The R&D Dept.: Local patents for 1.30.13

Devices, systems and methods for medicament delivery
Patent 8,361,029
An apparatus includes a movable member and a valve coupled to the movable member. The movable member is configured to be disposed within a housing of a medical device and has a first end portion and second end portion. A portion of the first end portion is configured to define a portion of a boundary of a gas chamber. The first end portion defines an opening configured to be in fluid communication between the gas chamber and an area outside the gas chamber. The second end portion is configured to be coupled to a needle configured to deliver a medicament into a body. The valve is configured to selectively allow fluid communication between the gas chamber and the area outside the gas chamber through the opening defined by the first end portion of the movable member.
Inventors: Evan Thomas Edwards (Fredericksburg); Eric Shawn Edwards (Midlothian); Mark J. Licata (Doswell)
Assignee: Intelliject, LLC (Richmond)
Jan. 29, 2013

Apparatus and methods for self-administration of vaccines and other medicaments
Patent 8,361,026
A medicament delivery device includes a housing, a medicament container disposed within the housing, an activation mechanism, a cover and an electronic circuit system. The activation mechanism includes an energy storage member configured to produce a force to deliver the dose of a medicament and/or vaccine. The cover is configured to receive at least a portion of the housing. The electronic circuit system is coupled to the housing such that a protrusion of the cover electrically isolates a battery from a portion of the electronic circuit system when the portion of the housing is received by the cover. The electronic circuit system is configured to be electrically coupled to the battery and to produce a recorded speech output when the portion of the housing is at least partially removed from the cover. The electronic circuit system configured to produce a signal when the activation mechanism is actuated.
Inventors: Eric S. Edwards (Midlothian); Evan T. Edwards (Gordonsville, Va.); Mark J. Licata (Doswell); Paul F. Meyers (Fishers, Ind.); David A. Weinzierl (Andover, Minn.)
Assignee: Intelliject, Inc. (Richmond)
Jan. 29, 2013

Process for the preparation of UHMW multi-filament poly(alpha-olefin) yarns
Patent 8,361,366
A process for preparing ultra-high molecular weight poly(alpha-olefin) (UHMWPO) multi-filament yarns having improved tensile properties at higher productivity. The process includes drawing a solution yarn, then drawing a gel yarn and then drawing a dry yarn continuously in sequence to form a partially oriented yarn, winding up the partially oriented yarn, unrolling the yarn, drawing the partially oriented yarn to form a highly oriented yarn, cooling the highly oriented yarn under tension and winding up the highly oriented yarn.
Inventors: Thomas Yiu-Tai Tam (Richmond); Qiang Zhou (Chesterfield); John A. Young (Midlothian); Charles R. Arnett (Richmond); John E. Hermes (Colonial Heights)
Assignee: Honeywell International Inc. (Morristown, N.J.)
Jan. 29, 2013

Process for electroblowing a multiple layered sheet
Patent 8,361,365
A process for electroblowing a multiple layered sheet using multiple spinning beams to produce different component webs wherein the sheet doesn’t stick to the forming screen and has improved web stability.
Inventors: Joseph Brian Hovanec (Richmond); Michael John Moore Sr. (Colonial Heights)
Assignee: E I du Pont de Nemours and Company (Wilmington, Del.)
Jan. 29, 2013

Decarboxylating block copolymers
Patent 8,362,106
Linear block copolymers that have at least one hydrophilic block and at least one hydrophobic block, wherein the hydrophilic block of the copolymer has at least one carboxylic acid functionality (or salt thereof) that can readily decarboxylate. These copolymers are useful as binders and/or dispersants in inkjet inks.
Inventors: Kalindi Dogra (Wilmington, Del.); Kenneth Gene Moloy (Hockessin, Del.); Richard Douglas Bauer (Kennett Square, Pa.); David T. Williamson (Chesterfield)
Assignee: E I du Pont de Nemours and Company (Wilmington)
Jan. 29, 2013

Durable nanoweb scrim laminates
Patent 8,361,180
A filter media comprising a nanofiber layer and a substrate layer; the nanofiber layer comprising a polymer material and having a fiber diameter of about 0.01 to 1.0 micron, a basis weight of about 0.5 to 30 gsm, and a thickness of at least about 2 microns, the nanofiber layer further having a surface stability index of at least about 5 kN/m, the media further being pleated.
Inventors: Hyun Sung Lim (Midlothian); Cheng Hang Chi (Midlothian)
Assignee: E I du Pont de Nemours and Company (Wilmington)
Jan. 29, 2013

Roller bearing seal
Patent 8,360,651
A bearing assembly is provided having a roller bearing with an inner raceway fitted around the journal portion of an axle. An outer raceway combines with the inner raceway to receive roller elements. A backing ring is centered to the shaft fillet. An annular wear ring is positioned between the inner race and the backing ring. An improved lubricant seal arrangement is provided between the wear ring and the supporting outer raceway, and includes a rotor, a seal, a slinger and, in some embodiments, a stator.
Inventors: Mark W. Fetty (Chesterfield); Michael A. Mason (Richmond); Paul A. Hubbard (Petersburg)
Assignee: Amsted Rail Company, Inc. (Chicago)
Jan. 29, 2013

Rinse aid compositions with improved characteristics
Patent 8,361,953
The present invention is directed to rinse aid compositions with improved biodegradability that may be used in automated carwash operations to promote drying and improve the appearance of vehicles.
Inventors: Andras Nagy (Chester); Saiid Mohammed (Glen Allen); Dennis Parrish (Sandston); Georg Schick (Providence Forge, Va.); Ingo Hamann (Chesterfield)
Assignee: Evonik Goldschmidt Corporation (Hopewell)
Jan. 29, 2013

Same-day settlement of financial transactions
Patent 8,364,585
A system and method to receive a financial transaction and transfer funds associated with the financial transaction into an account associated with an originator of the financial transaction to settle the financial transaction on the same day that the financial transaction is originated. The financial transaction may be one of a plurality of financial transactions and the financial transaction is identified as being eligible for same-day settlement using routing or transit numbers associated with an entity that receives the financial transaction.
Inventors: David Scott Edmonds (Glen Allen); Stephen Ray Winston (Glen Allen)
Assignee: Capital One Financial Corp. (McLean, Va.)
Jan. 29, 2013

Supramolecular complex flavor immobilizing for controlled release of flavor in smoking articles
Patent 8,361,236
A smokable composition includes (a) a smokable material; and (b) a supramolecular assembly. The supramolecular assembly comprises a flavorant and at least one selected from the group consisting of O,O’-dibenzoyl-(2R,3R)-tartaric acid, a hydrate thereof or a salt thereof, and ditoluoyl-(2R,3R)-tartaric acid, a hydrate thereof or a salt thereof. In addition, a smoking article comprises a rod of tobacco or tobacco substitute, optionally a filter attached to the rod, and the supramolecular assembly, as menthol-release agent.
Inventors: Biao Duan (Appleton, Wisc.); Munmaya K. Mishra (Manakin Sabot); Peter J. Lipowicz (Midlothian); Shengsheng Liu (Henrico)
Assignee: Philip Morris USA Inc. (Richmond)
Jan. 29, 2013

Silver and silver oxide catalysts for the oxidation of carbon monoxide in cigarette smoke
Patent 8,360,073
A component of a cigarette comprises a silver-based catalyst for the conversion of carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide. The silver-based catalyst comprises particles (e.g., nanoscale or larger sized particles) of metallic silver and/or silver oxide supported in and/or on metal oxide support particles. The silver-based catalyst can be incorporated into a cigarette component such as tobacco cut filler, cigarette paper and cigarette filter material to reduce the concentration of carbon monoxide in the mainstream smoke of a cigarette during smoking. The catalyst can also be used in non-cigarette applications.
Inventors: Rangaraj S. Sundar (Midlothian); Sarojini Deevi (Midlothian)
Assignee: Philip Morris USA Inc. (Richmond)
Jan. 29, 2013

Combination treatment of tobacco extract using antioxidants and antioxidant scavengers
Patent 8,360,072
A process for treating a tobacco material comprising: (a) extracting a tobacco material with a solvent to produce a tobacco extract and a tobacco residue; (b) contacting the tobacco extract with an antioxidant; and (c) contacting the mixture of (b) with an antioxidant scavenger, to produce a treated tobacco extract. The treated tobacco extract is reapplied to the tobacco residue to form a treated tobacco material. In addition, a smoking composition, a smoking article and a smokeless tobacco oral delivery product contain the treated tobacco material.
Inventors: Marc Robert Krauss (Midlothian)
Assignee: Philip Morris USA Inc. (Richmond)
Jan. 29, 2013

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