Amid a big project, firm makes a big move

BrownGreer founding partners Orran Brown, left and Lynn Greer. (Photos by David Larter)

BrownGreer founding partner Orran Brown, left and Lynn Greer. (Photos by David Larter)

One of Richmond’s biggest law firms now calls Rocketts Landing home.

BrownGreer and about 330 of its employees last week moved into the 38,000-square-foot Cedar Works building at 250 Rocketts Way.

The law firm bought the three-story building April 1 from an entity affiliated with Rocketts developers WVS Companies. It paid $6.32 million for the fully developed building, according to Henrico County records.

“We’re real happy about it,” said Orran Brown, founding partner of the firm. “Our people seem to like working here, it feels good that it’s our own and we love the way it looks.”

J.D. Lewis Construction Management Inc. was the general contractor, and H&A Architects & Engineers was the architect on the project.

BrownGreer has ballooned to 1,700 employees, Brown said, as it continues to process billions of dollars in claims related to the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

“This is pretty large for us,” he said. “But we think eventually the core of our company will fit in the headquarters. But we love doing big projects. We’re not going to turn down any work.”

BrownGreer's new building at 250 Rocketts Way.

BrownGreer’s new building at 250 Rocketts Way.

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Welcome to the neighborhood! Thanks for making an investment in the area!


That building looks hideous! Are they planning on rennovating it?


(So..this is going to be weird since we have the same name, but…)

I actually like it.

The seven large windows at the western end of the building are pretty hideous (could use some muntins to divide the window into panes), but overall I think it looks really well done.

I’m curious, does anyone know how far along those new $1,000,000+ townhomes are in construction? I believe it was stated that one sold for $1.7million. I’d be interested in seeing what they look like, but I haven’t been to Rocketts in a while.


The building presented a challenge since it had such small windows originally. They had to do something to bring light in but they could have made the adaptations match the colonial style for it to make sense. The sheet metal seems mismatched. I agree about those windows on the western side.

Scott Burger

Where are the solar panels?