The R&D Dept.: Local patents for 10.5.16

Pyridinyl cyclohexanecarboxamide cooling compounds
Patent No. 9,452,982
A method of providing a cooling effect to a product includes the incorporation into the product of at least one compound of the formula I ##STR00001## in which m is a number between 0 and 2, X, Y and Z are selected independently from the group consisting of H, halogen, OH, Me, Et, MeO and EtO, and R.sup.1, R.sup.2 and R.sup.3together comprise at least 6 carbons, selected such that (a) (i) R.sup.1 is selected from the group consisting of H, Me, Et, isopropyl and C.sub.4-C.sub.5 branched alkyl; and (ii) R.sup.2 and R.sup.3 are independently selected from the group consisting of Me, Et, isopropyl and C.sub.4-branched alkyl; or (b) any two or all of R.sup.1, R.sup.2 and R.sup.3 together form a monocyclic, bicyclic or tricyclic radical having up to 10 carbons. The compounds confer substantial cooling effects on compositions applied to the skin or taken orally, such as toothpastes, mouthwashes, foodstuffs, beverages, confectionery, tobacco products, skin creams and ointments.
Inventors: Karen Ann Bell (Loveland, Ohio), Christophe C. Galopin (Chesterfield, Va.), Jay Patrick Slack (Loveland, Ohio), Lori W. Tigani (Salisbury, Md.)
Assignee: Givaudan, S.A. (Vernier, Switzerland)
Sept. 27, 2016

High volume loading and stacking apparatus and method
Patent No. 9,452,888
A loading apparatus and method including a stacker conveyor having paired crawler tracks, an inclined conveyor, and an intake end and a discharge end. A wide apron is positioned at the intake end of the conveyor. The apron includes a left-hand side and right-hand side load receiving area that are arranged on opposing sides of the feeder conveyor. Two double hinged feeder blades are positioned at a rear edge of the apron. The feeder blades are arranged to operate asynchronously. Each feeder blade includes a main blade and a wing blade. A straight mechanical drive unit including an engine and two planetary gearboxes that generate the torque required to drive the conveyor. The drive unit includes a torque converter and two planetary gearboxes with planetary sprockets. A chain extends between each planetary sprocket and a corresponding head shaft sprocket on a main head shaft which drives the conveyor.
Inventors: Sterling Wayne Lowery (Glen Allen, Va.)
Assignee: N/A
Sept. 27, 2016

Method for preventing nasolacrimal duct obstruction
Patent No. 9,452,133
The invention is directed to a method for preventing nasolacrimal duct obstruction (NLDO) in a patient receiving high dose radioactive iodine for treatment of cancer which comprises administering to the eyes of said patient an effective amount of perchlorate anion.
Inventors: Kenneth Eli Morgenstern (Midlothian, Va.)
Assignee: KEM Patent Holdings (Bryn Mawr, Penn.)
Sept. 27, 2016

Intravascular arterial to venous anastomosis and tissue welding catheter
Patent No. 9,452,015
A device for creating an arteriovenous (AV) fistula comprises an elongate member, a distal member connected to the elongate member and movable relative to the elongate member, and a heating member disposed on at least one of the movable distal member and the elongate member. The distal member comprises structure for capturing tissue to be cut to create the fistula, and the heating member is adapted to cut through the tissue to create the fistula. The elongate member comprises an elongate outer tube. A shaft connects the distal member to the elongate member, and is extendable and retractable to extend and retract the distal member relative to the elongate member.
Inventors: Brad M. Kellerman (Escondido, Calif.), David Trottingwolf Aldridge (Laguna Hills, Calif.), David K. Wrolstad (Yucaipa, Calif.), Mark A. Ritchart (Murrieta, Calif.), Jeffrey E. Hull (Midlothian, Va.)
Assignee: Avenu Medical Inc. (San Juan Capistrano, Calif.)
Sept. 27, 2016

Decomposition of decimal floating point data
Patent No. 9,461,668
A decimal floating point finite number in a decimal floating point format is composed from the number in a different format. A decimal floating point format includes fields to hold information relating to the sign, exponent and significand of the decimal floating point finite number. Other decimal floating point data, including infinities and NaNs (not a number), are also composed. Decimal floating point data are also decomposed from the decimal floating point format to a different format.
Inventors: Shawn D. Lundvall (Richmond), Eric M. Schwarz (Gardiner, N.Y.), Ronald M. Smith Sr. (Wappingers Falls, N.Y.), Phil C. Yeh (Poughkeepsie, N.Y.)
Assignee: International Business Machines Corp. (Armonk, N.Y.)
Oct. 4, 2016

Shaped heater for an aerosol generating system
Patent No. 9,459,021
A heater for heating an aerosol-forming substrate includes a plurality of elongate heating elements arranged in an elongate array. The elongate array has a support end with a first dimension, a heating end with a second dimension and a middle portion with a third dimension. The array is arranged to heat the substrate to form an aerosol. The third dimension is greater than the first dimension and greater than the second dimension. An electrically heated aerosol generating system can include the heater.
Inventors: Olivier Greim (Villars-Burquin, Switzerland), Felix Fernando (Berkshire, Great Britain), Charles Higgins (Richmond)
Assignee: Philip Morris USA Inc. (Richmond)
Oct. 4, 2016

Airborne engine additive delivery system
Patent No. 9,458,761
A method of introducing additives to an air intake system of an engine in order to overcome one or more of the various problems created by formulation of additives in fuels. The method controls at least one of the amount, aerosol particle size and timing of introduction of additives based on information relevant to operation of the engine. The introduced additives form an air-additive mixture and are carried by the airflow in the air-intake system to the combustion chamber of the engine. Another aspect of the invention is an additive introduction system that includes one or more containers for additives, a control system for determining at least one of the amount, aerosol particle size and timing of introduction of the additives, and a device to introduce the additives into the air intake system under the control of the control system.
Inventors: Gregory H. Guinther (Richmond)
Assignee: Afton Chemical Corp. (Richmond)
Oct. 4, 2016

Prevention of ventilator associated pneumonia (VAP)
Patent No. 9,457,163
Ventilator associated pneumonia (VAP) may be prevented in a patient, or its occurrence reduced in a population of patients, by using an anti-VAP device or an anti-VAP material such as an anti-VAP mouthpiece that absorbs secretions. By reducing the problem of bacterial-containing secretions that otherwise build up in the airway of, and elsewhere in, the intubated patient, VAP can be prevented from occurring in intubated patients, such as patients intubated with an endotracheal tube (ETT) or a nasogastric tube. Anti-VAP mouthpieces also are useable in non-intubated patients to maintain oral hygiene.
Inventors: Kevin R. Ward (Glen Allen, Va.), Curtis N. Sessler (Richmond), Mary Jo Grap (Midlothian, Va.), Laurence J. Dinardo (Richmond), Bruce D. Spiess (Manakin Sabot, Va.), Rao R. Ivatury (Richmond), Cindy Muare (Apollo Beach, Fla.)
Assignee: Virginia Commonwealth University (Richmond)
Oct. 4, 2016

Electronic cigarette
Patent No. 9,456,635
An electronic smoking article includes an outer tube extending in a longitudinal direction, an inner tube within the outer tube and including a pair of opposing slots, a liquid supply comprising a liquid material, a coil heater, a wick and a mouth end insert. The coil heater is located in the inner tube. The coil heater is formed of an iron-free, nickel-chromium alloy and has substantially uniformly spaced windings. The wick is surrounded by the coil heater such that the wick delivers liquid material to the coil heater and the coil heater heats the liquid material to a temperature sufficient to vaporize the liquid material and form an aerosol in the inner tube.
Inventors: Christopher S. Tucker (Midlothian, Va.), Geoffrey Brandon Jordan (Midlothian, Va.), Barry S. Smith (Hopewell, Va.), Ali A. Rostami (Richmond), Michael J. Mullins (Richmond)
Assignee: Altria Client Services (Richmond)
Oct. 4, 2016

Fuel additive for improved performance in direct fuel injected engines
Patent No. 9,458,400
A fuel composition for a direct fuel injected gasoline engine comprising, a method for improving performance of fuel injectors and a method for cleaning fuel injectors for an internal combustion gasoline engine. The fuel composition includes a major amount of fuel and a minor, effective amount of a quaternary ammonium salt having a thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) weight loss of greater than 50 wt. % at C. The amount of quaternary ammonium salt present in the fuel is sufficient to improve performance of the direct fuel injected engine having combusted the composition compared to the performance of such engine having combusted a fuel composition that does not contain the quaternary ammonium salt.
Inventors: Xinggao Fang (Midlothian, Va.)
Assignee: Afton Chemical Corp. (Richmond)
Oct. 4, 2016

Vehicle sun visor with a multi-functional touch screen with multiple camera views and photo video capability
Patent No. 9,457,642
A vehicle sun visor system with a touch screen display is configured to display video feed from one or more cameras. A front facing polarized and/or photochromic camera shows the area of view which is normally blocked by the deployed sun visor, allowing the user to view traffic lights, road signs, etc. without the distraction of glare. Software image processing may also be used to reduce glare and improve visibility. In addition the sun visor system also has a “see-me” camera which allows the user to use the screen as a mirror, and one or more rear-view cameras which can be used to see the passenger area of a vehicle through the touch-screen display. Any of the cameras may be used to take photos or videos, which may be viewed on the display and transmitted wirelessly to other electronic devices or cloud storage.
Inventors: Ankit Dilip Kothari (Henrico, Va.)
Assignee: N/A
Oct. 4, 2016

Bearing surface coating
Patent No. 9,458,884
A coating mixture is presented for use on a bearing surface. The coating mixture includes a Guaiacum resin and a solvent in which the Guaiacum resin is dissolved. The Guaiacum resin may be about 50% or more of the coating mixture. The solvent may be an alcohol, for instance ethanol.
Inventors: Robert Alan Shortridge Sr. (Powhatan, Va.)
Assignee: N/A
Oct. 4, 2016

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