Business Licenses: 11.25.11


Real Deal Services LLC
2930 Baronet Dr, 23234
Janitorial Service

Aleta Fonville
1908 4th Ave, 23222
Retail Merchant[private]

Rhodes LLC
3107 W Cary St, 23221

604 N Sheppard St, 23221
Real Estate Manager

Universell Clothes LLC
603 N 35Th St, 23223
Retail Merchant

4201 Cutshaw Ave
Retail Merchant, 23230

Anni Flores
Los Primos Auto Repair
5255 Hull Street Rd
Auto Repair, 23224

Anita Moses
Bad-Braids And Dreds
206 E Clay St, 23219
Hair Salon


Affordable Rental Properties
4839 Waller Rd, 23230
Exempt Business

Kifah Alsaleh
3204 Piccolo Dr, 23223
Seamstress or Tailor

A Plus Home Health Care LLC
A Plus Home Health Care
2405 Westwood Ave, 23230
Personal Services

Michael Atkinson
Virginia Saints
2223 Watts Ct, 23223
Personal Services

Bright Auto Sales LLC
378 E Williamsburg Rd, 23150
Ret Auto

Baylyn Antenna LLC
4248 Oakley Ct, 23223
Wholesale (Mfg)

Alice S. Cosner
5002 Dollard Dr, 23230
Personal Services

Wilfredo Castillo
Radio La Primera
10830 Tutelo Ct, 23069

Brett Cardon
R and B Distributors
9100 Windover Ct, 23229
Retail Gen Merch

Delta Temp Inc.
Various Locations
Contr Foreign Gen

East Coast CV Pizza, LLC
Cousin Vinny’s Pizza
5607 Lakeside Ave, 23228
Ret. Restaurant

Hair 4 U & Spa, Inc
Hair 4 U & Spa
10238 Staples Mill Rd, 23060
Hair Dressing

Ronald K. Ingram
Ingram’s Services
2904 Irisdale Ave, 23228
Contr Hen General

Kickstart Specialists, LLC
11809 Crown Prince Cir, 23238
Consulting Services

Larry Miller
Larry’s Auto Washing
3002 Williamsburg Rd, 23231
Motor Vehicles Serv.

Mario Miranda
Miranda Home Improvements
9301 Tarheel Ter, 23228
Contr Hen General

Kodjo Messan
3302 Williamsburg Rd, 23231
Retail Gen Merch

Professional Finish LLC
3009 Kellipe Rd, 23059
Personal Services

Barry Richardson
Great American Indian Pow Wow
3000 Mechanicsville Tpke, 23223
Sales Promotion/Flea

Reed Properties, LLC
1724 Glenview Rd, 23222
Exempt Business

Milton Reams
Reams Home Improvement
115 Whiteside Rd, 23150
Contr Hen General

Showmasters/Annette Elliott
Richmond Gun Show
600 E Laburnum Ave, 23222
Sales Promotion/Flea

Spirited Art Richmond LLC
Spirited Art
4029 Whittall Wy, 23060
Adult Educational Sv

Horizon Business Solutions
10404 Huntsmoor Dr, 23233
Tonya S Scott Consultant

Veracorp LLC
Megatel 9
7037 Staples Mill Rd, 23228
Retail Gen Merch

Warriors Management Corporation
Breathe Air
103 New Harvest Dr, 23231
Adult Educational Sv

Warriors Management Corporation
Just Snacks
103 New Harvest Dr, 23231
Whlse Food


E & L Trading, Inc.
Santa Sport
11500 Midlothian Tpke, 23235
Itinerant Merchant-Merchandise

Advance Stores Company, Inc.
Advance Auto Parts #8924
6737 South Shore Dr, 23112
Retail Merchant-Generally

Elizabeth Alves
6143 Leopold Cr, 23234
Retail Merchant-Generally

Lubia A. Amezquita
Virginia AA Cleaning Service
8200 Bendahl Valley Dr, 23237
Personal Service-Generally

Jasminkumar A. Amin
7-Eleven 11064A
6131 Jefferson Davis Hwy, 23234
Retail Merchant-Generally

Basilio Trinidad Arturo
La Casita Frutas & Verduras
8938 Jefferson Davis Hwy, 23237
Retail Merchant-Generally

Lucila Avila
Style Wireless
2500 Larryvale Dr, 23831
Retail Merchant-Generally

Cert Operations, LLC
1500 Coxendale Rd, 23836
Business Service – Generally

Sandra A. Coote
Peace and Love Gift Shop By Coote
5700 Jefferson Davis Hwy, 23234
Retail Merchant-Generally

Cycle Solutions, LLC
2126 E Hundred Rd, 23836
Retail Merchant-Generally

Rodelia Datts
Phase 5 Cleaning Service
2715 Amherst Ridge Lp, 23834
Personal Service-Generally

Door4 Records, LLC
5622 Saddle Hill Dr, 23112
Retail Merchant-Generally

Fenty By Shion Fenty, LLC
3003 Sagebrook Pl, 23112
Retail Merchant-Generally

Good Energy For Life, LLC
8710 Choctaw Rd, Ste 1A, 23235
Personal Service-Generally

Health Travel Blue, LLC
5908 Misty Oak Ct, 23234
Personal Service-Generally

Ronald Keith Hicks
Mmm Fab & Forge
8400 Spruce Pine Dr, 23235
Retail Merchant-Generally

Michael Jackson
Jack’s Shack
734 Adkins Ridge Pl, 23236
Contractor – Landscaping Services

James River Junk Removal, LLC
1406 Archangle Ct, 23236
Personal Service-Generally

Aleksandra Jankowska, LLC
7002 Chateaugay Ln, 23112
Professional Service-Healing Arts

K O R Solutions
One Rate Computer Repair & Sales
21311 Deodora Dr, 23803
Retail Merchant-Generally

Umair Khimani & Shamez Lakhani
Access To Broadway
5700 Jefferson Davis Hwy, 23234
Retail Merchant-Generally

Natasha M. Lemus
Latin Services
6937 Hull Street Rd, 23224
Personal Service-Income Tax Preparation

James A. Mackey
Xpress Transportation Services
3413 Boisseau St, 23803
Personal Service-Generally

Ashley L. Niklawski
Rainey Niklawski
3201 Hunts Bridge Ct , 23112
Direct Seller-Retail

Joshua L. Prentice
Joshua Prentice, Web Architect, Free Lance Writer & Advocate
11254 Chester Garden Cr, 23831
Personal Service-Generally

Sharon E. Rettinger
Richmond’s Elite
5512 Creek Crossing Dr, 23112
Retail Merchant-Generally

Rinehart E. Robben
Rockin Robben Engines
12910 Genito Rd, 23112
Repair Service – Generally

Hugh Allen Smith
Big Guy Builds It
13001 Carters Way Rd, 23838
Business Service-Computer Services

Lovelle D. Stephens
City II City Transportation & Hauling
800 Roehampton Ct, 23236
Personal Service-Generally

Banford D. Sturgill, Jr. & Steven W. Smith
S and S Christmas Trees
15786 WC Main St, 23113
Itinerant Merchant-Christmas Trees & Greenery

VC Restaurants, Inc
4824 Market Square Ln, 23112
Retail Merchant-Restaurant

Jimmy Walker
National Protection Agency DC Company
10420 Claybar Trl, 23236
Business Service – Consulting

Wayne S. Wells
The Picture Man
14719 Blue Creek Pl, 23834
Personal Service-Photographer

Pam L. Woolridge
4006 Hailey Crescent Dr, #204, 23112
Personal Service-Generally[/private]

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