Realtor launches homebuyer help startup

A local real estate agent has launches a new online service for homebuyers and other agents. Images courtesy of Nestiny.

A local real estate agent has launches a new online service for homebuyers and other agents. Images courtesy of Nestiny.

A local real estate agent’s new online startup wants to help homebuyers fulfill their residential destinies.

Jody Clower, an agent with Keller Williams, last month launched Nestiny, a website for homebuyers and real estate agents.

Homebuyers can use the site to learn more about the home buying process, what they are looking for in a house and what they can afford. Agents can use the site as a way to help their existing clients or find new clients.

“It’s about helping them understand their needs and goals,” Clower said.

Nestiny is free to use for homebuyers – they only need to log in with a Facebook account or register with an email. Realtors get screened to use the site and will pay for a subscription that will allow them to pick up new clients, communicate with existing clients and give homebuyers another source of information on the process.

Jody Clower

Jody Clower

“It’s a tool to help their clients without being a bother to them,” Clower said. “They can use this as a tool to help them consult with their buyers.”

Clower said when homebuyers register and fill out a survey with Nestiny, they get a report that details some considerations for buying a home such as family size, timing, desired amenities, savings and income.

There is also a game on Nestiny called the Home Pinwheel that Clower called “the Tinder for home styles.” Users click through different home styles, selecting the ones they like best. The program is intended to help potential buyers narrow down what style of home they’re looking for.

Clower would not say how much it cost to launch Nestiny. But the venture is backed by angel investor Frank Rotman, founding partner of QED Investors, according to the Nestiny website. Clower said she is in talks with other investors and has one other employee so far.

Nestiny is available to use nationally, and about 50 real estate agents are now testing the site. Clower said it will eventually cost agents to subscribe to Nestiny, but she hasn’t finalized the price.

Agents use the site to create a different way of interacting with their clients. Rather than having to communicate over the phone or by email, real estate agents and their clients can contact each other through Nestiny.

Clower said she got the idea for Nestiny in 2008 during the housing crisis.

“I saw a lot of people struggling for information,” Clower said. “A lot of people overspend and don’t understand the impact of buying a home. It’s very easy to be misled.”

Clower said Nestiny works best on desktops and tablets but will eventually be available as a mobile app.

“By one year, what we really plan to do is develop more tools and apps to help homeowners learn more about buying a home,” Clower said.

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