The R&D Dept.: Local patents for Nov. 4, 2015

Method and compositions for producing hydrogel capsules coated for low permeability and physical integrity
Patent No. 9,167,848
Methods and compositions for producing hydrogel capsules enveloped with at least one coating layer is disclosed. The coating formulations deposited on the surface of the capsules can improve the physical integrity and the water-retention properties of the alginate beads. The coating formulations can be sequentially applied in various combinations to obtain desirable properties, such as improved physical integrity, mechanical strength, and low permeability, that can extend the shelf-life of the capsules when incorporated into various consumer products.
Inventors: Georgios D. Karles (Richmond), Daqing Wu (Suwanee, Ga.), Shuzhong Zhuang (Richmond)
Assignee: Philip Morris USA Inc. (Richmond)
Oct. 27, 2015

Production of coated tobacco particles suitable for usage in a smokeless tobacco product
Patent No. 9,167,847
A process for preparing coated particles of a plant material includes: (a) combining plant material particles and a protein in a liquid medium, wherein the protein adsorbs onto at least a portion of a surface of the particles to form a first layer; and (b) mixing a polysaccharide including a pectin with the liquid medium, so that the polysaccharide adsorbs onto at least a portion of a surface of the first layer to form a second layer. In addition, a palatable product comprising at least one coated particle prepared by this process is described.
Inventors: Tapashi Sengupta (Barrington, Ill.), Douglas A. Fernandez (Richmond), Munmaya K. Mishra (Manakin Sabot, Va.), William R. Sweeney (Richmond), Szu-Sung Yang (Midlothian, Va.)
Assignee: Philip Morris USA Inc. (Richmond)
Oct. 27, 2015

Dissolvable films impregnated with encapsulated tobacco, tea, coffee, botanicals, and flavors for oral products
Patent No. 9,167,835
A process for preparing an orally-enjoyable film of encapsulated plant material includes combining particles of finely divided plant material, a first coating material, and a second coating material, then inducing gelation to form a gel matrix of the particles coated with the first coating material embedded in the second coating material, followed by forming a film from the gel matrix. Also disclosed is a film of coated particles of finely-divided plant material, made of a gel matrix of plant material at least partially surrounded by a first coating material and embedded in a second coating material.
Inventors: Tapashi Sengupta (Barrington, Ill.), Munmaya K. Mishra (Manakin Sabot, Va.), William R. Sweeney (Richmond)
Assignee: Philip Morris USA Inc. (Richmond)
Oct. 27, 2015

High tenacity high modulus UHMW PE fiber and the process of making
Patent No. 9,169,581
Processes for preparing ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (“UHMW PE”) filaments and multi-filament yarns, and the yarns and articles produced therefrom. Each process produces UHMW PE yarns having tenacities of 45 g/denier to 60 g/denier or more at commercially viable throughput rates.
Inventors: Thomas Tam (Chesterfield, Va.), John Armstrong Young (Midlothian, Va.), Ralf Klein (Midlothian, Va.), Mark Tallent (Midlothian, Va.), Henry Gerard Ardiff (Chesterfield, Va.)
Assignee: Honeywell International Inc. (Morristown, N.J.)
Oct 27., 2015

Surface treated yarn and fabric with enhanced physical and adhesion properties and the process of making
Patent No. 9,168,719
Methods for modifying high tenacity fibers without reducing the physical strength properties of the fibers. More particularly, methods for modifying fibers with a plasma treatment or a corona treatment without reducing the physical strength properties of the fibers.
Inventors: Thomas Yiu-Tai Tam (Chesterfield, Va.), Ralf Klein (Midlothian, Va.), Henry Gerard Ardiff (Chesterfield, Va.), John Armstrong Young (Midlothian, Va.), Mark Tallent (Midlothian, Va.)
Assignee: Honeywell International Inc. (Morristown, N.J.)
Oct. 27, 2015

Cloning virtual machines
Patent No. 9,170,831
While current solutions for cloning virtual machines can involve copying and duplicating files associated to a virtual machine (VM), systems and techniques can be devised to create thin clones of a VM using the VM’s associated storage system to copy and deduplicate storage for the VMs. One can create a base VM in a directory of a storage container attached to a hypervisor, and then map the storage container to a volume on a storage system. One can clone the base VM using a snapshot of respective files associated to the base VM, which can comprise creating metadata that identified a physical storage location of the files. Further, the metadata can then be copied to a desired location on the storage container, to create a VM clone. Once copied, the cloned VM can be customized and registered within the hypervisor.
Inventors: Matthew Douglas Robinson (Katonah, N.Y.), Peter R. Learmonth (San Jose, Calif.), Michael Vaughn Stewart (Hillsborough, N.C.), Eric Paul Forgette (Mechanicsville, Va.)
Assignee: Netapp, Inc. (Sunnyvale, Calif.)
Oct. 27, 2015

System and method for simulating virtual queuing of calls
Patent No. 9,178,997
The present method and system provides for call center simulation including receiving a plurality of input parameters relating to call center operations, wherein the call center operations include a main queue for processing on-hold calls and a virtual queue for processing a plurality of call back requests. The method and system further includes generating a call arrival dataset based at least on the plurality of input parameters and simulating call center operations for managing the call arrival dataset across the time sequence, including placing a portion of the call arrival dataset into the virtual queue. The method and system includes simulating a metering of the call arrival dataset in the virtual queue for a metered wait time based at least on a queuing factor and generating a simulation output indicating operations processed via the main queue and the virtual queue.
Inventors: Thomas M. Oristian (Richmond), Michael P. Oristian (Richmond)
Assignee: Callpromise (Richmond)
Nov. 3, 2015

Unbalanced hybrid cords and methods for making on cable cording machines
Patent No. 9,175,425
A hybrid cord formed from a plurality of component plies wherein at least two of the plies are of unequal ply length regardless of the twist of the plies and at least one of the plies has a length that is from 1 to 50 percent longer than the other plies and a method of providing a cord with predetermined twist and component ply lengths.
Inventors: Nathan W. Love (Richmond), Brian R. France (N. Chesterfield, Va.), Mark Allan Lamontia (Landenberg, Penn.), Clifford K. Deakyne (Wilmington, Del.)
Assignee: E I Du Pont Nemours and Co. (Wilmington, Del.)
Nov. 11, 2015

Product dispensing system with panel guide
Patent No. 9,174,785
A product dispensing system including a container defining an internal volume and an opening into the internal volume, the container including a weakened severance line extending from the opening to define an access panel, and a dispenser including a frame and a catch element, the frame having a support deck and defining a recess sized to receive the access panel, the catch element being positioned to engage the opening in the container, separate the access panel from the container along the weakened severance line, and guide the separated access panel into the recess when the container is moved along the support deck.
Inventors: John Gelardi (Midlothian, Va.), Bradford J. Walling (Chesterfield, Va.), Aaron L. Bates (Moseley, Va.), Laurel Thomas (Richmond)
Assignee: WestRock MWV (Norcross, Ga.)
Nov. 3, 2015

Single piece container for securing an insert card
Patent No. 9,174,780
Disclosed is a single-piece container adapted to receive and secure an insert card. The container is a generally rectangular, relatively flat structure having an interior chamber defined by a top surface, a bottom surface, one open end, and one closed end. The container is formed from a blow molding process and adapted to receive an insert card. The container further comprises locking elements that work in cooperation with the insert card to secure the insert card within the interior chamber such that it cannot be removed without manipulation of the locking elements. The material comprising the container can be a clear plastic such that optical scan codes present on an insert card contained within the container can be read through the container.
Inventors: John A. Gelardi (Midlothian, Va.), Ryan A. Bailey (Richmond), Sara Falcon (Richmond)
Assignee: WestRock MWV (Norcross, Ga.)
Nov. 3, 2015

Anionic lipids and lipid nano-structures and methods of producing and using same
Patent No. 9,173,839
Anionic non-phospholipids, as well as lipid nanostructures formed therefrom, are disclosed herein. Also disclosed are methods of producing and using same.
Inventors: Vibhudutta Awasthi (Edmond, Okla.), Pallavi Lagisetty (Glen Allen, Va.)
Assignee: The Board of Regents of the University of Oklahoma (Norman, Okla.)
Nov. 3, 2015

Carton and blank therefor
Patent No. 9,174,784
An arrangement for locking together two panels (50, 60) the arrangement comprising a first and second male tabs (39a, 39b) and a first and second female tabs (43) wherein the first and second male tabs are hinged to a first panel by a first and second hinged connection (41) respectively, and the first female tabs are hinged to a second panel by a third hinged connection the first and second hinged connections being divergent with respect to one another.
Inventors: Martinus C.M. Bakx (Goes LS, Netherlands), John M. Holley Jr. (Lawrenceville, Ga.), Kyle Schumaker (Greer, S.C.), Bradford J. Walling (Chesterfield, Va.)
Assignee: WestRock Packaging Systems (Norcross, Ga.)
Nov. 11, 2015

System and method for providing contactless payment with a near field communications attachment
Patent No. 9,177,312
A system and method in accordance with exemplary embodiments may include an attachment with a near field communication antenna, a secure element, a plug capable of connecting the attachment to an audio jack on a mobile device. Further, a system and method in accordance with exemplary embodiments may include receiving a payment initiation instruction from a customer, using a near field communication antenna, sending payment information to a point of sale device, using one or more computer processors, encoding data related to the payment as audio data, and transmitting the data related to the payment through an audio jack.
Inventors: Thomas S. Poole (Chantilly, Va.), Paul Young Moreton (Glen Allen, Va.)
Assignee: Capital One Financial Corp. (McLean, Va.)
Nov. 3, 2015

Protein kinase inhibitors
Patent No. 9,174,996
The present invention relates to compounds of Formula VIII with absolute configuration R or S: ##STR00001## as well as pharmaceutically acceptable salts, hydrates, or solvates thereof, wherein the variables are described herein. The present invention further relates to pharmaceutical compositions which comprise the compounds of Formula VIII, and to methods for inhibiting protein kinase and methods of treating diseases, such as cancers, inflammation.
Inventors: Chunrong Yu (Glen Allen, Va.), Haihong Huang (Beijing, China), Dongfeng Zhang (Beijing, China), Peng Li (Beijing, China)
Assignee: Astar Biotech (Richmond)
Nov. 3, 2015

Devices and methods for delivering medicaments from a multi-chamber container
Patent No. 9,173,999
An apparatus includes a housing, a medicament container, and a movable assembly. The movable assembly includes a first movable member and a second movable member. The second movable member is configured to move relative to the first movable member to move the movable assembly from a first configuration to a second configuration. A distal end portion of the second movable member is configured to move a plunger disposed within the medicament container in a distal direction when the movable assembly is moved to the second configuration. The movable assembly is configured to move between a first position and a second position to move the medicament container within the housing between a first container position and a second container position.
Inventors: Eric S. Edwards (Midlothian, Va.), Evan T. Edwards (Gordonsville, Va.), Mark J. Licata (Doswell, Va.), Paul F. Meyers (Fishers, Ind.), Frank E. Blondino (Henrico, Va.)
Assignee: kaleo, Inc. (Richmond)
Nov. 3, 2015

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