Group of lawyers switches firms

Jamie Martin

Jamie Baskerville Martin

Six local attorneys have jumped from one downtown firm to another.

Williams Mullen lured six lawyers over from nearby McCandlish Holton to join its healthcare group.

Jamie Baskerville Martin, Jeremy Ball and Dominic Madigan joined Williams Mullen’s Richmond office as partners, Maggie Krantz joined as council and Jennifer Ligon joined as an associate. The sixth attorney, Ashley Provost, is now based in Williams Mullen’s Virginia Beach office. Their first day was Feb. 1.

“We had all worked together as a team with considerable overlap in clients and in the substantive legal areas that we cover,” Martin said. “It made sense for us to continue to work together as a team.”

The decision was fueled, Martin said, by the resources and breadth Williams Mullen offers, both in its various law practices beyond healthcare, as well as its geographic reach. The firm has around 200 attorneys in 10 offices. McCandlish Holton has about two dozen attorneys.

“Healthcare is an increasingly complex and busy part of the economy,” she said. “You might be representing a healthcare provider, but that doesn’t mean the issue for them is purely health law.”

The firm’s healthcare section serves two types of clients: those providing healthcare services and those businesses that provide services to healthcare providers.

The group from McCandlish has experience with both types. Martin has represented hospitals and physician groups, among numerous other clients. She has practiced healthcare law for 19 years.

Wyatt Beazley

Wyatt Beazley

Martin will serve as co-chair of the healthcare section with current chair Wyatt Beazley.

According to Beazley, he, Martin, Madigan and Ball have worked together many times over the last 10 years before the group considered joining Williams Mullen.

“I have been able to watch them from afar, as well as interact with them professionally, and I was just so impressed with their knowledge of the industry and their dedication to their clients that they seemed like a good fit for us,” Beazley said.

He said as the healthcare sector continues to grow nationally, Williams Mullen will likely look to grow its healthcare section.

“Healthcare is one of the most regulated industries there is, and that’s only becoming more and more true,” Beazley said. “What we have been finding is that the need for legal services has just increased so significantly over the past few years that we really need to develop a deeper and broader bench to be able to serve not only our clients but others folks. What Jamie Martin and her group bring to us is exactly that.”

With these five additional attorneys working in Richmond, Williams Mullen now has 122 lawyers in its downtown office tower, which was just sold earlier this year.

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