Ice cream shop’s move doubles its servings

Boyer's cafe subleased a new space from the Christian Learning Center on Grove Avenue.  Photos by Michael Thompson

Boyer’s cafe subleased a new space from the Center for Christian Study on Grove Avenue. Photos by Michael Thompson.

A local ice cream has changed locations and undergone a generational shift.

Boyer’s Ice Cream & Coffee opened last month in its new location at 5808 Grove Ave. under the ownership of siblings Caleb Boyer, Dawson Boyer and Katey Hagaman.

They took the business over from their parents John and Kimberly Boyer during the course of the move from its 900-square-foot home on Patterson Avenue. John and Kimberly Boyer launched the cafe in 2008.

Boyer’s shares its new building with the Richmond Center for Christian Study, which also recently moved into the space. Boyer’s is subleasing 1,200 square feet of the 6,000-square-foot building. The space has previously housed antiques shop Elephant’s Toe and The Arcade cafe before that.

Caleb Boyer

Caleb Boyer

Caleb Boyer said the shop has seen an improvement in sales since the first day it reopened.

“It wasn’t our record day, but it was close to our record day at the old location,” Boyer said. “We’ve at least doubled our volume.”

Boyer’s has added more breakfast sandwiches and pastries to its menu, in addition to coffees and ice cream.

“We’re kind of vamping up the morning,” Boyer said. “We’re trying to cater to a larger population.”

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Josie Rollins

I’ve been seeing a lot more of “shared retail space” as of late in Richmond (Stolen Pig in Carytown for example). I think it’s a great idea, congratulations, and all the best!