The Pipeline: Commercial real estate deals for 2.8.19

Commonwealth Commercial Partners report the following deal:

Caldwell Park Partners purchased about 48 acres near New Ashcake Road and Route 301 in Hanover County for about $3.8 million. Sam Worley and Bill Barnett represented the seller.

Cushman & Wakefield | Thalhimer Capital Markets Group reports the following deal:

BVA Pocono Crossing LLC purchased the Pocono Crossing shopping center at 10400 Midlothian Turnpike in Chesterfield County for $12.3 million. Catharine Spangler handled the sales transaction.

Cushman & Wakefield | Thalhimer report the following deals:

Thalhimer Realty Partners purchased The Towers on Franklin at 104 and 311 W. Franklin St., along with surface parking lots at 108, 109 and 321 W. Grace St. for $23.5 million. Matt Raggi with TRP and Evan Magrill completed the transaction.

Richmond Mowing LLC leased 5,000 square feet at 201-255 E. German School Road in Richmond. Baker Lynn represented the tenant; and Graham Stoneburner and Isaac DeRegibus represented the landlord.

Burn Boot Camp leased 4,860 square feet at 12120 Branders Creek Drive in Chesterfield County. Wick Smith handled the lease negotiations.

Starr Hill Beer Hall & Rooftop leased 4,810 square feet at 3406 W. Leigh St. Richmond. John Pritzlaff and Jenny Stoner represented the tenant; and Amy Broderick and Mac Wilson represented the landlord.

RCG Behavioral Health Network LLC leased 4,784 square feet at 8040 Villa Park Drive in Henrico County. Graham Stoneburner and Mark Douglas handled the lease negotiations.

Townes Site Engineering PC leased 2,272 square feet at 2908-12 Oaklake Blvd. in Chesterfield County. Gregg W. Beck and Scott Douglas represented the landlord.

Coco and Hazel LLC leased 1,200 square feet at 405 N. Ridge Road in Henrico County. Annie O’Connor represented the tenant.

Herbalife leased 1,120 square feet at 10064 Robious Road in Chesterfield County. Alicia Brown, Annie O’Connor and Nicki Jassy handled the lease negotiations.

Colliers International reports the following deals:

Dominion Behavioral Healthcare leased 1,676 square feet at 2200 Pump Road in Henrico County. Joe Marchetti and Rebecca Barricklow represented the landlord.

Capital Foot Care Inc. expanded by 87 square feet at 2200 Pump Road in Henrico County. Rebecca Barricklow and Joe Marchetti represented the landlord.

Coco and Hazel LLC leased 1,200 square feet at 411 N. Ridge Road in Henrico County. Barry Hofheimer represented the landlord.

Dr. Justin S. Edwards MSD and Dr. James Musselwhite leased 2,064 square feet at 7113 Three Chopt Road in Henrico County. Megan Sullivan and Marc Allocca represented the landlord.

Safe Street USA LLC leased 3,847 square feet at 7814 Carousel Lane in Henrico County. Rebecca Barricklow and Joe Marchetti represented the landlord.

S.L. Nusbaum Realty Co. | Richmond reports the following deal:

RIO Broad LLC purchased 7408 W. Broad St. in Henrico County for $1.3 million. Colin Williams, Zach Brenner and Nathan Shor represented the buyer. David Kalman represented the seller.

Bullpen Investments LLC has purchased 1138-1140 Shuford Ave. in Colonial Heights for $362,500. Zach Brenner, Colin Williams and Graham Sheridan represented the buyer.

Bamba & Nimaga Properties LLC has purchased 220 E. Belt Blvd. in Richmond $190,000. Graham Sheridan and Colin Williams represented the seller.

Alfalfa Dreams LLC has leased 3,045 square feet at 221 W. Brookland Park Blvd.and 2923 Fendall Ave. in Richmond. Graham Sheridan, Elliot Warsof and Zach Brenner represented the landlord.

LePosh Hair Salon has leased 2,000 square feet of retail space at 2003 W. Huguenot Road in Chesterfield County. Bob Butcher represented the landlord.

White Rose Nail Salon LLC has leased 1,714 square feet at 9550 Midlothian Turnpike, Unit 114, in Chesterfield County. Elliot Warsof represented the tenant.

The Garden of Eden Health Center PC has leased 1,700 square feet at 9549 Amberdale Drive in Chesterfield County. Andrew Thacker represented the landlord.

Shree Ganesha LLC has leased 1,143 square feet at 7000 Tim Price Way, Unit K-101 in Chesterfield County. Graham Sheridan and Nathan Shor represented the landlord.

Madison Blair Boutique has leased 841 square feet at 1332 Sycamore Square in Chesterfield County. Andrew Thacker and Bob Butcher represented the landlord.

Have Site Will Travel reports the following deal:

RCG Behavioral Health Network leased 4,784 square feet at 8040 Villa Park Road in Henrico County. John Jay Schwartz represented the tenant.

SVN/Motleys reports the following deal:

Dry Bridge Development purchased 20 acres near Williamsburg and Dry Bridge roads in Henrico County for about $1.03 million. Richard Bryan and Tim Dudley represented the sellers.

Porter Realty Co. reports the following deals:

Aragon Group LLC purchased 2118 Lake Ave. in Henrico County for $390,000. Wilson Flohr represented the seller.

Legacy Ironworks Inc. leased 3,960 at 11201 Hopson Road in Hanover County. Kevin Cox represented the landlord.

Stake Center Locating Inc leased 2,500 square feet at 465 Southlake Blvd. in Chesterfield County. Byron Holmes represented the landlord.

Corban Communications & Security LLC leased 1,250 square feet at 2412 Granite Ridge Road in Goochland County. Kevin Cox represented the landlord.

One South Commercial reports the following deal:

Bellona Arsenal Farm Associates LLC purchased 0.5 acres at 822 W. High St. in Petersburg for $7,000. Lory Markham represented the buyer.

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