The bottom gets its brew back

With Richbrau gone, the Shockoe area has been missing its own brew pub.

Come this summer, it looks like that will change.

The Haxall Brewing Company has launched a Facebook business page announcing it will open in Shockoe Bottom.

Additional details are scant, but according to Richmond beer blog Relentless Thirst, the owners also operate Fish Bowl Bistro & Bar.

Check back soon, because it won’t be long until RBS has the scoop on the new establishment.

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T. Morgan Riley
While I wish them luck, I am saddened to see mistaken information continue. The “Haxall View” development, which is presumably near where this would be, are in fact nowhere near the actual namesake Haxall Canal (more properly, a large mill race that once fed Haxall’s flour mills). The Haxall Canal is the one up by Tredegar, the Fed, and the Riverside on the James Development, which then flows through the old hydro plant and into the river; the one these are near is the lower portion of the James River & Kanawha Canal, whose upper portion was lost during the… Read more »
Sounds cool, but the only problem is the tie to Fish Bowl. When you search them on the net they don’t even show up under Yelp (not a good start) and the reviews that are on the web have been posted by the owners or staff. Easy to tell because every review is the same on every page. It always says “beautiful colors” and “there is nothing else like it in Richmond.” The best phony post is this one. Hint, make sure your username is not the same as the restaurant, dead give away. Hint number 2, try not to… Read more »
Ross Renfrow
Wow Brett you’ve got it all figured out buddy, nice job! Thanks for all your positive insight into the mysteries behind internet presence and review tactics. Dear Brett, your option seems immensely valuable seeing as you’ve been to Fish Bowl right? Let me guess you are some huge player in the Richmond scene and your daily blog roll promotes supporting local businesses… you have a great deal of respect for the city’s positive attributes, wellbeing and overall progress… you feel the need to chime in with your two cents to let everyone know that Brett knows… this makes you feel… Read more »
Touched a nerve huh? I mean everything I said did happend did it not? You seem truly sorry about it. You know I spend most my time enjoying local things, but usually just the quality ones. Enjoying local business doesn’t mean you have to put up with mediocrity just because it is local. I’ve lived in the city for 12 years and that’s where most of my money is spent. I do enjoy offering my opinion on here and elsewhere. I love the drama. The internet is so great. Believe it or not, opinions can help make a businesses more… Read more »
Chris Harrison

Thanks for your post, Mr. Riley. I am a Haxall descendant, and would welcome a chat with you about the Haxall holdings and commercial neighborhoods. Chris Harrison 739-9222.

DJ Lick
I am a former employee of the Fish Bowl, I left there over a year ago, so I am unbiased. IMHO The Fish Bowl is a professionally run establishment with a great menu and night life. It doesn’t get the huge crowds but you don’t have to walk through urine in a filthy bathroom either. This is a great place to take a date to have a bite and cocktail and not break the bank, yet still has some class. Ross is a personable owner and has worked his butt off to make it in the bottom. If what I… Read more »
JD Holzgrefe

This sounds great if it comes to fruition. An interesting turn of events as well. The Holzgrefes were involved with the original Richbrau brewery in the sixties and I am a direct descendent of William and Phillip Haxall.