The farmers market, delivered to your door

A sample box of goods from Backyard Produce. (Courtesy of Backyard Produce)

A sample box of goods from Backyard Produce. (Courtesy of Backyard Produce)

Richmonders are about to get a new way to buy fresh produce.

Backyard Produce, an organic grocery delivery service based in North Carolina, will start serving Richmond on March 6. Deliveries will run every Wednesday after that.

Customers pay the company a weekly fee in exchange for points they can spend on produce, bread, cheese and other groceries to be delivered to their homes. The orders are submitted online, and packages are available at prices ranging from $25 to $55.

Cade Holliday, Backyard Produce’s director of operations, said that the products come directly from North Carolina farms but that the company is in talks with a few Virginia farmers.

“For now, people ordering from us in Richmond will be getting mostly regional produce,” Holliday said. “By the end of the spring, we want all of our customers in Virginia to get produce from Virginia.”

Founded two years ago in Charlotte, N.C., the company is looking for space in Richmond, which will be its first Virginia location.

“This seemed like a good next step for us,” Holliday said. “We’re already in every major area in North Carolina, and we felt like Richmond really needed a service like this.”

The company will employ a few contract workers as it launches and will look to hire full-time staff as demand grows in Richmond.

Backyard Produce enters a competitive Richmond food scene, which includes several thriving farmers markets. Relay Foods, an online grocery delivery service headquartered in Charlottesville with a distribution center in Scott’s Addition, has had a foothold in Richmond since 2010.

About 2,000 people have created accounts with Backyard Produce since it opened, Holliday said.

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Dominion Harvest has been doing this for years. Plus it is all local farms.


Do members of Dominion Harvest not eat oranges, avocados, or bananas?


Farm 2 Family has been doing this for several years as well and most likely a lot better. Why does big corporate business that have foreign investors like BYProduce and Relay think the rest of us are interested in them?