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Medicament delivery patent illustration

A figure from Intelliject

Devices, systems and methods for medicament delivery

Patent 8,206,360

An apparatus includes a label configured to be coupled to a medicament delivery device. The label includes a first surface and a second surface. The first surface is configured to be coupled to an outer surface of the medicament delivery device. The second surface includes a textual indicia. The label further includes an electronic circuit system configured to output an electronic signal.

Inventors: Eric Shawn Edwards (Midlothian); Evan Thomas Edwards (Fredericksburg); Mark J. Licata (Doswell); Paul F. Meyers (Fishers, Ind.); David A. Weinzierl (Andover, Minn.)

Assignee: Intelliject, Inc. (Richmond)

June 26, 2012[private]

Coaxial catheter systems for transference of medium

Patent 8,211,083

A method, technique and system is disclosed for the delivery of therapeutic agents and/or into the bulk brain tissues and other parts, tissues and organs of the body, including vasculature. A novel form of coaxial catheter provides a means for implanting an outer tube into the brain, then inserting an inner tube into the outer tube and aligning them such that port holes on both of the tubes will overlap and permit a flux of the therapeutic agent to flow into the brain in such a way as to minimize the effects of trapped air, virtually eliminate backflow of the agent, and avoid the potential for additional damage to the brain since only one surgical placement of the outer tube is needed. Similarly, the method, technique system may be utilized to remove fluids or other medium from the brain, tissues, and organs to minimize the effects of escaped air or negative pressure.

Inventors: William C. Broaddus (Midlothian); Zhi-Jian Chen (Glen Allen); George T. Gillies (Charlottesville)

Assignee: University of Virginia Patent Foundation (Charlottesville); Virginia Commonwealth University Intellectual Property Foundation (Richmond)

July 3, 2012

Zipper pull repair apparatus

Zipper pull repair apparatus

Zipper pull repair apparatus

Patent  8,205,306

The present invention discloses a single-part zipper pull comprised of two rotatable halves secured together on a pin. On one end of the zipper pull is a handle by which fingers can grasp the pull. On the other end of the zipper pull are clasps to latch to the zipper slider. The complete clasp is made up of the two J hooks, one on each half. The handle is made complete by rotating the two halves of the zipper pull together. In the open position, the J hooks have a gap by which to engage the zipper slider crown. In the closed position, the clasps come together making a complete loop thereby securing to the zipper slider crown. Once the zipper pull tab is closed, a latch and receiver engage to prevent the two halves from rotating to an open position.

Inventors: Frank Gerald Kovach (Glen Allen); Brian Eugene Cook (Glen Allen)

June 26, 2012

Lubricating oil composition for crankcase applications

Patent  8,207,099

A crankcase lubricant, an additive concentrate and a method for improving water tolerance of a lubricant. The lubricant includes a) a major amount of a base oil; b) an alkali or alkaline earth metal-containing detergent; c) a phosphorus-based wear preventative; and d) a surfactant agent other than (b). The lubricant has a weight ratio of alkali or alkaline earth metal content to phosphorus content, based on a total mass of lubricant, ranging from about 1.6 to about 5.0.

Inventors: John T. Loper (Richmond)

Assignee: Afton Chemical Corporation (Richmond)

June 26, 2012

Additives and lubricant formulations for improved antiwear properties

Patent 8,211,840

Lubricated surfaces and lubricant compositions for lubricating a surface. The lubricated surface is provided by a lubricant composition including a base oil of lubricating viscosity, at least one metal salt of phosphorothioic acid, and an ashless, sulfur-free organophosphorus compound providing a metal to phosphorus weight ratio ranging from about 0.25:1 to about 1.0:1 by weight. The lubricant composition is substantially devoid of molybdenum.

Inventors: Mark T. Devlin (Richmond); John T. Loper (Richmond); Roger M. Sheets (Pagosa Springs, Colo.); Gregory H. Guinther (Richmond); Jeffrey M. Guevremont (Richmond)

Assignee: Afton Chemical Corporation (Richmond)

July 3, 2012


Patent D663,088

Claims the ornamental design for an iron.

Inventors: Charles Choi (Chicago); Mark Pavel (Lisle, Ill.); Mark Steiner (Midlothian)

Assignee: Hamilton Beach Brands, Inc. (Glen Allen)

July 3, 2012

Beverage maker

Patent D662,756

Claims the ornamental design for a beverage maker.

Inventors: Mark C. Steiner (Midlothian); Mark K. Romandy (Midlothian)

Assignee: Hamilton Beach Brands, Inc (Glen Allen)

July 3, 2012

High modulus ultra high molecular weight polyethylene tape

Patent 8,206,810

A non-fibrous, high tenacity, highly oriented UHMWPE tape or sheet of high molecular weight having a substantially large aspect ratio, a high tenacity, and a substantially higher tensile modulus. The UHMWPE tape includes an average molecular weight of 2,000,000 or greater, a width of 1/2-inch or greater, a thickness of between 0.0008 and 0.004 inch, and a modulus of between 1600 and 2500 grams per denier.

Inventors: Kenneth C. Harding (Midlothian); Joseph Evan Mitchell (Concord, N.C.); Wesley B. Petrea (Kannapolis, N.C.)

Assignee: Bae Systems Tensylon H.P.M., Inc. (Monroe, N.C.)

June 26, 2012

Non-fibrous high modulus ultra high molecular weight polyethylene tape for ballistic applications

Patent 8,211,342

A process for the production of a non-fibrous ultra high molecular weight polyethylene tape having a width of 1-inch or greater and a modulus of 1,400 grams per denier or greater. The non-fibrous UHMWPE tape is obtained by compression molding ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene powder at a temperature below its melting point and then drawing and stretching the entire resultant compression molded UHMWPE sheet, with no slitting or splitting of the sheet, at a draw ratio of at least 100:1. The UHMWPE tape can be produced in weights of 6,000 to 90,000 denier or greater. The UHMWPE tape of the present invention minimizes the effect of stress concentrators that are prevalent with fibers and thereby enables the tape to be drawn at much higher draw ratios than is possible with fibrous UHMWPE. When used in ballistics panels, the high modulus high molecular weight polyethylene tape of the present invention improves ballistic performance by providing enhanced dissipation of the impact energy of a projectile.

Inventors: Gene C. Weedon (Richmond); Kenneth C. Harding (Midlothian); Lisa Owen (Charlotte, N.C.)

Assignee: Bae Systems Tensylon H.P.M., Inc. (Monroe, N.C.)

July 3, 2012

Composite panels having improved fluid impermeability

Patent 8,206,808

A prepreg composite material that includes a fiber layer and a resin comprising a thermoset resin component, a curing agent and a fibrous micropulp. The micropulp component is an aramid fiber having a volume average length of from 0.01 to 100 micrometers. The prepreg is useful in composite panel construction for minimizing fluid permeation into the cured structure. This prepreg is particularly suitable for making honeycomb sandwich panels. Film adhesives, liquid and paste resins containing aramid fiber micropulp are also disclosed.

Inventors: Subhotosh Khan (Midlothian); Halvar Young Loken (Roseland, Va.)

Assignee: E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Co. (Wilmington, Del.)

June 26, 2012

Fiber spinning process using a weakly interacting polymer

Patent 8,211,353

A fiber spinning process comprising the steps of providing a polymer solution, which comprises at least one weakly interacting polymer dissolved in at least one weakly interacting solvent to a spinneret; issuing the polymer solution in combination with a blowing gas in a direction from at least one spinning nozzle in the spinneret and in the presence of an electric field; forming fibers and collecting the fibers on a collector.

Inventors: Gregory T. Dee (Wilmington, Del.); Joseph Brian Hovanec (Richmond); Jan Van Meerveld (Howald, Luxembourg)

Assignee: E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Co. (Wilmington, Del.)

July 3, 2012

Para-aramid pulp including meta-aramid fibrids and processes of making same

Patent 8,211,272

The present invention relates to para-aramid pulp including meta-aramid fibrids for use as reinforcement material in products including for example friction materials, fluid sealing materials, and papers. The invention further relates to processes for making such pulp.

Inventors: Mikhail R. Levit (Glen Allen); Achim Amma (Richmond)

Assignee: E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Co. (Wilmington, Del.)

July 3, 2012


Patent RE43,485

Inventors: William R. Hargreaves (Bellevue, Wash.); Drew Carlson (Richmond); Mark S. Ando (Seattle); Jerry Yamamoto (Seattle); Jonathan H. Biggs (Lake Forest Park, Wash.); Carsten Buus (Snohomish, Wash.)

Assignee: Kinesis Corporation (Bothell, Wash.)

June 26, 2012

Methods and apparatus for conducting electronic transactions

Patent 8,214,299

A system and method for conducting electronic commerce are disclosed. In various embodiments, the electronic transaction is a purchase transaction. A user is provided with an intelligent token, such as a smartcard containing a digital certificate. The intelligent token suitably authenticates with a server on a network that conducts all or portions of the transaction on behalf of the user. In various embodiments a wallet server interacts with a security server to provide enhanced reliability and confidence in the transaction. In various embodiments, the wallet server includes a toolbar. In various embodiments, the digital wallet pre-fills forms. Forms may be pre-filled using an auto-remember component.

Inventors: Fred Alan Bishop (Phoenix); Elliott Harold Glazer (Chesterfield); Zygmunt Steven Gorgol (Scottsdale, Ariz.); William G. Hohle (Lehi, Utah); Michael G. Johnson (Peoria, Ariz.); David E. Johnstone (Cave Creek, Ariz.); Walter Donald Lake (Gilbert, Ariz.); Coby Royer (University City, Mo.); Marvin Simkin (Phoenix); Nick Swift (Reading, Great Britain); Dirk B. White (Glendale, Ariz.); Russell Bennett (Cornville, Ariz.)

Assignee: American Express Travel Related Services Company, Inc. (New York)

July 3, 2012[/private]

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