The Docket: Court Roundup for 12.1.11


MSG & Associates Inc., and Manny E. Grewel v. Environmental Solutions Inc.
Plaintiff seeks judgment of $42,035.30.
Law firm: Thomas O. Bondurant
Filed: 11/21/2011. CL11003058 [private]

Torranda F. Haley, and Blandford & Haley Family Services Inc. v. Blandford Family Services LLC, Irvin Blandford, and Edith Blandford
Plaintiff alleges breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, fraud and fraudulent conveyance, and seeks compensation and punitive damages of $392,400.
Law firm: Harrell & Chambliss
Filed: 11/22/2011. CL11003059

Highlands West LLC v. Fairweather Investments LLC
Plaintiff alleges misrepresentation and breach of contract by the defendant involving the title to real estate known as the Burruss Land Tract (approximately 1,435 acres in the Matoaca District) and seeks specific performance and money damages of at least $4 million.
Law firm: Williams Mullen
Filed: 11/22/2011. CL11003079

Joan Barnes v. W.V. McClure Inc. t/a Main Street Homes, and Bon Air Exteriors Inc., and RWC Warranty Administrators LLC
Plaintiff alleges breach of implied warranty for sale of new home, breach of contract, violation of the Virginia Consumer Protection Act, negligence and breach of express warranty, and as a result, suffered property and personal injury from mold. Plaintiff seeks $1,556,000.
Law firm: Blackburn, Conte, Schilling & Click
Filed: 11/23/2011. CL11003093


Kaplan & Frank PLC v. Car Care Centers LLC
This is a confessed judgment of $19,284.40.
Filed: 11/15/2011. CL11005155


Risheen Moore v. Action Park of Williamsburg, Va. Inc. d/b/a Go-Karts Plus, and John Doe
Plaintiff alleges that on July 8, 2011, on property owned by the defendant, she was rear-ended in a go-cart race by defendant John Doe and suffered injuries. Plaintiff seeks $100,000 and interest.
Law firm: Reid Goodwin
Filed: 11/15/2011. CL11005162

Pat McGarry, and Sheila Barner, and Harry Hubbard v. Sweeney Heating and Air Inc., Nuckols Electric and Plumbing Inc, and Tate & Hill
The property of plaintiffs McGarry and Barner shares a common wall with plaintiff Hubbard. Plaintiff alleges that during the course of installation of a heating, ventilation, air conditioning system on McGarry/Barner property, electrical wiring utilized to power the unit was damaged during installation, and a fire occurred, damaging both properties. Plaintiff seeks judgment in excess of $525,000, prejudgment interest and costs.
Law firm: Davis Law Firm and Cozen O’Connor (Philadelphia)
Date filed: 11/16/2011. CL11005177

Brandywine Grande C, L.P. v. Suitable for Framing Inc.
This is a confessed judgment of $33,000.
Filed 11/16/2011. CL11005182.

Elizabeth Miller v. Farmer’s Food Distribution Center Inc.
Plaintiff alleges that on March 26, 2010, she tripped and fell over an iron rod sticking 5-6 inches out of the pavement in the parking lot of Farmers Foods at Southside Plaza, and seeks judgment of $25,000.
Law firm: Tronfeld West & Durrette
Filed: 11/18/2011. CL11005249

Cornerstone Architects PLC v. BRD Land Development LLC
Plaintiff seeks judgment of $31,826 plus pre-and post-judgment interests and costs.
Filed: 11/18/2011. CL11005251

The Harvester Inc. d/b/a Commonwealth Architects v. Andy McCullough, and 1148 East Princess Anne LLC, and Rockville Development LLC
Plaintiff seeks judgment of not less than $92,853.57 plus fees and costs.
Law firm: Vandeventer Black
Filed: 11/28/2011. CL11005346

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