Chesterfield shopping center grounded

Chesterfield Airport diptych

A plane parked at Chesterfield County Airport, left, and approaching the runway.

A developer’s plan for retail in Chesterfield might never take off.

David Rudiger’s 20 acres of woodland will be in the path of planes landing at and taking off from Chesterfield County Airport if the county’s is planned a $14 million expansion moves forward.

“We’ve been trying to do this for five years, but apparently the land will be in the emergency zone when the airport extends its runway,” said Rudiger, head of the Virginia Beach-based Boyd Homes. “The county has been holding it up while it works things out with the [Federal Aviation Administration], and now it looks like they are just going to buy the land.”

Chesterfield is trying to extend its runway by 800 feet to accommodate larger aircraft that can fly longer distances. But that plan has put Rudiger’s land, as well as land owned by a couple of churches nearby, in the county’s path.

Charles Dane, Chesterfield’s deputy director of general services, said buying Rudiger’s land isn’t a sure thing just yet.

“At this point we don’t know that the 800-foot extension is even possible,” he said. “We’re doing an environmental assessment that could take as long as a year.”

Dane said that if the environmental assessment checks out, the county would have plenty of help from Uncle Sam and the state to buy the land.

According to county records, Rudiger’s land is worth about $486,000.

“I still want to do a shopping center there. I think it would do very well,” Rudiger said. “But you can’t stand in the way of progress, I guess.”

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mike flanigan

What a joke………….this guy is too much.
Dont believe this Chesterfield County.