Fan bar files for bankruptcy

The Martini Kitchen & Bubble Bar at 1911 W. Main St.

The Martini Kitchen & Bubble Bar at 1911 W. Main St. (Photos by Michael Schwartz)

A Fan bar known for its expansive martini menu and live music has filed for bankruptcy protection.

The Martini Kitchen & Bubble Bar at 1911 W. Main St. filed Tuesday for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The restaurant has assets of $50,000 and owes at least $236,000 to 20 unsecured creditors, according to its initial filing.

The bar will remain open amid its bankruptcy proceedings, said Kevette Elliott.

The bar remains open for business, said Kevette Elliott, an attorney with Elliott Law Office who is representing the Martini Kitchen.

“The Martini Kitchen is planning to remain open and to continue serving their patrons during the proceedings,” Elliott said. She would not comment further.

Martini Kitchen President Edgar Rosales could not be reached for comment.

Among the bar’s debts are about $150,000 in delinquent meal taxes, personal property taxes and utility payments owed to the City of Richmond, bankruptcy documents show.

The bar’s creditors also include the Virginia Department of Taxation, various food vendors and several music licensing companies.

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Michael D

Wow take out the City payments and then add in the state payments they would have no debts. Hopefully they can work out a payment plan with the City and State.


I am interested in hearing more details about this math wizardry, where debt + debt = no debt.

Too bad they got rid of the old equipment. There is still room for it to go back in. I smell BREWPUB!