The R&D Dept.: Local patents for 3.6.19

System and method for structural inspection and construction estimation using an unmanned aerial vehicle
Patent No. 10,217,207
An automated image capturing and processing system and method may allow a field user to operate a UAV via a mobile computing device to capture images of a structure area of interest (AOI). The mobile computing device receives user and/or third party data and creates UAV control data and a flight plan. The mobile computing device executes a flight plan by issuing commands to the UAV’s flight and camera controller that allows for complete coverage of the structure AOI. After data acquisition, the mobile computing device then transmits the UAV output data to a server for further processing. At the server, the UAV output data can be used for a three-dimensional reconstruction process. The server then generates a vector model from the images that precisely represents the dimensions of the structure. The server can then generate a report for inspection and construction estimation.
Inventors: Martin Marra (Louisville, Colo.), James F. Smyth (Richmond)
Assignee: EZ3D (Louisville, Colo.)
Feb. 26, 2019

Electronically determining compliance of a medical treatment of a subject with a medical treatment plan for the subject
Patent No. 10,217,177
Systems, devices, and methods are described for tracking, registering, etc. of medical staff, patients, instrumentation, events, or the like according to a treatment staging plan. For example a medical apparatus includes a right-patient verification device having an interrogation interface device that elicits at least one of identification data, authorization data, or treatment plan data from a medical procedure authorization device associated with a patient; and a right-site verification device that generates patient-specific treatment staging data consistent with the at least one of the identification data, the authorization data, or the treatment plan data.
Inventors: Michael H. Baym (Cambridge, Mass.), Ralph G. Dacey Jr. (St. Louis, Mo.), Roy P. Diaz (Seattle, Wash.), Roderick A. Hyde (Redmond, Wash.), Muriel Y. Ishikawa (Livermore, Calif.), Jordin T. Kare (San Jose, Calif.), Eric C. Leuthardt (St. Louis, Mo.), Nathan P. Myhrvold (Bellevue, Wash.), Dennis J. Rivet (Richmond), Michael A. Smith (Phoenix, Ariz.), Clarence T. Tegreene (Mercer Island, Wash.), Lowell L. Wood Jr. (Bellevue, Wash,), Victoria Y. H. Wood (Livermore, Calif.)
Assignee: Elwha (Bellevue, Wash.)
Feb. 26, 2019

Durable electroluminescent signage system and method of manufacture
Patent No. 10,215,370
An electroluminescent lighting system includes an electroluminescent encapsulated and protected inside a solid wall mounting channel. The mounting channel is typically plastic. The mounting channel may itself be printed on its outside display surface, or it may protect a printed surface inside its channel. The mounting channel is sealed on one end by a sealing cap and on its opposite end by an electrical connector that powers the EL lamp inside the channel. This sealed system offers a durable shield for the EL lamp that is mounted inside the channel.
Inventors: Steven Paul Pendlebury (Richmond)
Assignee: Electro-LuminX Lighting Corp. (Richmond)
Feb. 26, 2019

Carton and carton blank and a handle structure therefor
Patent No. 10,214,333
A carton (90) includes a first panel (12) and a second panel (20) in overlying relationship with each other so as to form a composite wall and a handle structure (H) formed in the composite wall. The handle structure includes a first end portion formed from the first panel, a grip portion (32,36) extending from the first end portion into an access opening (A1,A2,A3) in the composite wall and a second end portion disposed under the first panel and coupled to the grip portion.
Inventors: Nathaniel B. Ball (Richmond), John W. Cash III (Dallas, Ga.)
Assignee: Westrock Packaging Systems (Atlanta, Ga.)
Feb. 26, 2019

Golf ball retriever
Patent No. 10,213,657
The golf ball retriever is a tool for assisting in the recovery of golf balls from water hazards, weeds, muddy areas, or other difficult to reach areas. A typical golf ball retriever comprises a handle and a ball grabbing head. The handle extends the reach of the golfer to reach a golf ball. The ball grabbing head allows the golfer to grab the ball and retain it until the golfer to bring the ball within reach and remove the ball grabbing head for further play. A ball grabbing head may have an inner surface and a plurality of inwardly protruding fingers on the inner surface. The most inward facing portion of at least a portion of the plurality of inwardly or radially protruding fingers may be coated with a rubber liner to increase the golfer’s ability to recover the golf ball efficiently. The rubber liner may be a thermoplastic elastomer.
Inventors: Leighton Klevana (Richmond), Patrick Gallagher (Midlothian, Va.)
Assignee: Dynamic Brands (Richmond)
Feb. 26, 2019

Additive assembly for electronic vaping device
Patent No. 10,212,964
An additive assembly for an e-vaping device includes an adsorbent material that includes adsorbed carbon dioxide. The additive assembly may be in fluid communication with a vaporizer assembly that forms a generated vapor. The adsorbent material may release the carbon dioxide into the generated vapor based on at least a portion of the generated vapor adsorbing on the adsorbent material. The additive assembly may include a flavor material including a flavorant. The adsorbent material may generate heat based on at least a portion of the generated vapor adsorbing on the adsorbent material, and the flavor material may release flavorant into the generated vapor based at least in part on the heat generated by the adsorbent material. One or more of the adsorbent material and the flavor material may be included in beads. Adsorbent material and flavor material may be included in multiple additive structures within the additive assembly.
Inventors: Georgios Karles (Richmond), Tracy M. Ogbonlowo (Moseley, Va.), Danielle Crawford (Richmond), San Li (Richmond)
Assignee: Altria Client Services (Richmond)

Lubricants with zinc dialkyl dithiophosphate and their use in boosted internal combustion engines
Patent No. 10,214,703
A lubricating oil composition and method of for providing an acceptable number of low-speed pre-ignition events in a boosted internal combustion engine using the lubricating oil composition. The lubricating oil composition includes greater than 50 wt. % of a base oil of lubricating viscosity, and an additive composition that includes an overbased calcium-containing detergent having a TBN greater than 225 mg KOH/g, and one or more zinc dialkyl dithiophosphate compounds are derived from a molar ratio of secondary alcohol to primary alcohol of 20:100 to about 100:0 and have an average total carbon content of greater than 10 carbon atoms per mole of phosphorous. The lubricating oil compositions contains the overbased calcium-containing detergent in an amount to provide greater than 900 ppm to less than 2400 ppm by weight calcium, and at least 0.01 wt. % of the zinc dialkyl dithiophosphate, both amounts based on the total weight of the lubricating oil composition.
Inventors: Kristin Fletcher (Midlothian, Va.), William Y. Lam (Glen Allen, Va.), Kongsheng Yang (Glen Allen, Va.), Jeremy Styer (Glen Allen, Va.)
Assignee: Afton Chemical Corp. (Richmond)
Feb. 26, 2019

Corrosion control methods for corrosion-agressive solutions
Patent No. 10,214,459
Methods are described for preventing corrosion in a corrosion-aggressive media. The methods include combining a stannous corrosion inhibitor composition with a corrosion-aggressive media (such as a nitrogen-based solution, or more specifically a liquid solution of AN or UAN) to provide a treated solution. The stannous corrosion inhibitor composition may include a caustic. Also described is a liquid including from 0.1 wt % to 25 wt % of a stannous salt and from 1 wt % to 50 wt % of a caustic, and a liquid composition including a solution of urea ammonium nitrate and a stannous material. The liquid and stannous corrosion inhibitor compositions substantially prevent corrosion of a metal surface even when used in very small amounts and at a low pH.
Inventors: Rajendra Prasad Kalakodimi (Glen Allen, Va.), Joseph A. Clatterbuck (Mechanicsville, Va.), Tzongyeu Du (Glen Allen, Va.)
Assignee: Chemtreat Inc. (Glen Allen, Va.)
Feb. 26, 2019

Systems and methods to communicate offer options via messaging in real time with processing of payment transaction
Patent No. 10,223,707
In one aspect, a computing apparatus is configured to facilitate the redemption of loyalty currency in a payment transaction via facilitating awareness of the payment transaction, managing the consumer segmentation and offering promotions, validating available points currency, managing a currency value exchange rate, applying deductions to consumer currency balance, facilitating consumer reimbursement, invoicing for currency exchange, and/or providing consumer engagement.
Inventors: Walter J. Granville III (Richmond)
Assignee: Visa International Service Association (San Francisco, Calif.)
March 5, 2019

System and method of notifying user near point of sale location of available rewards at the point of sale location
Patent No. 10,223,704
Systems and methods for a point of sale reward system are provided. The system notifies users proximate to a point of sale location of rewards available for redemption specific to that user at that specific point of sale location.
Inventors: Lianghan Chen (Richmond), Kevin Correll (Richmond), Leon Telyaz (Richmond), Nicole E. Pivnick (Richmond)
Assignee: Capital One Financial Corp. (McLean, Va.)
March 5, 2019

Systems and methods for an attribute generator tool workflow
Patent No. 10,223,652
The disclosed embodiments generally relate to systems and methods for computerized decisioning, and more particularly, to systems and methods for standardized coding and deployment of attributes for financial decisioning systems coded once and deployed to multiple decisioning systems and environments. Consistent with disclosed embodiments, an attribute management system may include one or more memory devices storing instructions, and one or more hardware processors configured to execute the instructions to perform operations. Upon executing the instructions, the processors may receive a financial service request, and identify a decisioning system for processing the request. The processors may determine that an attribute is required for processing the request using the decisioning system. Then, the processors may initiate an attribute calculation service for determining an attribute value for the attribute. The processors may receive the attribute value from the attribute calculation service, and process the financial service request using the received attribute value.
Inventors: Shirley Chan (Dunn Loring, Va.), Karen Bernhard (Richmond), Thomas Hodgson (Glen Allen, Va.)
Assignee: Capital One Services (McLean, Va.)
March 5, 2019

Compositions and methods for inhibiting corrosion in hydrostatic systems
Patent No. 10,221,489
Compositions and methods for preventing corrosion of equipment having a corrodible metal surface that contacts water in a hydrostatic system are provided. Compositions may include a liquid-phase corrosion inhibitor and vapor-phase corrosion inhibitor. Methods may include introducing into the hydrostatic system a liquid-phase corrosion inhibitor, vapor-phase corrosion inhibitor and/or a scaling inhibitor. A protective film can be formed on the corrodible metal surface.
Inventors: Rajendra Prasad Kalakodimi (Richmond), John Richardson (Hanover, Va.), Curt Turner (Richmond)
Assignee: Chemtreat Inc. (Glen Allen, Va.)
March 5, 2019

Microstructure-controlled copolymers of ethylene and C.sub.3-C.sub.10 alpha-olefins
Patent No. 10,221,267
A copolymer including ethylene units and units of one or more C.sub.3-10 alpha-olefins. The copolymer has a number average molecular weight of less than 5,000 g/mol, as measured by GPC. The ethylene content of the copolymer is less than 80 mol %. At least 70% of molecules of the copolymer have an unsaturated group, and at least 70% of said unsaturated groups are located in a terminal vinylidene group or a tri-substituted isomer of a terminal vinylidene group. The copolymer has a crossover temperature of C. or lower and/or a certain ethylene run length. Also disclosed are a method for making the copolymer and polyolefins plasticized with 1-40 wt % of the copolymer.
Inventors: Nathaniel Cain (Richmond), John Loper (Henrico, Va.), Lawrence Cunningham (Mechanicsville, Va.), Joseph W. Roos (Mechanicsville, Va.)
Assignee: Afton Chemical Corp. (Richmond)
March 5, 2019

Direct to container system with on-line weight control and associated method
Patent No. 10,220,969
Systems and methods for manufacturing and inserting a pre-determined number of material-filled pouches into containers are disclosed. A system includes a pouch providing system comprising a plurality of lanes, wherein each one of the plurality of lanes includes a pouch making machine and a hold-back structure. The system also includes a conveyor system structured and arranged to move a plurality of containers into alignment with the plurality of lanes. The system further includes a controller structured and arranged to control the hold-back structure in each one of the plurality of lanes such that the pre-determined pouches are inserted into the plurality of containers when the plurality of containers are aligned with the plurality of lanes.
Inventors: James D. Evans (Chesterfield, Va.), Herbert Cary Longest (Midlothian, Va.), Tamika S. Murrell (Richmond), Robert V. Powell Jr. (Richmond), Jeremy Straight (Midlothian, Va.), Jarrod Chalkley (Mechanicsville, Va.)
Assignee: Altria Client Services (Richmond)
March 5, 2019

Symmetrically dynamic equalized volume and pressure air management system
Patent No. 10,220,665
An air management system for a vehicle having a supply tank, a system controller integrated with the supply tank, a first pneumatic circuit pneumatically connected to the system controller, and a second pneumatic circuit pneumatically connected to the system controller. The system controller adjusts independently air pressure of the first pneumatic circuit and the second pneumatic circuit without establishing pneumatic communication between the first and second pneumatic circuits. The system controller establishes pneumatic communication between the first and second pneumatic circuits when the system controller is not adjusting independently the air pressure of the first pneumatic circuit and the second pneumatic circuit.
Inventors: Matthew Vaughan (Blacksburg, Va.), David Bryan Lewis (Amelia Court House, Va.), Joseph Calaway (Camden, Mich.), George Arrants (Richmond)
Assignee: Base Air Management Inc. (Richmond)
March 5, 2019

Holster for spray gun
Patent No. 10,220,404
A holster for a spray gun is provided. The holster is configured to hold a spray gun in place when not in use. The holster has a reservoir body that defines an open-topped chamber. A fluid may be held inside the chamber, and a nozzle of the spray gun held by the holster may submerge in this fluid. The nozzle being submerged in the fluid of the holster can prevent hardening, thickening or drying of any material left over on or in the spray gun nozzle after use.
Inventors: Robert J. Rose (Richmond), Steven E. Adams (Richmond), Andrew T. Sinclair (Richmond)
Assignee: Worthen Industries (Nashua, N.H.)
March 5, 2019

Pyridinyl cyclohexanecarboxamide cooling compounds
Patent No. 10,221,136
A method of providing a cooling effect to a product includes the incorporation into the product of at least one compound of the formula I ##STR00001## in which m is a number between 0 and 2, X, Y and Z are selected independently from the group consisting of H, halogen, OH, Me, Et, MeO and EtO, and R.sup.1, R.sup.2 and R.sup.3 together comprise at least 6 carbons, selected such that (a) (i) R.sup.1 is selected from the group consisting of H, Me, Et, isopropyl and C.sub.4-C.sub.5 branched alkyl; and (ii) R.sup.2 and R.sup.3 are independently selected from the group consisting of Me, Et, isopropyl and Ca-branched alkyl; or (b) any two or all of R.sup.1, R.sup.2 and R.sup.3 together form a monocyclic, bicyclic or tricyclic radical having up to 10 carbons. The compounds confer substantial cooling effects on compositions applied to the skin or taken orally, such as toothpastes, mouthwashes, foodstuffs, beverages, confectionery, tobacco products, skin creams and ointments.
Inventors: Karen Ann Bell (Loveland, Ohio), Christophe C. Galopin (Chesterfield, Va.), Jay Patrick Slack (Cincinnati, Ohio), Lori W. Tigani (Salisbury, Md.)
Assignee: Givaudan S.A. (Vernier, Switzerland)
March 5, 2019

Blister card with flange strap
Patent No. 10,220,995
A sandwich-type blister card is provided to contain a product item such as a pliers or scissors with a handle extending outside of the blister. The blister card includes a back panel, a front panel, and a blister having a blister cavity and a peripheral flange. The blister includes a wrap-around strap attached to the blister at a first end of the strap to secure a portion of the product therein. The peripheral flange and a second end of the strap are sealed between the front and back panels.
Inventors: Matthew E. Zacherle (Chesterfield, Va.)
Assignee: WestRock MWV (Atlanta, Ga.)
March 5, 2019

Enclosed top stacks
Patent No. 10,220,976
A carton includes an outer shell (102) defining an interior space with upper and lower tiers. A divider (120) is disposed at least in part in the outer shell dividing between the upper and lower tiers. A tear strip (118) defined in the outer shell operatively connecting an upper portion of the outer shell to a lower portion thereof. The upper portion defines a six-sided structure, a bottom side of which includes the divider. The upper portion is configured to be removed from the lower portion by lifting the upper portion after the tear strip is activated.
Inventors: Matthew E. Zacherle (Chesterfield, Va.)
Assignee: WestRock Packaging Systems (Atlanta, Ga.)
March 5, 2019

Devices and methods for delivering opioid antagonists including formulations for naloxone
Patent No. 10,220,158
An apparatus includes a container, a needle, and an actuation assembly. The container contains a dose of a naloxone composition having a delivered volume of at least about 0.34 mL. The actuation assembly includes an energy storage member that produces a force on a movable member to move the needle and to deliver the dose of the naloxone composition. The 90% confidence interval of at least one of the relative mean maximum naloxone plasma concentration after dose delivery into the body (C.sub.max), time to reach the maximum naloxone plasma concentration (T.sub.max), area under the plasma concentration-time curve from pre-dose (time 0) extrapolated to infinity (AUC.sub.0-.infin.), or area under the plasma concentration-time curve from pre-dose (time 0) to the time of the last quantifiable concentration (T.sub.last) (AUC.sub.0-t) of the delivered dose to a delivered dose of a corresponding naloxone composition delivered via a manually-actuated syringe is within 80% to 125%.
Inventors: Frank E. Blondino (Henrico, Va.), Eric S. Edwards (Moseley, Va.), Evan T. Edwards (Charlottesville, Va.), Glen L. Kelley (Glen Allen, Va.), Paul F. Meyers (Fishers, Ind.)
Assignee: kaleo Inc. (Richmond)
March 5, 2019

Ice release coatings
Patent No. 10,221,333
A compound is provided, having the formula (I), wherein R.sub.s is a soft block polymer; wherein each T is independently a urethane or urea linkage; see formulae (A) and (B); wherein each R.sub.D is independently –CH.sub.3, –CH.sub.2CH.sub.3, –CH.sub.2CH.sub.2CH.sub.3, or –CH.sub.2CH.sub.2CH.sub.2CH.sub.3; wherein each R’.sub.D is independently –CH.sub.3, –CH.sub.2CH.sub.3, –CH.sub.2CH.sub.2CH.sub.3, –CH.sub.2CH.sub.2CH.sub.2CH.sub.3, or –OR.sub.D; and wherein each p is independently 1, 2, or 3. Compositions containing the compound, and methods of making and using the compound are provided.
Inventors: Kenneth J. Wynne (Midlothian, Va.), Wei Zhang (Midlothian, Va.)
Assignee: Virginia Commonwealth University (Richmond)
March 5, 2019

Fishing rod securing assembly
Patent No. 10,219,503
A fishing rod securing assembly for holding a fishing rod on a boat includes a tube that has a top wall, a bottom wall, a first lateral wall, a second lateral wall, a first end and a second end. The tube is elongated from the first end to the second end. The tube has a slot that extends through the top wall and into an interior of the tube. The slot is elongated. A plurality of fishing rod holders is included wherein each of the holders extends upwardly through the slot and is movable along the slot. A connecting fastener extends through the tube and extends into a boat to secure the tube to the boat.
Inventors: Steven L. Harder Sr. (Hopewell, Va.)
Assignee: N/A
March 5, 2019

Thickened or structured liquid detergent compositions
Patent No. 10,221,379
Liquid detergent compositions can be stably structured using amides of an aliphatic polyamine with two, three or four molecules of fully saturated hydroxyl alkyl acids, even in the presence of hydrolyzing detergent ingredients such as lipase enzyme.
Inventors: Liesbet Maria Cornelia Detroch (Machelen, Belgium), Susana Fernandez-Prieto (Bennicassim/Castellon, Spain), Vincenzo Guida (Woluwe-Saint-Pierre, Belgium), Michael Klostermann (Essen, Germany), Hans-Jurgen Kohle (Hanau, Germany), Bruno Jean-Pierre Matthys (Brussels, Belgium), Johan Smets (Lubbeek, Belgium), Gonglu Tian (Henrico, Va.)
Assignee: The Procter & Gamble Co. (Cincinnati, Ohio)
March 5, 2019

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