The Docket: Court Roundup for 12.8.11


Betiann Aylor v. DePuy Orthopaedics Inc.; DePuy Inc.; DePuy International Limited; Johnson & Johnson; Johnson & Johnson Services Inc.; Johnson & Johnson International; Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research & Development LLC; Ted Fox; Commonwealth Surgical Solutions Inc.; Bon Secours Memorial Regional Medical Center Inc.; Bon Secours Health System Inc.; and Bon Secours Richmond Health System Inc.
Plaintiff underwent a total hip arthroplasty on or about June 25, 2002, and alleges that on or about Dec. 2, 2009, the hip replacement components failed, and she underwent a painful, complex and risky surgery to remove and replace them. Plaintiff alleges that the hip replacement components implanted on June 2, 2002, were defective, negligently designed and/or negligently manufactured, were unreasonably dangerous, were not merchantable, and were not fit for the purposes for which they were designed, sold and used, and that the components by the same manufacturer implanted on Dec. 2, 2009, also were defective. Plaintiff seeks compensatory damages of $10 million, and punitive damages of $5 million, fees, expenses and costs.
Law firm: Allen Allen Allen and Allen
Filed: 11/29/2011. CL11005357 [private]

SunTrust Bank v. Z&C LLC
This is a confessed judgment of $113,879.73
Filed: 11/30/2011. CL11005363

Landmark Mall LLC v. Specialty Restaurant Group LLC
This is a confessed judgment of $115,948.30.
Filed: 12/01/2011. CL11005375

Scott P. Staton v. Red Dragon Tattoo Inc.; Robbie Eason Villalpando f/k/a Robbie C. Eason
Plaintiff seeks $35,263.07 judgment, interest, fees and costs for nonpayment of lease at 425-427 W. Broad St.
Law firm: Randolph C. Robertson
Filed: 12/01/2011. CL11005380

Robert R. Bock v. Piedmont Electrical Co. Inc.
Plaintiff seeks compensatory damages of $49,999, costs and fees, for failure to perform electrical work as specified for a real property and car wash business at 9940 Mayland Drive, Henrico.
Law firm: Elliott P. Park
Filed: 12/02/2011. CL11005441

Marlin Ferreira v. Leonard A. Gray; Colonial Court Apartments Inc.
Plaintiff alleges that on or about Dec. 10, 2010, after exiting a vehicle, plaintiff was struck by the rear door of defendant’s truck, and received severe and permanent injuries. Plaintiff seeks $1.5 million.
Law firm: Tronfeld West & Durrette
Filed: 12/05/2011. CL11005449


Brandon Thompson v. Beyond Horizons Inc., also d/b/a Have a Nice Day Café; Rodney Peterson, President, Beyond Horizons; Rodney Peterson, personally; and Ramon Smith
Plaintiff alleges he entered into an agreement on Feb. 7, 2009, with BHI and Peterson to purchase a 40 percent interest in BHI. Plaintiff alleges he was not paid according to his interest or work performed, and that defendants Peterson and Smith secreted away cash and other funds for personal use, and that defendants have attempted to remove him as director. Plaintiff seeks damages of at least $100,000, costs and fees; to have injunction issued to restrain his removal from board; and to have injunction issued to prevent Peterson and Smith from acting in any manner that would destroy/waste corporate assets of BHI.
Law firm: Corcoran & Sitton
Filed: 12/05/2011. CL11005454


Brenda D. Cagle v. Wal-Mart Stores East Inc. t/a Wal-Mart
Plaintiff alleges that on Dec. 23, 2009, she slipped and fell in the store at 11400 W. Broad St., and seeks judgment of $49,999, interest and costs.
Law firm: Lawrence G. Kessler
Filed: 11/21/2011. CL11003325

Vernon Orlando Holmes Jr. v. Patriot Protective Services Inc; Christopher Connor
Plaintiff seeks judgment of $180,495, plus interest, fees and costs.
Filed: 11/21/2011. CL11003333

Tara Lytle v. Saturn Ventures LC; Premier Management Services LC; and Grasshopper Law Services Inc.
On or about Dec. 18, 2009, Richmond received significant snowfall. Plaintiff alleges that defendant attempted to clear building and land at 2004 Bremo Road of snow and ice, but did so negligently, and plaintiff stepped on ice in a paved lot, fell and sustained serious injuries. Plaintiff seeks $1 million judgment, interest, costs and fees.
Law firm: Cantor Stoneburner Ford Grana & Buckner
Filed: 11/28/2011. CL11003353

Western Union Financial Services Inc. v. Fourth Lucky Inc. d/b/a Market Place #8; Manisha Shah; and Prashant Shah
Plaintiff alleges that defendant collected but failed to remit payments, and seeks compensatory damages of $21,000 plus interest and fees.
Law firm: Legum & Wilk
Filed: 11/28/2011. CL11003362

Sheila Little and David Little v. VCAT Enterprises LLC t/a PuroClean
Plaintiff negotiated to buy a log home in summer 2010, with purchase contingent on seller’s removal of all pet odor. Defendant was contracted to remove offensive odor, and on Aug. 18, 2010, plaintiff finalized the purchase of home. Plaintiff alleges that defendant knew the cat urine odor would not be entirely removed, and does not engage in remediation services necessary for the project, and the only way to eliminate the odor is to destroy and rebuild the home. Plaintiff seeks actual damages of $708,000, and $150,000 in punitive damages, costs and fees.
Law firm: Patricia Michels Anderson
Filed: 11/30/2011. CL11003388


Cit Bank v. Ion Healthcare Corp.
Plaintiff seeks judgment of $789,461.71, plus interest, costs and fees. Ion Healthcare Corp. was started by Steve Burton, who now runs SportsQuest.
Law firm: Ridberg Aronson
Filed: 12/02/2011. CL11003146

Northside Truland Electric LLC v. Equustock Virginia Inc.
Plaintiff seeks judgment of $117,254.78 for work done at the wood-pellet manufacturing facility.
Law firm: Derrick E. Rosser
Filed: 12/05/2011. CL11003156

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