Startup helps homeowners see the logic

A screen grab of the SEElogix website.

A screen grab of the SEElogix website.

The owners of a Shockoe Bottom startup want to make sure that no homeowner ever wastes 20 minutes hunting for a dishwasher manual again.

Mike Wade and Helen Reed last year launched SEElogix, an online service that lets homeowners digitally store information such as appliance manuals, home sale closing papers and maintenance records.

Reed said that, in addition to storing data, SEElogix notifies homeowners when they to need to perform routine maintenance, such as changing a light bulb or an air filter.

“We think of it as a glove box for your home,” Wade said. “It’s a place to keep receipts or any other papers.”

The company, headquartered at 1901 East Franklin Street, makes money by charging a one-time $149 subscription fee. About 300 people have signed up, and Wade said the company is working to increase that number to at least 8,000 by the end of the year.

“It’s something both new and existing homeowners can benefit from, so there’s a huge potential for growth,” Wade said.

The bulk of SEElogix clients are in Richmond, but Reed said they’ve had interest from customers in Florida and Georgia. She said they signed their first West Coast client this year.

The company is also trying to attract homebuilders and real estate agents to buy the service as a gift for clients. For example, SEELogix struck a deal with Fredericksburg-based Atlantic Builders to get the service in the hands of 30 new homeowners in the area.

The company has four employees, including the two founders. Wade said that number should be up to about 10 by the end of the year.

Reed and Wade self-financed the startup, and Wade said new subscriber fees will fund the day-to-day operations.

Reed owns H.L. Reed Design, an 18-year-old firm that specializes in hospitality and retail. Wade was chief executive of a mechanical construction business before leaving to focus on SEElogix.

They launched the site in February 2012 and were one of 15 finalists in the Greater Richmond Chamber’s first i.e.* startup contest.

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Jared Davis

Cool concept, but did I miss how they will make residual income of any kind?

Mason Hearn

Great concept. I see huge value in this for homeowners. Most of us know the value of maintaining our automobiles (changing the oil, etc), yet we are oblivious to the need for regular maintenance on our homes. This benign neglect and resultant necessary repairs ultimately costs homeowners many-fold in excess of the expense of signing-up for SEElogix.

Good luck, Helen and Mike. I expect to be working with you soon!