The R&D Dept.: Local patents for April 8, 2015

Cinnamic acid-based oligomers and uses thereof
Patent No. 8,993,620
Cinnamic acid-based oligomers and therapeutic uses thereof are provided. The oligomers are used as anti-inflammation agents, inhibitors of elastase and anti-oxidants, and in some cases (e.g. the treatment of lung disorders such as lung cancer) all three activities are simultaneously beneficial. Subsets of the oligomers (e.g. .beta.-O4 and .beta.-5 trimers and tetramers) are used as anticoagulants.
Inventors: Umesh R. Desai (Glen Allen, Va.), Brian L. Henry (Pittsburgh, Penn.), Aiye Liang (North Charleston, S.C.), Jay Thakkar (Denver, Colo.), John B. Mangrum (Richmond), Ivo Torres Filho (San Antonio, Texas), Bruce D. Spiess (Manakin-Sabot, Va.), Masahiro Sakagami (Richmond), Bhawana Saluja (North Bethesda, Md.)
Assignee: Virginia Commonwealth University (Richmond)
March 31, 2015

Alkoxylated quaternary ammonium salts and fuels containing them
Patent No. 8,992,636
A fuel additive and its preparation for a engine, a fuel containing the additive, a fuel additive concentrate, a method for improving performance of fuel injectors and a method for cleaning fuel injectors for an engine. The fuel additive includes a quaternary ammonium salt derived from a reaction of a hydrocarbyl substituted anhydride, a tertiary amine and a hydroxyl-containing epoxide, wherein the tertiary amine is devoid of primary and secondary amino groups.
Inventors: Xinngao Fang (Midlothian, Va.), Scott D. Schwab (Richmond)
Assignee: Afton Chemical Corp. (Richmond)
March 31, 2015

Irreversible electroporation to treat aberrant cell masses
Patent No. 8,992,517
The present invention provides methods, devices, and systems for in vivo treatment of cell proliferative disorders. The invention can be used to treat solid tumors, such as brain tumors. The methods rely on non-thermal irreversible electroporation (IRE) to cause cell death in treated tumors.
Inventors: Rafael V. Davalos (Blacksburg, Va.), Paulo A. Garcia (Christianburg, Va.), John H. Rossmeisl (Blacksburg, Va.), John L. Robertson (Floyd, Va.), Robert E. Neal (Richmond, VA)
Assignee: Virginia Tech Intellectual Properties Inc. (Blacksburg, Va.)
March 31, 2015

Process for shredding a tobacco sheet and apparatus
Patent No. 8,991,404
A process and apparatus for shredding tobacco sheets, especially tobacco sheets formed of reconstituted tobacco particles with guar and sugar comprises rotating opposing sets of cutter discs in a partially overlapping relation so as to establish a nip. The cutter discs have notches at spaced locations along a peripheral portion of the cutter discs. Adjacent pairs of cutter discs are spaced apart by a spacer disc with a stripper plate interposed between adjacent pairs of spaced apart cutter discs. A tobacco sheet which is fed into the nip of the sets of cutter discs is shredded by the discs.
Inventors: Leonard W. Lipscomb (Mechanicsville, Va.), Ricky L. Bowman (Richmond)
Assignee: Philip Morris USA Inc. (Richmond)
March 31, 2015

Isomerized alpha olefin sulfonate and method of making the same
Patent No. 8,993,798
The present invention is directed to an isomerized alpha olefin sulfonate and a method of making the same wherein the isomerized alpha olefin sulfonate is derived from sulfonating an isomerized alpha olefin with sulfur trioxide in the presence of air thereby producing an isomerized alpha olefin sulfonic acid, wherein the isomerized alpha olefin is derived from the isomerization of C.sub.12-C.sub.20 normal alpha olefins; and neutralizing the isomerized alpha olefin sulfonic acid with a source of an alkali metal or ammonium or substituted ammonium ion.
Inventors: Curtis Bay Campbell (Hercules, Calif.), Andrew J. Howes (Chesterfield, Va.)
Assignee: Chevron Oronite Co. (San Ramon, Calif.)
March 31, 2015

Device for diagnosis of physiologic status and/or selection of the best spermatozoa of a semen sample based on chemotaxis, and procedure of use thereof
Patent No. 8,993,310
A device for diagnosis of physiologic status and/or selection of best spermatozoa of a semen sample based on chemotaxis, and the procedure of thereof, enabling by a simple and inexpensive device the diagnosis and selection of the best spermatozoa in only one step. Only needed are: the present device, a regular light microscope, and personnel with elementary knowledge of laboratory management. The device is of the type having two communicated compartments (1a, 1b), and where said compartments (1a, 1b) communication occurs through a duct or bridge (2) located in the lower part, and above the lower level of mentioned compartments (1a, 1b); in the entrances of said compartments (1a, 1b) appropriate closing means (3, 4) and appropriate air output ducts (5) are placed communicating the top end of compartments (1a, 1b) with the exterior.
Inventors: Laura Cecilia Giojalas (Cordoba, Argentina), Hector Alejandro Guidobaldi (Cordoba, Argentina), Laura Virginia Gatica (Cordoba, Argentina), Maria Eugenia Teves (Glen Allen, Va.), Maria del Mar Montesinos (Prov. de Cordoba, Argentina), Diego Rafael Unates (Cordoba, Argentina)
Assignee: Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Cientificas y Technicas (CONICET) (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Inis Biotech (Milford, Del.)
March 31, 2015

Slide card for selective insertion and withdrawal from a sleeve
Patent No. 8,991,603
A slide card for selective insertion and withdrawal from a sleeve includes a base panel, a locking panel and at least one embossment. The locking panel is integrally formed with the base panel and hingedly connected to one of the opposing end edges of the base panel to engage at least part of the sleeve to lock the base panel in the sleeve. The locking panel extends from the one of the opposing end edges of the base panel to its free end edge that is located opposed to the one of the opposing end edges of the base panel. The at least one embossment is formed on one of the opposed surfaces of the base panel. The at least one embossment projects from the one of the opposed surfaces of the base panel and is spaced apart from receiving blisters on the base panel.
Inventors: Christopher J. Hession (Mechanicsville, Va.)
Assignee: MeadWestvaco Corp. (Richmond)
March 31, 2015

Remote login arrangement for heterogeneous systems using centralized authentication
Patent No. 9,003,504
Methods and systems for authenticating a remote user across heterogeneous authentication systems are disclosed. One method includes receiving domain user credentials at a first heterogeneous authentication system, and transmitting the domain user credentials from the first heterogeneous authentication system to an authentication interface associated with a second heterogeneous authentication system. The method also includes transmitting the domain user credentials from the second heterogeneous authentication system to a centralized authentication system, and receiving at the authentication interface a validation message from the centralized authentication system, thereby authenticating the user. The method further includes determining a local username at the authentication interface based on the domain user credentials. The method includes using the local username to authenticate the user within the first heterogeneous authentication system.
Inventors: Richard Goldberg (Richmond)
Assignee: Unisys Corp. (Blue Bell, Penn.)
April 7, 2015

Chemical modification of lignin and lignin derivatives
Patent No. 9,000,075
In one example implementation, a trans-esterified HPL can include a HPL and a polyester including polyester chains. The polyester may be an aliphatic polyester, a semi-aromatic polyester, or an aromatic polyester.
Inventors: Nhiem Cao (Fort Smith, Ark.), Kevin Oden (Fayetteville, Ark.), Wolfgang G. Glasser (Richmond)
Assignee: Cyclewood Solutions Inc. (Fayetteville, Ark.)
April 7, 2015

Method for improving gold recovery
Patent No. 8,999,034
Disclosed are methods and compositions for improving metal extraction processes by introducing at least one cationically charged compound selected from a group consisting of amines, particularly quaternary amines such as alkyldimethylbenzylammonium chlorides (ADBAC compounds), polyamines and other suitable cationic organic materials, and mixtures thereof, for neutralizing and/or coagulating excess anionic organic compounds including, for example, flotation reagents, surfactants, polymers, flotation reagent by-products and/or anti-scalant additives found in metal concentrate streams, and thereby reduce the downstream fouling of the activated carbon by these compounds.
Inventors: John Richardson (Hanover, Va.), Robert Bedinger (Richmond), Kevin Gottschalk Kevin (Maidens, Va.)
Assignee: Chemtreat Inc. (Glen Allen, Va.)
April 7, 2015

Electronic cigarette
Patent No. 8,997,754
An electronic smoking article includes a liquid supply including liquid material, a heater operable to heat the liquid material to a temperature sufficient to vaporize the liquid material and form an aerosol, a wick in communication with the liquid material and in communication with the heater such that the wick delivers the liquid material to the heater, at least one air inlet operable to deliver air to a central air passage upstream of the heater, and an aroma carrier on an outer surface of the outer tube. The aroma carrier includes fragrance material and is operable to deliver fragrance during smoking.
Inventors: Christopher S. Tucker (Midlothian, Va.), Geoffrey Brandon Jordan (Midlothian, Va.), Barry S. Smith (Hopewell, Va.), Ali A. Rostami (Glen Allen, Va.), Pauline Marcq (Richmond), Christian Schuh (Chesterfield, Va.), Jason Flora (Richmond), Michael Fisher (Richmond), George Karles (Richmond), Gerd Kobal (Sandy Hook, Va.), Shon Gedevani (Richmond), Chris Hession (Mechanicsville, Va.), Zane Gibbs (Richmond), Robert Mitten (Glen Allen, Va.), Munmaya K. Mishra (Manakin Sabot, Va.), Steven Rinehart (Chesterfield, Va.), Charles Dendy (Ruther Glen, Va.)
Assignee: Altria Client Services Inc. (Richmond)
April 7, 2015

Electronic smoking article
Patent No. 8,997,753
An electronic smoking article comprising an aerosol generator and a mechanical aerosol converter insert having the capacity to improve characteristics of aerosol produced by the aerosol generator, including sensory attributes.
Inventors: San Li (Midlothian, Va.), George Karles (Richmond), Munmaya K. Mishra (Manakin Sabot, Va.), Weiling Li (Moseley, Va.), Barry S. Smith (Hopewell, Va.), Ali A. Rostami (Glen Allen, Va.), Christopher S. Tucker (Midlothian, Va.), Geoffrey Brandon Jordan (Midlothian, Va.)
Assignee: Altria Client Services Inc. (Richmond)
April 7, 2015

Lubricant additive
Patent No. 8,999,905
A hydrogenated styrene butadiene star copolymer is incorporated in a lubricant additive package. The star copolymer can include about 3 to 25% and about 97 to 75% butadiene. The star copolymer may further be incorporated in a lubricant additive in the amount of about 12 wt % of the star copolymer as compared to the base oil.
Inventors: Akhilesh Duggal (Midlothian, Va.)
Assignee: Afton Chemical Corp. (Richmond)
April 7, 2015

Methods for producing precursor solutions and sol-gels for nano-engineered carbon materials and nano-engineered carbon materials created therefrom
Patent No. 8,999,202
Methods of manufacturing nano-engineered carbon materials, such as carbon aerogels and carbon xerogels, and methods of manufacturing precursor solutions and sol-gels for making the same are provided. A method for manufacturing a precursor solution comprises programmed-addition of a cross-linking agent to a component mixture comprising a resorcinol compound. A method for manufacturing a sol-gel comprises subjecting a precursor solutions to at least one heat treatment. Methods for producing nano-engineered carbon materials from precursor solutions and sol-gels are also provided. Methods for using the nano-engineered carbon materials are also disclosed. The resulting nano-engineered carbon materials can be useful in a range of products including, supercapacitor applications, high-surface-area electrodes, fuel cells, and desalination systems.
Inventors: Sudhir M. Mulik (North Wales, Penn.), Joseph F. Ludvik (Midlothian, Va.), Robert W. Fleming (Johns Creek, Ga.), Christopher M. Lee (Norcross, Ga.)
Assignee: Georgia-Pacific Chemicals (Atlanta, Ga.)
April 7, 2015

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