15 startups tapped for Lighthouse Labs, Dominion accelerator programs

Two local startup accelerators have named the 15 startups that will make up their fall programs.

Lighthouse Labs RVA will welcome eight companies to its accelerator program, which is now in its ninth year. Dominion Energy Innovation Center will host seven startups in its inaugural accelerator program.

Lighthouse Labs

Polycarbin, a Pittsburgh-based startup, extracts plastics from medical waste and turns them into laboratory materials. (Courtesy Lighthouse Labs RVA)

Lighthouse Labs announced Wednesday the following companies will make up its fall class:

  • ArchiveCore, which seeks to make credentialing easier and more secure through distributed ledger technology. The company is based in Roanoke.
  • Bookclubz, a company that’s developed management software for book clubs. The company is based in Richmond.
  • Icarus Medical, a startup that makes a low-cost, 3D scanned knee brace. The company is based in Charlottesville.
  • Lumastic, which is creating an online community focused on entrepreneurship and problem solving. The company is based in Charlottesville.
  • MindCotine, a company that provides self-administered digital therapeutics to address addictive behaviors. The company is based in San Jose, Calif.
  • MIST, a startup that’s developed a spinal implant intended to treat scoliosis. The company is based in Charlottesville.
  • Polycarbin, which extracts plastics from medical waste and turns them into laboratory materials. The company is based in Pittsburgh.
  • Sunny Day Fund, which has developed a personal savings platform. The company is based in Falls Church.

The program is intended to help founders develop their companies with $20,000 in no-strings-attached seed funding, product testing and helping to expand their market with guidance from investors, mentors and industry experts.

This latest class is the first formal partnership between Lighthouse Labs and the Health Innovation Consortium, which is a health care innovation advocacy group led by VCUHealth. Health care companies will receive additional programming and mentorship through the Health Innovation Consortium.

More than 100 companies applied for the three-month virtual program. The companies will participate in weekly programming and receive mentorship from an advisor network. The program starts Aug. 24. Lighthouse Labs is located in the 1717 Innovation Center in Shockoe Bottom.

Dominion Energy Innovation Center

The office space for the accelerator. (Courtesy Dominion Energy Innovation Center)

The following seven startups will make up the first class of the Dominion Energy Innovation Center’s new accelerator program:

  • Ario, which has developed an augmented reality platform for training and education purposes for industrial and manufacturing companies. The company is based in Norfolk.
  • Longleaf Conservation Capital, a group of land owners that works to generate a financial return on working lands in the Southeast for corporations in an environmentally responsible way. The company is based in Richmond.
  • eCountabl, which has developed a mobile app that tracks the brands consumers buy from and connects users to companies with shared values based on their social and environmental beliefs. The company is based in Alexandria.
  • Mova Technologies, which has a patented filtration system that captures air pollutants more cheaply than existing technologies and also improves emission quality for industrial users. The company is based in Pulaski.
  • Asoleyo, which redesigns solar cells into a more artful presentation than their traditional appearance. The company is based in Herndon.
  • Linebird, which applies drone technology to the task of electric transmission line maintenance. The company is based in Richmond.
  • Lumin, which has a platform that provides whole-home energy management. The company is based in Charlottesville.

The center received 20 applications, though only 14 companies were eligible under the Virginia-based-only program.

The class will start an in-person program in early September, though the program could switch to a virtual format if public health restrictions related to the coronavirus pandemic are still in effect. The 10-week mentorship program, which is led by Dominion Energy, is focused on startups with services or products in the energy and sustainability spaces.

The accelerator companies will join the 15 startups that currently operate at the center, which is also an incubator space. The center is located in Ashland.

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