The R&D Dept.: Local patents for 7.15.20

High kinetic energy absorption with low back face deformation ballistic composites
Patent No. 10,704,866
Viscoelastic, lightweight composite armor that is resistant to backface deformation, and to a method for evaluating the effectiveness of composite armor in resisting backface deformation. The index of retraction of a composite is determined by evaluating the degree of composite retraction at the site of impact of projectile after movement of the projectile is stopped. The degree of retraction indicates the ability of the composite to resist backface deformation.
Inventors: Ashok Bhatnagar (Richmond), Gary Kratzer (Midlothian, Virginia), Charles Arnett (Richmond), David A. Hurst (Richmond), Steven Thomas Correale (Chester, Virginia)
Assignee: Honeywell International Inc. (Morris Plains, New Jersey)
July 7, 2020

Oil and grease resistant paperboard
Patent No. 10,704,200
A coated paperboard is disclosed which includes a barrier coating containing substantially no fluorochemical or wax, exhibiting good resistance to oil, grease, and moisture and having no tendency toward blocking.
Inventors: Jiebin Pang (Glen Allen, Virginia), Scott J. Reigel (Columbus, Georgia), Natasha G. Melton (Richmond), Terry Clark (Columbus, Ohio), Teresa Krug (Henrico, Virginia) Steven Parker (Raleigh, North Carolina)
Assignee: WestRock MWV (Atlanta, Georgia)
July 7, 2020

Stab and ballistic resistant articles and the process of making
Patent No. 10,703,069
Dimensionally stable open woven fabrics formed from a plurality of high tenacity warp elongate bodies interwoven and bonded with a plurality of transversely disposed, high tenacity weft elongate bodies, composite articles formed therefrom, and to a continuous process for forming the composite articles.
Inventors: Thomas Tam (Chesterfield, Virginia), Mark Benjamin Boone (Mechanicsville, Virginia ), Ashok Bhatnagar (Richmond)
Assignee: Honeywell International Inc. (Morris Plains, New Jersey)
July 7, 2020

Device and method for electroporation based treatment of stenosis of a tubular body part
Patent No. 10,702,326
The present invention relates to medical devices and methods for treating a lesion such as a vascular stenosis using non-thermal irreversible electroporation (NTIRE). Embodiments of the present invention provide a balloon catheter type NTIRE device for treating a target lesion comprising a plurality of electrodes positioned along the balloon that are electrically independent from each other so as to be individually selectable in order to more precisely treat an asymmetrical lesion in which the lesion extends only partially around the vessel.
Inventors: Robert E. Neal II (Richmond), Paulo A. Garcia (Blacksburg, Virginia), Rafael V. Davalos (Blacksburg, Virginia), Peter Callas (Castro Valley, California)
Assignee: Virginia Tech Intellectual Properties, Inc. (Blacksburg, Virginia) & AngioDynamics (Latham, New York)
July 7, 2020

Pod assembly and e-vapor apparatus including the same
Patent No. 10,701,981
An e-vapor apparatus may include a pod assembly including a pre-vapor formulation compartment, a first electrical connector, a vapor channel traversing the pre-vapor formulation compartment, and a vaporizer, the pre-vapor formulation compartment configured to hold a pre-vapor formulation therein and in fluidic communication with the vaporizer during an operation of the e-vapor apparatus, the first electrical connector including first and second power electrodes, the first power electrode including a first contact portion on an exterior of the first electrical connector and a first extended portion configured to contact an anode portion of the vaporizer, the second power electrode including a second contact portion on the exterior of the first electrical connector and a second extended portion configured to contact a cathode portion of the vaporizer. The e-vapor apparatus may further include a dispensing body including a second electrical connector configured to connect to the first electrical connector.
Inventors: Ryan Newcomb (Richmond), Terry Bache (Richmond), Eric Hawes (Richmond), Raymond Lau (Richmond), Cristian Popa (Hertfordshire, Great Britain), James Yorkshades (Gamlingay, Great Britain)
Assignee: Altria Client Services (Richmond)
July 7, 2020

E-vaping section with u-shaped wick, and e-vaping device with u-shaped wick
Patent No. 10,701,980
The e-vaping section and the e-vaping device include at least one first wick configured to transfer a pre-vapor formulation, the at least one first wick being a filamentary wick that is U-shaped with opposing ends each extending into a reservoir. At least one first heater is operable upon at least one portion of the at least one first wick to at least partially volatilize the pre-vapor formulation and form a vapor. A support plate is operable to support the at least one first heater and at least partially support the at least one first wick, the support plate being operable to form an electrical connection between the at least one first heater and a power supply.
Inventors: David Schiff (Highland Park, New Jersey), Chris Carrick (Newark, Germany), Eric Hawes (Glen Allen, Virginia), Ali Rostami (Glen Allen, Virginia), Christopher S. Tucker (Midlothian, Virginia), Berina Yerkic-Husejnovic (Richmond)
Assignee: Altria Client Services (Richmond)
July 7, 2020

Compositions and methods for treating water by stabilizing an oxidizing biocide
Patent No. 10,701,930
Methods and liquid compositions for stabilizing an oxidizing biocide in a water system. The liquid composition comprises a hydantoin, and a surfactant, a ratio of a concentration of the hydantoin to the surfactant in the liquid composition is in a range of 1:1 to 99:1 by volume. The method comprises mixing a hydantoin, a surfactant and an oxidizing biocide with water to form a liquid treatment composition, and then adding the liquid treatment composition to a water stream in the water system, the liquid treatment composition improving the efficacy of the oxidizing biocide in the water stream.
Inventors: Kevin Boudreaux (Cincinatti, Ohio), Prasad Kalakodimi (Richmond), Douglas Mcilwaine (Ashland, Virginia), Saarika Koneru (Richmond)
Assignee: Chemtreat (Glen Allen, Virginia)
July 7, 2020

Removable and reusable protective envelope to display document
Patent No. 10,706,751
A device for displaying a document comprises a front planar sheet and a rear planar sheet, each sheet having three edges that are coterminous with and permanently affixed to a corresponding edge of the other sheet, thereby forming an envelope having three sealed edges and an open end; an adhesive strip affixed to either the front sheet or the rear sheet and positioned across the open end between the front and rear sheets to selectively seal the open end; and a first corner seal and a second corner seal, each extending onto but not all the way through the adhesive strip on opposite ends of the open end. When the open end is sealed, the device is waterproof.
Inventors: Joshua Tawes (Smithfield, Virginia), Joel Tawes (Chesterfield, Virginia), Anthony Stile (Smithfield, Virginia), Britt Hawrylak (Fort Worth, Texas), Matthew Hawrylak (Fort Worth, Texas), Ray M. Hawrylak (Fort Worth, Texas), Joseph Cagle (Smithfield, Virginia), Benjamin L. Brown (Newport News, Virginia)
Assignee: Accelerated Productions (Smithfield, Virginia)
July 7, 2020

Nicotine lozenge
Patent No. 10,702,516
A nicotine lozenge provided herein includes a body that is partially or wholly receivable in an oral cavity. The body includes a soluble-fiber matrix and nicotine or a derivative thereof dispersed in the soluble-fiber matrix. In some cases, a nicotine lozenge provided herein includes at least 40 weight percent of soluble fiber. In some cases, soluble fiber in a nicotine lozenge provided herein can include maltodextrin. The nicotine lozenge is adapted to release the nicotine or a derivative thereof from the body when the body is received within the oral cavity of an adult consumer and exposed to saliva. A method of making nicotine lozenges provided herein includes forming a molten mixture of at least 40 weight percent soluble fiber, nicotine, and less than 15 weight percent water while maintaining a mixture temperature of less than C. and portioning the molten mixture into a plurality of nicotine lozenges. In some cases, the ingredients can be mixed to form the molten mixture in an extruder.
Inventors: Feng Gao (Midlothian, Virginia), Diane L. Gee (Chesterfield, Virginia), Phillip M. Hulan (Midlothian, Virginia), Shuzhong Zhuang (Glen Allen, Virginia), William J. Burke (Nashville, Tennessee)
Assignee: Altria Client Services (Richmond)
July 7, 2020

Voice recognition to authenticate a mobile payment
Patent No. 10,706,422
Systems and methods are provided for authenticating mobile payments from a customer account to a merchant. The systems and methods may include a financial service provider receiving a request to authorize an electronic transaction at a point-of-sale. A financial service provider server computer may verify that the customer is present at the point-of-sale using received location data. An image having distorted text such as a captcha may be transmitted to a device at the point-of-sale, and the customer may read the captcha aloud. A voice sample of the customer may be sent to the financial service provider for comparison to stored voice recordings, to verify that the customer’s voice sample is authentic if the voice matches a previously generated voice recording for the account. If the voice sample is authentic, the financial service provider may authorize the mobile payment.
Inventors: Lawrence Douglas (McLean, Virginia), Paul Y. Moreton (Glen Allen, Virginia)
Assignee: Capital One Services (McLean, Virginia)
July 7, 2020

Wireless implantable taste system
Patent No. 10,702,695
The system includes various embodiments of components, including (1) a sensor array, (2) a processor, (3) a transmitter, (4) a receiver-stimulator, and (5) an implantable electrode array. The gustatory implant system generates tastant fingerprints by detecting tastants with an array of chemical sensors and then transmitting variable spatiotemporal stimulation patterns for an electrode array with electrode stimulating points positioned at different locations in the gustatory cortex (e.g., stimulating the chorda tympanic nerve). Different patterns of activity in the gustatory cortex are thereby generated which mimic the sense of taste in a subject. Once trained the system should be usable by a subject to detect or correctly identify or perceive one or more tastes. The system may also include an external electronic device for processing and displaying information to monitor ingestion of various substances in a subject.
Inventors: Richmond M. Costanzo (Manakin Sabot, Virginia), Woon Yeo (Glen Allen, Virginia)
Assignee: Virginia Commonwealth University (Richmond)
July 7, 2020

Hyperspectral imaging system for monitoring agricultural products during processing and manufacturing
Patent No. 10,706,283
Provided is a method for monitoring a manufacturing process of an agricultural product. The method utilizes hyperspectral imaging and comprises scanning at least one region along a sample of agricultural product using at least one light source of a single or different wavelengths; generating hyperspectral images from the at least one region; determining a spectral fingerprint for the sample of agricultural product from the hyperspectral images; and comparing the spectral fingerprint so obtained to a spectral fingerprint database containing a plurality of fingerprints obtained at various points of the manufacturing process, using a computer processor, to determine which point in the manufacturing process the sample has progressed to.
Inventors: Henry M. Dante (Midlothian, Virginia), Samuel Timothy Henry (Midlothian, Virginia), Seetharama C. Deevi (Midlothian, Virginia)
Assignee: Altria Client Services (Richmond)
July 7, 2020

Sub-irrigated tennis court
Patent No. 10,704,206
A sub-irrigation system includes a special water distribution assembly that is able to rapidly disperse water underneath a court surface. The system has a water distribution assembly with a water channel and permeable fabric covering. The system also includes an electronic control system to monitor and maintain a desired moisture content of a court. Inevitable variations resulting from manual and gravity fed water control only are moderated or eliminated by the automatic control herein.
Inventors: Roy Hey (Charlottesville, Virginia), Sandra Humphreys Hunt (Stuarts Draft, Virginia), Derwood Stephen DeLong (Goochland, Virginia)
Assignee: Har-Tru LLC (Charlottesville, Virginia)
July 7, 2020

Apparatus, method, and computer-readable medium for generating musical pieces
Patent No. 10,714,065
An apparatus, method, and computer-readable storage medium that generate a harmonized musical piece. The method includes receiving a chord selection including a musical key and a scale selection, generating, within a digital audio work session, a chord progression sequence based on the received chord selection, in response to a detected chord selection change, modifying the chord progression sequence to include a chord progression corresponding to the chord selection change, setting the chord progression sequence as a master sequence, in response to detecting a second progression sequence within the digital audio work session, transmitting an identifier to the second progression sequence setting it as a slave sequence, and establishing a synchronized communication link between the master and the slave sequences such that changes made in the master sequence are automatically effectuated in the slave sequence, and combining the master sequence and the slave sequence to form a composed musical piece.
Inventors: Yako Vorobyev (Miami, Florida), Louis Ng (Alhambra, Calfornia), Michael Cupino (Miami, Florida), Matthew Donner (Davis, Calfornia), John Batka (Richmond)
Assignee: Mixed In Key LLC (Miami, Florida)
July 14, 2020

Systems and methods for estimating authenticity of local network of device initiating remote transaction
Patent No. 10,713,657
A system includes one or more memory devices storing instructions, and one or more processors configured to execute the instructions to perform steps of a method for providing network security. The system may receive customer credentials in association with an attempted transaction initiated by a user device that is connected to a local network. The system may receive network identification data associated with the local network and generate a network confidence score based on the network identification data and a historical local network footprint. The system may determine a security action based on the network confidence score.
Inventors: Charles Nathan Crank (Henrico, Virginia), Lawrence F. Altaffer (Richmond), Erik Jay S. De Leon (Richmond)
Assignee: Capital One Services (McLean, Virginia)
July 14, 2020

Roller bearing seal assembly and a component thereof
Patent No. 10,711,842
In accordance with one aspect of the present disclosure, a roller bearing seal assembly is provided that includes a seal case and a rotor having a unitary, one-piece construction. The rotor is connected to the seal case and is rotatable relative to the seal case about an axis. The seal case and rotor include interfering portions that limit axial separation of the rotor and the seal case. In one embodiment, the rotor and seal case include at least one snap-fit connection that permits the rotor and seal case to be readily assembled. The at least one snap-fit connection includes the interfering portions which inhibit axial separation of the rotor and seal case after the rotor and seal case have been assembled.
Inventors: Timothy M. Liebe (Richmond), Michael A. Mason (Richmond)
Assignee: Amsted Rail Co. (Chicago, Illinois)
July 14, 2020

Lockable packaging and a release mechanism therefor
Patent No. 10,710,785
A lockable child-resistant, senior-friendly package of the sleeve-and-drawer style may be utilised for in healthcare type applications for the unit dose dispensing of pharmaceutical tablets, capsules and lozenges; in consumer good packaging applications for items such as food, recreational drugs (e.g., tobaccos, cigars, cigarettes, etc.), toys, hardware, and electrical items, or the like; and in security package applications to deter package pilferage for small high-value items, such as consumer electronics. The sleeve-and-drawer style package has an internal slidable lockable receptacle, having a two-part locking mechanism and an improved release mechanism.
Inventors: Tanuja A. Patwardhan (Richmond)
Assignee: WestRock MWV (Atlanta, Georgia)
July 14, 2020

Phosphors and scintillators for light stimulation within a medium
Patent No. 10,709,900
A system and method for light stimulation within a medium. The system has a reduced-voltage x-ray source configured to generate x-rays from a peak applied cathode voltage at or below 105 kVp, and a plurality of energy-emitting particles in the medium which, upon radiation from the x-ray source, radiate at a first lower energy than the x-ray source to interact with least one photoactivatable agent in the medium. The method introduces the plurality of energy-emitting particles into the medium, radiates the energy-emitting particles in the medium with x-rays generated from a peak applied cathode voltage at or below 105 kVp; and emits a lower energy than the x-ray source to interact with the medium or with at least one photoactivatable agent in the medium.
Inventors: Frederic A. Bourke Jr. (Aspen, Colorado), Harold Walder (Oak Island, North Carolina), Zakaryae Fathi (Raleigh, North Carolina), Michael J. Therien (Durham, North Carolina), Mark W. Dewhirst (Chapel Hill, North Carolina), Ian N. Stanton (Durham, North Carolina), Jennifer Ann Ayres (Raleigh, North Carolina), Diane Renee Fels (Cincinnati, Ohio), Joseph A. Herbert (Richmond)
Assignee: Immunolight (Detroit, Michigan) & Duke University (Durham, North Carolina)
July 14, 2020

Mucoadhesive buccal film having a dual release carrier system
Patent No. 10,709,662
Mucoadhesive buccal films comprising a statin-hydroxypropyl-beta-cyclodextrin inclusion complex and a statin-loaded mixed micelle composition, wherein the ratio of the mixed micelle composition to the inclusion complex is from 2:0.5 to 2:1.5 are provided. Methods of improving permeation of a statin across mucosal tissue by administering the film to a subject are also provided.
Inventors: A. Ahmed (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia), Alaa O. Bawazir (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia), Abdelsattar M. Omar (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia), Martin K. Safo (Richmond)
Assignee: King Abdulaziz University (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia) & Virginia Commonwealth University (Richmond)
July 14, 2020

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