The R&D Dept.: Local patents for 12.11.19

Method for managing state of cloud-based systems
Patent No. 10,498,665
Techniques for managing cloud-based systems are provided. A user provides search criteria for cloud-based resources through a web-based user interface. A search for the cloud-based resources is conducted based on the search criteria. The web-based interface displays a listing of cloud-based resources matching the search criteria. The user provides an input indicating a request to keep awake a first cloud-based resource. In response, the web-based interface copies an original operating schedule for the first cloud-based resource into a first tag and modifies the original operating schedule contained within a second tag to form a modified operating schedule to cause the cloud-based resource to keep awake. The user can restore the original operating schedule when desired. Alternatively, the web-based interface can automatically restore the original operating schedule when a predetermined time period expires.
Inventors: Ron Meck (Toano, Virginia), James Laiche (Richmond), Daniel Eisenberg (Brooklyn, New York), Jacob Walden (Chesterfield, Virginia), Tianzhen Lin (Fairfax, Virginia), Chienyi Hung (New York, New York), Mamadou Balde (Arlington, Virginia), Celik Sismanturk (Astoria, New York), Jason McGinthy (Glen Allen, Virginia), Scott Foreman (Glen Allen, Virginia)
Assignee: Capital One Services (McLean, Virginia)
Dec. 3, 2019

Automatic price display control by emulation of electronic cash register price lookup
Patent No. 10,497,223
A system and method for distribution of product price and/or sales data in a retail establishment. Product price and/or sales data is stored locally, either in a central computer or master electronic cash register (ECR) or remotely at a master computer. The product price data is stored in the form of a price look-up (PLU) table. The price data can be pushed from the master ECR, local or master computers to and ECR emulation hub to an ECR emulation hub. Similarly, the ECR emulation hub can request product price data from the master ECR, local or master computers. Once the product price data arrives at the ECR emulation hub, it can be processed and sent to a display, which will be located near the appropriate product. The ECR emulation hub can also record and/or transmit prices actually charged for products over time to allow for automatic auditing of promotional pricing offers such as those made by manufacturers of the product. The ECR emulation hub acts like au ECR, thereby requiring no special software or hardware modifications to existing pricing display systems that already support ECRs.
Inventors: William R. Sweeney (Richmond)
Assignee: Philip Morris USA Inc. (Richmond)
Dec. 3, 2019

OmpA in vaccine compositions and as diagnostic targets
Patent No. 10,495,639
Anaplasma Marginale surface protein OmpA and homologous genes from Anaplasmatacaea family members are used in compositions suitable for vaccines to treat or prevent infections caused by tick-born bacteria of the Anaplasmatacaea family. OmpA proteins or peptide fragments may be used in combination with other Anaplasmatacaea surface proteins to elicit an immune response. Furthermore, antibodies to OmpA proteins can be used in diagnostic methods to determine whether an individual has contracted an Anaplasmatacaea infection.
Inventors: Jason A. Carlyon (Richmond)
Assignee: Virginia Commonwealth University (Richmond)
Dec. 3, 2019

Ballistic resistant thermoplastic sheet, process of making and its applications
Patent No. 10,494,746
Woven fabrics are formed from high tenacity fibers or tapes that are loosely interwoven with adhesive coated filaments, to composite articles formed therefrom, and to a continuous process for forming the composite articles.
Inventors: Thomas Tam (Chesterfield, Virginia), Mark Benjamin Boone (Mechanicsville, Virginia), Ashok Bhatnagar (Richmond)
Assignee: Honeywell International (Morris Plains, New Jersey)
Dec. 3, 2019

Synergistic dispersants
Patent No. 10,494,583
Lubricant compositions including an additive composition and methods for its use in engines that produce soot. The lubricant composition contains a base oil and an additive composition having (a) at least 0.05 percent by weight of a first dispersant that is a reaction product of A) a hydrocarbyl-dicarboxylic acid or anhydride, and B) at least one polyamine; and (b) at least 0.05 percent by weight, both based on a total weight of the lubricant composition, of a second dispersant that is a reaction product of A’) a hydrocarbyl-dicarboxylic acid or anhydride, and B’) at least one polyamine, wherein the reaction product is post-treated with C) an aromatic carboxylic acid, an aromatic polycarboxylic acid, or an aromatic anhydride wherein all carboxylic acid or anhydride groups are attached directly to an aromatic ring, and/or D) a non-aromatic dicarboxylic acid or anhydride having a number average molecular weight of less than about 500.
Inventors: Diane Campbell (Chesterfield, Virginia), Jason Lagona (Richmond)
Assignee: Afton Chemical Corp. (Richmond)
Dec.3, 2019

Concrete nailer having magazine cutout for deep tracks
Patent No. 10,493,607
A concrete nailer has a cutout defined by a magazine. The cutout is disposed proximate the drive track of the concrete nailer and provides the concrete nailer with sufficient reach to perpendicularly nail a complete range of U-shaped channels or track available to the job site against concrete, even though the magazine accommodates both long and short nails. The concrete nailer has the added ability to nail thick boards like 2.times.4’s to concrete.
Inventors: Erin Elizabeth Kaskot (Richmond), Stuart E. Garber (Towson, Maryland)
Assignee: Black & Decker (New Britain, Connecticut)
Dec. 3, 2019

Two component adhesive spray gun and spray pattern
Patent No. 10,493,474
A two part adhesive spray system is provided herein. This system provides numerous enhancements to the prior art including limiting overspray “fog,” saving on sprayed material because of a more efficient spray pattern, and providing a more efficient bond than that of the prior art. In particular, the present invention provides a spray pattern having both adhesive and activator. The activator is sprayed in a smaller spray area than the adhesive, which is sprayed on a larger area. As such, when sprayed on a substrate, the activator provides a rapid tack to hold a second adhered material to the substrate sufficient to hold it in place while the remainder of the adhesive dries and/or cures.
Inventors: Robert J. Rose (Richmond), Andrew T. Sinclair (Richmond)
Assignee: Worthen Industries (Nashua, New Hampshire)
Dec. 3, 2019

Pod assembly, dispensing body, and e-vapor apparatus including the same
Patent No. 10,492,541
An e-vapor apparatus may include a pod assembly and a dispensing body configured to receive the pod assembly. A vaporizer may be disposed in the pod assembly and/or the dispensing body. The pod assembly may include a pre-vapor formulation compartment, a device compartment, and a vapor channel extending from the device compartment and traversing the pre-vapor formulation compartment. The pod assembly is a smart pod configured to receive, store, and transmit information that can be communicated with the dispensing body and/or another electronic device. The proximal portion of the dispensing body includes a vapor passage and a through-hole. The vapor passage may extend from an end surface of the proximal portion to a side wall of the through-hole. The through-hole is configured to receive the pod assembly such that the vapor channel of the pod assembly is aligned with the vapor passage of the dispensing body.
Inventors: Raymond Lau (Richmond), Eric Hawes (Glen Allen, Virginia), Alistair Bramley (Richmond)
Assignee: Altria Client Services (Richmond)
Dec. 3, 2019

Moist botanical pouch processing and moist oral botanical pouch products
Patent No. 10,492,523
An oral pouched product comprising a pouch containing moist botanical beads comprising compacted loose, fibrous moist botanical material and method of manufacture thereof. The loose, fibrous moist botanical material can comprise moist smokeless tobacco. The pouch comprises a porous outer web, and the beads comprise a majority amount of loose, fibrous moist botanical material having a moisture content of at least about 50% OV.
Inventors: Diane L. Gee (Richmond), David Golob (Richmond), Stephen G. Zimmermann (Midlothian, Virginia)
Assignee: Philip Morris USA (Richmond)
Dec. 3, 2019

Hydroponic display container for flowering bulbs
Patent No. 10,492,390
A system and device used to promote healthy growth and reduce damage to hydroponically grown flower bulbs during their transportation, storage and display. A transparent container is adapted and arranged with a support device and a snap-fit cover which act to reduce movement of fluids within the container in transit, thereby reducing spillage and minimizing damage to the flower bulbs. The support device contains a plurality of recessed inserts to secure flowers in an upright position and accommodate bulb growth without causing damage to the bulb. The snap-fit cover creates a reservoir chamber which prevents fluid from spilling out of the container if the container is tipped or subjected to unpredictable forces or motion during transportation. The hydroponic container is ready to be displayed and marketed as soon as it is shipped from the distributor, thereby minimizing retailer and consumer involvement and expenditure of time.
Inventors: Joep Paternostre (Waynesboro, Virginia), Gilles Paternostre (Waynesboro, Virginia), Reinier Smit (Waynesboro, Virginia), Dennis H. Owens (Richmond)
Assignee: Bloomaker USA (Waynesboro, Virginia)
Dec. 3, 2019

Method of directed fouling of a substance onto a selected surface
Patent No. 10,494,764
Provided is a method for directed fouling of a substance onto a selected surface. Also provided is an apparatus suitable for directed fouling of a substance onto a selected surface.
Inventors: Raymond P. Baker (Hatboro, Pennsylvania), David John Biondo (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), Daniel Clay Floyd (Chesterfield, Virginia), Jay Fingeret Miller (Downingtown, Pennsylvania)
Assignee: Renmatix (King of Prussia, Pennsylvania)
Dec. 3, 2019

Dual-terminated polyamide for high speed spinning application
Patent No. 10,494,740
Methods of producing a polyamide filaments and fibers are provided. The methods include providing a dual-terminated polyamide and spinning the dual-terminated polyamide at a speed of 3500 m/min to 8000 m/min to form a fiber. In one embodiment, the polyamide has an amine endgroup concentration of 25 mmol/kg to 40 mmol/kg and a carboxyl endgroup concentration of 18 mmol/kg to 50 mmol/kg. Fibers and yarns comprising polyamide filaments and fibers formed from the method are also disclosed.
Inventors: Yu Zhang (Shanghai, China), Min Wang (Shanghai, China), Shuwen Peng (Shanghai, China), David J. Loy (Chesterfield, Virginia), Jie Wei (Shanghai, China), Tingzhi Chen (Shanghai, China)
Assignee: AdvanSix Resins & Chemicals (Parsippany, New Jersey)
Dec. 3, 2019

Browser extension for limited-use secure token payment
Patent No. 10,498,717
Methods and systems for a browser extension system are disclosed. In some embodiments, a browser extension server includes a communication device configured to communicate with a first computing device executing a browser extension application and a web browser application and a second computing device executing an authentication application. The browser extension server further includes a memory storing instructions, and a processor configured to execute the instructions to perform operations. The operations may include receiving from the first computing device an indication of a financial service account associated with the first computing device, detecting a payment field in a web page provided by the computing device through the web browser application and, in response, generating a secure token mapped to the financial service account. The operations may further include sending the second computing device an authentication request, receiving an authentication response, and populating the payment field with the secure token.
Inventors: Matthew de Ganon (Dobbs Ferry, New York), Kunal Arora (Great Falls, Virginia), Thomas Poole (Chantilly, Virginia), Daniel Kahn (San Francisco, California), Dwij Trivedi (Oakton, Virginia), Paul Moreton (Glen Allen, Virginia)
Assignee: Capital One Services. (McLean, Virginia)
Dec. 3, 2019

Lock-it-socket holder
Patent No. 10,493,616
A socket holder with a built in locking mechanism that is user controlled and activated by a push button which controls internal locking mechanism which allow this socket holder to securely store and transport sockets mounted to it. This socket holder can hold multiples of the sockets to its main socket holder body, releasing them only when desired by the user with the push of the push button that controls the internal mechanisms which release the sockets from the socket holder body. This socket holder is designed to organize and securely lock the sockets onto its socket holder body in a way that is dependable and easy to use.
Inventors: William Lawrence Billups Jr. (Glen Allen, Virginia)
Assignee: N/A
Dec. 3, 2019

System and method for managing restrictions on collection activities
Patent No. 10,497,054
A collection management system includes a collection server, a telephone dialing system, and a restriction features server. The collection server includes a memory having records, a debtor database and a local restrictions database. The telephone dialing system is connected to the collection server and is configured to access a telephony network and automatically dial a plurality of telephone numbers. Access to the telephony network by the telephone dialing system is restricted based on the information in the local restrictions database. The records of the collection server retain instances of restricted access to the telephony network by the telephone dialing system. The restriction features server is configured to connect to the collection server and update the restrictions database.
Inventors: Amy Kennedy (Midlothian, Virginia), Megan Jones (Muncie, Indiana), Beth Waters (Muncie, Indiana), Dwayne Lott (Farmland, Indiana), Chris Repp (Pendleton, Indiana)
Assignee: Ontario Systems (Muncie, Indiana)
Dec. 3, 2019

Card with ergonomic textured grip
Patent No. 10,496,913
Approaches herein provide a transaction card with an ergonomic textured grip. In some approaches, a card includes a body having a first main side and a second main side, and an identification chip along the first main side of the body. The card may further include a textured grip along the second main side of the body, wherein the textured grip comprises a plurality of curvilinear grip elements extending in an undulating arrangement between a first end and a second end of the textured grip.
Inventors: Daniel Herrington (New York, New York), Tyler Maiman (Melville, New York), Stephen Schneider (Midlothian, Virginia)
Assignee: Capital One Services (McLean, Virginia)
Dec. 3, 2019

Video content optimization system and method for content and advertisement placement improvement on a third party media content platform
Patent No. 10,503,794
A system involves a network-connected service platform including a computerized server, a processor operating in the computerized server, executing instructions from a non-transitory physical medium, a data repository coupled to the network-connected server, a programmable interface operable in the service platform, enabled for two-way communication with a content platform, enabling the service platform to access and retrieve data from the content platform, and classification data and profile data stored in the data repository. The service platform, executing the instructions, retrieves data associated with specific content from the content platform, integrates the retrieved data with the classification data and profile data in the data repository, creating an enhanced data set, and provides interactive interfaces to computerized appliances connecting through the network, enabling users of the computerized appliances to access, analyze and manipulate the enhanced data set, results of user analysis and manipulation providing improved understanding of characteristics of the specific content.
Inventors: Alison Jane Provost (Richmond), Jeffrey Alan Martin (Bedford, Texas), Hitesh Kulkarni (Bloomfield, New Jersey), James Michael Waltman (St. Paul, Texas), Ajoy Thomas (Houston, Texas), Gregory McKillop Spear (New York, New York), Judi Lee Costanza (Monaca, Pennsylvania), Chasity Friend Stevens (Pulaski, Virginia), Simon Tso (Brooklyn, New York)
Assignee: Diginary Software (Richmond)
Dec. 10, 2019

Foam drying apparatus
Patent No. 10,502,485
A foam drying apparatus is provided. The apparatus is configured to pass air, and in some cases heated and/or dried air, through a quantity of foam. This air passing through the foam absorbs or otherwise carries moisture out of the foam, drying it. The apparatus may utilize a pressure differential on opposite sides of the foam, causing air on the higher pressure side to pass through the foam. Typical applications may include the drying of foam assemblies which use water based adhesives to accelerate drying of the adhesive and/or removal of water from the foam assembly, and packaging of the foam assembly.
Inventors: Steven E. Adams (Richmond), Andrew T. Sinclair (Richmond), Robert J. Rose (Richmond), Ian L. Churcher (Richmond)
Assignee: Worthen Industries (Nashua, New Hampshire)
Dec. 10, 2019

Product portion enrobing process and apparatus, and resulting products
Patent No. 10,499,683
A method of enrobing a product portion in polymer strands includes mounting at least one product portion on a holding device and passing the at least one product portion through a polymer enrobing zone. The polymer enrobing zone can include a flow of polymeric fibers produced by a polymer spray head. The polymer fibers can wraparound the at least one product portion to produce an enrobed product portion. The holding device can hold the at least one product portion by passing at least partially through the body of the product portion. At least a portion of the holding device is removed from the enrobed product portion. In some cases, the at least one product portion includes smokeless tobacco.
Inventors: Andrew Nathan Carroll (Chester, Virginia), Shannon Maxwell Black (Richmond), Yan Helen Sun (Midlothian, Virginia), William J. Burke (Nashville, Tennessee), Robert Smith (Glen Allen, Virginia)
Assignee: Altria Client Services (Richmond)
Dec. 10, 2019

Systems and methods for managing electronic tokens for device interactions
Patent No. 10,505,940
Systems and methods are provided for managing electronic tokens for device interactions. In some embodiments, a unified graphical user interface is provided for an account, for controlling the activation status and settings associated with authorized electronic devices used for conducting transactions on the account. The electronic devices may be programmed with an electronic token that allows a server to look up sensitive account information, although the electronic token does not divulge the account information itself. Therefore, if an electronic token is compromised or stolen, the account does not need to be closed, and sensitive information remains safe. Moreover, the unified graphical user interface provides detailed and highly customizable controls for settings and restrictions associated with each of the electronic tokens, without modifying or accessing sensitive account or personal information.
Inventors: Paul Moreton (Glen Allen, Virginia), Lawrence Douglas (McLean, Virginia), Thomas Poole (Chantilly, Virginia), Thomas Christopher Clarke (Alexandria, Virginia), Saejin Choi (Annandale, Virginia)
Assignee: Capital One Services (McLean, Virgnia)
Dec. 10, 2019

Smoking article filter with flavorant delivery system
Patent No. 10,499,686
A breakable capsule such as a seamless breakable capsule useful in a smoking article or a smokeless tobacco product includes an outer shell formed of a cross-linked agar matrix including at least one filler, and an inner core surrounded by the outer shell which comprises a liquid or gel based composition of a flavorant and/or non-flavorant. The cross-linked agar matrix is reinforced with carboxymethyl cellulose that is dispersed throughout the agar matrix so as to fill empty spaces in the agar matrix and inhibit the composition from passing through the empty spaces of the agar matrix.
Inventors: Munmaya K. Mishra (Manakin Sabot, Virginia), Alex Jordan (Midlothian, Virginia), Kathryn M. Draper (Moseley, Virginia), Dwight D. Williams (Powhatan, Virginia)
Assignee: Altria Client Services (Richmond)
Dec. 10, 2019

Paddle transformer device for fishing
Patent No. 10,499,623
The present disclosure is directed to a transformer device that attaches to a paddle for fishing. The device may attach to a single or double ended paddle. In any embodiment, the device includes a reel mount that enables a fishing reel to be mounted to the shaft of a paddle. The device also includes a rod mount that removably attaches to a shaft of a paddle. In one embodiment, the reel mount and the rod mount are independently attachable and positionable along a paddle shaft. The rod mount can removably accept and secure a fishing rod including guides for fishing line. One or more rods can be interchangeably coupled to the rod mount. In another embodiment, the rod mount includes a catch for retaining a rod within a ferrule of the rod mount. The device is attachable to a typical paddle to permit fishing while a user propels a watercraft.
Inventors: Ronald C. Shiflett, Jr. (Midlothian, Virginia)
Assignee: N/A
Dec. 10, 2019

Kit for attaching interchangeable accessories to an instrument
Patent No. 10,502,357
A kit for attaching one or more interchangeable accessories, for example, sound makers, fashion accessories, utility accessories, instrument accessories, etc., to an instrument, for example, a drum stick, a drum head, a post of a bass drum pedal or a hihat, a cajon, a microphone, a guitar, a stand, etc., to enhance sound, functionality, and visual elements of the instrument is provided. The kit includes one or more interchangeable accessories and at least one attachment system. The attachment system includes an attachment member and a connector element. The attachment member, for example, a clamp assembly with an accessory housing and a release assembly, or a generally cylindrical attachment member, or a cap member is removably attachable to a predetermined location of the instrument. The connector element is a female connector or a male connector for engageably connecting the attachment member to an opposing connector of one of the interchangeable accessories.
Inventors: Jason Michael Truda (Mechanicsville, Virginia)
Assignee: Head On Innovation (Mechanicsville, Virginia)
Dec. 10, 2019

Processes for producing an antimicrobial masterbatch and products thereof
Patent No. 10,501,587
A masterbatch may be blended with virgin polymer to add desired color or other properties to the virgin polymer prior to further processing. Methods and processes for producing an antimicrobial and/or antiviral polymeric masterbatch that may be used to add antimicrobial, antiviral and/or antifungal properties to a virgin polymer without significantly degrading the properties of the virgin polymer. The masterbatch may be extruded into pellets or formed into other particles for subsequent blending with the virgin polymer to add antimicrobial and antiviral properties to the polymeric materials. The method includes a heat treatment after compounding the base polymer with the antimicrobial, antiviral and/or antifungal are compounded together. The heat treatment comprises heating the masterbatch blend to a temperature between the glass transition temperature and the melting point of the base polymer.
Inventors: Vikram Kanmukhla (Henrico, Virginia)
Assignee: Cupron (Richmond)
Dec. 10, 2019

Flush pull door handle
Patent No. 10,501,961
The present invention provides a flush pull handle affixable to a door. The handle includes a mounting brace disposed within a door, a mounting assembly including a top portion, bottom portion, first side portion and a second side portion, the mounting assembly affixable to the door via at least one fastener. The mounting assembly includes at least one mounting flange. The handle further includes a pull assembly including an assembly interior portion having a first interior side and a second interior side, the first interior side having at least one flange mount opening. The pull assembly includes an assembly face having a handle flush with the pull assembly extruding across at least a portion of the assembly interior portion.
Inventors: Mark Allen Longest (Blackstone, Virginia), Scott Childress (Powhatan, Virginia)
Assignee: National Security and Door Corp. (Chesterfield, Virginia)
Dec. 10, 2019

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