The Docket: Circuit Court Roundup for 10.13.10

Chesterfield County:

DDRTC Chesterfield Crossings LLC v. Strang-Hatcher Corp. dba Ben Franklin Crafts
Landlord is seeking $113,938 in delinquent rent, compensatory damages, collection expenses, litigation costs and other sums, including lawyers’ fees as well as repossession of the property located in Chesterfield Crossings Shopping Center at Hull Street and Warbro roads, from the crafts store.  Plaintiff states that no rent has been paid since July 2008.
Law firm:  Spotts Fain
9/30/2010  CL10002708

N. W. Martin & Bros., Inc. v. Prestige Construction Group, Inc. and Fidelity and Deposit Company of Maryland

Plaintiff was a subcontractor for Prestige Construction Group Inc. on a roofing project for the Virginia Department of Corrections’ Buckingham Correctional Center and Southampton Correctional Center. The contract for the Southampton roof was for $269,113. The Plaintiff was paid $73,202 and is owed $195,910.
Law firm:  Saunders, Patterson & Mack
10/1/2010  CL10002723

City of Richmond:

Community Connections LLC, Mike Pearson, Andre Brown, Cornell Roane v. Karen Young
Plaintiff is petitioning the court to expel Young from membership in Community Connections. Young was chief financial officer for the organization from 2005 to 2009.  The petition claims that as a result of her actions and inactions, the agency has suffered losses and incurred debts of $175,000.
10/10/2010  CL10004213

Genesis Environmental Construction, Inc. v. Martinsville Hospitality, LLC
The plaintiff is seeking an order from the court to confirm an arbitration award in the amount of $71,854 from the Defendant.  The breach of contract occurred when the defendant terminated without cause a conversion and renovation of a Holiday Inn Express in Martinsville.
Lawfirm:  DurretteBradshaw
10/4/2010  CL10004215

Construction Applicators v. Meadow Creek Apartments LLC, and Old Homes, Inc.,

And Rockwood Inc., T/A Rockwood General Contractors, and Thomas J. Chmelik, Trustee and Dennis J. Dunn, Trustee, and Mainstreet Bank and Dale V. Clark, Trustee, and David W. DeHart, Trustee, and Stellarone Bank, and David Shawn Dowdy, Individually and Trading As Interior 2000, and Colony Construction, Inc., and Carpet’s by Jerry Pope, Inc., and Holloway Construction, Inc. T/A Lisa & Company

Plaintiff was a subcontractor for Rockwood Inc. and supplied drywall, painting and related services for the apartments located in the 5000 block of Hull Street Road .  Plaintiff  is owed $192,733 by Rockwood, Inc.  The contractor is not believed to have been paid by the owners of the complex, Meadow Creek Apartments LLC and Old Homes Inc. Consequently, the plaintiff had a Memorandum of Mechanic’s Lien placed on the property.  The plaintiff is asking the court to determine the validity, priority and amount of the lien.  The other defendants also have liens on the property.
Law firm: Selzer Gurvitch Rabin and Obecny
10/7/2010  CL10004239

Henrico County:

Wholesale Travel Centre, Inc., d/b/a v. John Does 1-10

The plaintiff claims defamation and tortious interference by the unknown defendants who used various travel and consumer Web sites to criticize the firm’s customer service and legitimacy.  Plaintiff is seeking $49,000 in compensation and a jury trial.
Law firm:  Domingo J. Rivera
10/5/2010  CL10002840

Shade & Wise, Incorporated v. Quarrycut, Inc.
Plaintiff, a distributor and wholesaler of brick, stone and architectural masonry products, is charging the defendant with fraud and breach of warranty and indemnity over stones that had been guaranteed by the defendant to have low levels of iron ore and thus not stain when exposed to rain and pool water.  In fact, the stones provided for a specific project and guaranteed not to stain had to be removed after a rain storm.  Plaintiff reimbursed a masonry firm and is seeking $35,860 and interest from the defendant.

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