond Zoo And Sherry Andelin, Individually: Slip and Fall

Plaintiff states she was standing near the giraffe enclosure and as she stepped away from their fence, her foot fell into an unmarked hole and she was injured. Plaintiff wants $95,000.
08/05/2010  ,  CL10003381
Lawyer: Courtney A. Van Winkle of Allen, Allen, Allen and Allen

Carisa Shorts v. Dominion Law Associates: FDCPA Violation
Plaintiff claims the defendant violated the FDCPA for his alleged conduct on trying to collect a debt.
Plaintiff wants a judgment for $25,000.
John Cole D. Gayle, Jr. of The Consumer Law Group
08/05/2010  ,  CL10003385

Andrea Gaskill v. Lowes Home Centers, Inc.: Personal Injury
Plaintiff states she used the restroom at the defendant’s place of business and when she moved off the toilet, the entire structure shifted from the floor and rocked. Plaintiff claims this caused her to fall to the floor and she was injured. Plaintiff wants $65,000.
Lawyer: Keith B. Marcus of ParrisBlank
08/06/2010  ,  CL10003394

Patricia Y. Webb c.t.a. of the Estate of David Stuart Webb, Deceased v. Ramon Pardue And BFI Waste Services, et als: Personal Injury Causing Death
Plaintiff claims her husband, David Stuart Webb was dumping the trash at the landfill located on Charles City Road when the defendant, Ramon Pardue operated a Mack truck. She alleges as the defendant put the Mack truck in reverse he did not see Mr. Webb, who was standing in plain view and ran over him causing injury and later death.
Plaintiff is seeking $6,400,000.
Lawyer: W. Coleman Allen of Allen, Allen, Allen And Allen
08/06/2010  ,  CL10003396

Urias Miller v. City of Richmond: Loss of Mother’s Burial Site
Plaintiff claims the agents and employees of Oakwood Cemetery could not find his mom’s grave, at least on several occasions, when he inquired about placing a tomb stone on her grave. Plaintiff wants $350,000 in compensatory damages and $350,000 in punitive damages.
08/06/2010  ,  CL10003397

Hollaway Construction, Inc. T/A Lisa & Company v. Meadow Creek Apartments, L.L.C.: Breach of Contract

Plaintiff claims the defendant did not pay according to their contract and wants $23,389.36.
Lawyer: Derrick E. Rosser
08/06/2010  ,  CL10003398

Lyon Financial Services, Inc. d/b/a Usbancorp: Default

Plaintiff claims the defendant defaulted and wants $79,784.56 and $19,946.14 in attorney fees.
Lawyer: Stephen A. Angelidis, of Steingold And Angelidis
08/06/2010  ,  Cl10003399

Bank of Hampton Roads, Trading As Gateway Bank & Trust Company In Interest By Merger to Gateway Bank & Trust Company, N.A., A North Carolina Banking Corporation, And Bank of Richmond, N.A. v. Todd Dykshom, Individually And Architecture Design Office, A Virginia Limited Liability Company: Misrepresentation
Plaintiff wants $9,000,000 for misrepresentation. BizSense has a full story on this here.
08/06/2010  ,  CL10003400

Community Bankers Bank v. David, Kamp & Frank L.L.C. And Arthur Kamp: Breach of Contract
Plaintiff claims that the defendant breached their contract and wants a judgment for $2,000,000.
Law firm: Spotts Fain
08/06/2010  CL10003404

Yetunde Ogunlade Taylor v. The Honorable Rebecca L. Cone, Clerk And Angela Gant: Erroneous Arrest and Detainment
Plaintiff claims that when she went to file a complaint against her  ex-husband, the deputy clerk Angela Gant erroneously typed in her name in lieu of her ex-husband’s name. Plaintiff alleges a Writ of Habious Corpias was issued and because her name was erroneously typed in where her ex-husband’s should have been, she was arrested, finger printed and jailed for two hours. She kept trying to tell them she was the one that filed the complaint, not her ex-husband. Plaintiff wants $49,500.
Lawyer: Mark Esposito of Schilling & Esposito
08/09/2010  ,  CL10003407

The Knowcampaign v. Nancy Rodrigues; Secretary Of The State Board Of Elections Of Virginia,  Jean Cunningham; Chairman Of The State Board Of Elections Of Virginia And Harold Pyon; Vice-Chairman Of The State Board Of Elections Of Virginia: Voter History Statue Complaint
Plaintiff wants a declaratory judgment. It claims the Voter History Statue prevents the plaintiff from having access to the voter history information maintained by the State Board Of Elections. Plaintiff further wants the Court to issue a permanent injunction requiring the defendants’ to provide a copy of the voter history information.
Law firm: Troutman Sanders
08/09/2010  ,  CL10003425

Tonya Long v. Richard D. Warren And Commercial Investment Associates, Inc.: Personal Injury

Plaintiff states she was a tenant of the defendants.  She claims that while she was in her bathroom and without warning, the ceiling fell down on top of her. Plaintiff wants $250,000.
Lawyer: Robert W. O’Neal of Cannella & O’Neal
08/10/2010  ,  CL10003433

Chesterfield County

Bank Of America, N.A. v. Universal Telephone, Inc. And Greg Waldhauser: Default

Plaintiff claims the defendants defaulted on a $35,000 line of commercial credit and now owes and wants $37,847.01.
Lawyer: Shannon J. Posner of the Law Office of Shannon J. Posner
08/12/2010  ,  CL10002239

Ward M. Hamilton v. Boxwood RSF, LLC d/b/a Midlothian Athletic Club & Robious Wellness Associates, L.L.P.: Breach of Contract

Jerome Lee And Ruth Lee v. Stallings & Bischoff, PC: Violation
Plaintiff wants to recover alleged actual damages of not less than $50,000 and statutory damages of not less than $1,000, punitive damages, attorney fees and costs for defendant’s violation of the Fair Debt Collection Act.
Lawyer: Jason M. Krumbein of Krumbein Consumer Legal Services
08/20/2010  ,  CL10002333

Archie C. Berkeley, Jr., Substitute Trustee v. Marie M. Dixon And Charles Dixon And Virginia Credit Union, Inc.: Quiet Title of Real Property
Plaintiff wants a declaratory judgment. Plaintiff is seeking to quiet a cloud on the title of real property by removing a current Memorandum of Lis Pendis and making it null and void that was filed by Marie M. Dixon. Plaintiff further wants to take possession of the real property.
Lawyer: P. Matt Roberts
0/20/2010  ,  CL10002338

Citizens And Farmers Bank v. James E. Higgins & Son Contractor, Inc. And James E. Higgins, Sr. And James E. Higgins, Jr.: Breach of Contract

Plaintiff claims the defendants breached their contract on a construction line of credit agreement and seeks $413,367.37 and attorney fees of $59,055.
Lawyer: Erin E. Kessel of Spotts Fain
08/23/2010,  CL10002359

Halder Surveys v. Jord Construction, LLC: Breach of Contract

Plaintiff claims the defendant opened an account and still owes. Plaintiff is seeking $20,400.
08/24/2010  ,  CL10002373
Lawyer: Graham C. Daniels of Daniels & Morgan

Katherman & Company, Inc. v. Tina Conner Parrish: Conversion

Plaintiff states the defendant was an employee of theirs and used her authority over monies belonging to the plaintiff for her own personal use. Plaintiff wants $47,844.16.
Lawyer: Joseph R. Pope from Williams Mullen
08/24/2010  ,  CL10002376

Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. v. Raymond J. Bell And Specialized Loan Servicing, LLC: Quiet Title of Real Property
Plaintiff claims the legal description on a deed of trust is conflicting and incorrect. Plaintiff wants it reformed so that the cloud on the title will be removed and the Court can determine that the deed of trust is valid in order for the plaintiff to sale the real property.
Lawyer: Ronald J. Guillot, Jr. of Samuel I White
08/25/2010  ,  CL10002388

Henrico County

Meyer, Goergen & Marrs, a Professional Corporation v. Chain Express Corp., a Florida Corporation: Default
Plaintiff claims they were hired by the defendant to represent them on legal issues and still owes on their account. Plaintiff wants $28,410.70.
Lawyer: Bradley P. Marrs of Meyer, Goergen & Marrs
08/13/2010  ,  CL10002344

Interport CLP v. U.S. Realty Inc.: Default

Plaintiff claims the defendant defaulted on paying their rent on commercial property owned by the plaintiff and wants $56,086.13 for rent arrears and $107,594.85 for future unpaid rents.
Lawyer: W. Alexander Burnett of Williams Mullen
08/13/2010  ,  CL10002345

Belinda Y. Tillery v. United Properties Associates, Inc. And Delmont Associates, L.P. D/B/A Delmont Village Apartments And Delmont Development Company, L.L.C.: Personal Injury
Plaintiff claims she was exposed to excessive and unhealthy levels of mold and other contaminates and it has caused her physical harm. Plaintiff wants $350,000.
Lawyer: David S. Bailey of Environmental Law Group
08/13/2010  ,  CL10002346

Calvin J. Jones, Jr. And Lynn C. Jones v. Chase Home Finance, LLC And Federal National Mortgage Associates And Samuel I. White, P.C.: Void of Foreclosure Sale

Plaintiffs want a declaratory judgment to void the sale of their home, declare fraud and a breach of contract.
Plaintiffs also want $250,000 in compensatory damages and $350,000 in punitive damages.
Lawyer: Henry Mclaughlin
08/19/2010  ,  CL10002405

Hartford (CEBSCO) Comprehensive Employee Benefit Service Company; Structured Settlement Obligor/Annuity Owner v. Hartford Life Insurance Company; Issuer: Petition
Plaintiff states that Cody Smith is entitled to receive two periodic lump sum payments in the future in the amounts of $12,000 and $8,500. Cody Smith has agreed with Novation Capital, LLC to transfer his rights to them in order for him to receive a lump sum payment of $10,500 from them now. Plaintiff is asking the Court for approval.
Lawyer: Brenda K. Newman of Troutman Sanders
08/19/2010  ,  CL10002409

Full copies of individual cases are available for an additional fee. Please email Docket (at) RichmondBizSense to learn more.

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