The Docket: Court Roundup for 5.3.11

City of Richmond

Vanessa Enahoro v. ESC, Inc. t/a Golden Corral and ESC Restaurants, Inc.
The plaintiff is seeking a judgment of $250,000 for injuries she received when she allegedly cut the roof of her mouth while eating take-out from the Providence Road restaurant on May 28,2010.
Law firm:  McEachin & Gee
Filed:  4/25/2011  CL11001975

Robert A. Hansen, Sr. and Deborah Ann Hansen, Co-Administrators of the Estate of Robert A. Hansen, Jr., deceased v. County of Chesterfield
The plaintiffs are seeking compensatory damages of $2 million and punitive damages of $2 million from the county for the death of their son [private]who was shot by county police officers on April 25, 2009.  The son was “experiencing a mental episode” and in the course of subduing him, he was killed outside the plaintiffs’ home on Lucks Lane in Midlothian.
Law firm:  Emroch & Kilduff
Filed:  4/25/2011  CL11002031

Jeffury H. Whitt v. Dreamboats, LLC t/a Segway of Richmond and Segway, Inc.
The plaintiff was injured riding a Segway on May 2, 2009 and is seeking $1.5 million in compensatory damages and $500,000 in punitive damages.
Law firm:  Marchant, Thorsen, Honey, Baldwin & Meyer
Filed:  4/27/2011  CL11002051

Mercedes Danza v. Gloria Yocum, Gregory Franklin, Colonial General, Ltd., Warwick Group II, Inc. and Colonial Management Group, L.P.
The plaintiff is seeking punitive damages of $350,000 and compensatory damages of $2.5 million for medical malpractice, sexual assault and battery, breach of contract and negligent retention.
Law firm:  Joseph F. Grove
Filed:  4/27/2011  CL11002052

Henrico County

Sally E. Moore v. Target Stores Inc. d/b/a Target Pharmacy and John Doe, R. Ph.
The plaintiff alleges that the defendants incorrectly filled a prescription for medication that gave her five times the dose of her actual prescription.  She is seeking a judgment of $2 million.
Law firm:  Jones, Blechman, Woltz & Kelly
Filed:  4/27/2011  CL11001364

Chesterfield County

Welding Processes and Mechanical, Inc. v. Process Welding and Piping Inc.
This is a garnishment for $79,326.10.
Law firm:  Blackburn Conte Schilling & Click
Filed:  4/29/2011  CL11001168

U.S. District Court

David J. Adams v. BridgeGate International
Plaintiff served as CEO of BridgeGate from December 2008 until August 2010 when he became Vice President of Sales. BrideGate, a Florida-based data service company, terminated Adams at a meeting in Virginia in January—plaintiff claims he was fired without cause and demands appropriate compensation under his employment contract. Plaintiff seeks 1.3 million shares of BridgeGate, a 25 percent bonus, commissions from sales revenues from certain customers, software licensing fees and $100,000 severance pay, all of which is approximately equal to $970,000.
Law firm: Kane & Papa PC
Date filed:  4/27/11

United Kennel Club, Inc. v. American Bully Kennel Club, Inc.
Michigan based United Kennel Club alleges copyright and trademark infringement by Fredericksburg-based American Bully Kennel Club. Both are registries for pure breed dogs. UKC is suing over the use of its trademarked phrase “Performance Pedigree” on certificates issued by ABKC. Plaintiff seeks an order forcing ABKC to stop using its trademark in addition to monetary damages.
Law firm: Dorsey & Whitney  LLP
Date filed: 4/19/11 [/private]

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