The R&D Dept.: Local patents for 2.10.21

Systems and methods for context development
Patent No. 10,909,135
Disclosed are methods, systems, and non-transitory computer-readable medium for context development. For instance, a first method may include obtaining first micro-application actor information associated with a first micro-application actor. The first micro-application actor information may include information for workflow rules, and the workflow rules may include data set rules, extract, transform, load (ETL) rules, and functional expressions. The first method may further include obtaining data from data sources based on the data set rules; applying the ETL rules to the obtained data to generate processed data; applying the functional expressions to the processed data to obtain an output; and performing at least one processing action based on the output. A second method may include generating a system component corresponding to a blueprint based on a user request; associating the system component with a domain of a user account; and performing processes associated the system component.
Inventors: Benjamin Stotts (Farmers Branch, Texas), Tanvi Thakur (Richmond), Patrick Moore (Allen, Texas), Gordon Bailey (Coppell, Texas)
Assignee: Capital One Services (McLean, Virginia)
Feb. 2, 2021

Multi-platform testing automation
Patent No. 10,909,027
Apparatuses, systems, methods, and computer program products are presented for multi-platform testing automation. A method includes electrically triggering, with a rotate command, at least one mechanical actuator to rotate a frame to successively present different faces of the frame to a camera of a mobile hardware device. A method includes simulating one or more touch input events on a mobile hardware device for each successively presented different face of a frame. A method includes receiving data associated with simulated one or more touch input events and a camera of a mobile hardware device from the mobile hardware device over a data network.
Inventors: Brandon Dewitt (Bluffdale, Utah), Ryan McBride (Lehi, Utah), Shane Smit (Lehi, Utah), Cristian Chirinos (Peasant Grove, Utah), Robert Montgomery (West Jordan, Utah), Garrett Thornburg (Richmond), Jonathan Carstens (Idaho Falls, Idaho), Daniel Ries (Provo, Utah)
Assignee: MX Technologies (Lehi, Utah)
Feb. 2, 2021

Systems and methods for nucleic acid expression in vivo
Patent No. 10,905,777
The present invention provides compositions, systems, kits, and methods for generating expression of one or more proteins and/or biologically active nucleic acid molecules in a subject (e.g., at therapeutic levels for extended periods required to produce therapeutic effects). In certain embodiments, systems and kits are provided that comprise a first composition comprising a first amount of polycationic structures, and a second composition comprising a therapeutically effective amount of expression vectors (e.g., non-viral expression vectors not associated with liposomes) that are CpG-free or CpG-reduced, where the expression vectors comprise a first nucleic acid sequence encoding: i) a first therapeutic protein or proteins, and/or ii) a first biologically active nucleic acid molecule or molecules.
Inventors: Robert James Debs (San Francisco, California), Timothy D. Heath (Madison, Wisconsin), Chakkrapong Handumrongkul (Richmond)
Assignee: DNARx (San Francisco, California)
Feb. 2, 2021

Electronic smoking article
Patent No. 10,905,165
An electronic smoking article includes a heater in communication with a liquid supply reservoir including liquid material and operable to heat the liquid material to a temperature sufficient to volatilize the liquid material contained therein and form an aerosol. The volatilized material flows through a sheath flow and aerosol promoter insert that is operable to cool the aerosol, reduce the particle size of the aerosol and increase the delivery rate of the aerosol.
Inventors: David B. Kane (Richmond), David R. Schiff (Highland Park, Virginia), Chris Carrick (Newark, Delaware), Chris Phelan (Richmond), Christopher S. Tucker (Midlothian, Virginia)
Assignee: Altria Client Services (Richmond)
Feb. 2, 2021

Electronic smoking article
Patent No. 10,905,159
An electronic smoking article includes an aerosol generator and a mouth end insert. The mouth end insert includes a mechanical aerosol converter surface having the capacity to improve characteristics of aerosol produced by the aerosol generator, including sensory attributes.
Inventors: Srinivasan Janardhan (Glen Allen, Virginia), Georgios D. Karles (Richmond), Yezdi B. Pithawalla (Midlothian, Virginia), Christopher Simpson (Richmond)
Assignee: Altria Client Services (Richmond)
Feb. 2, 2021

Fiber-wrapped smokeless tobacco product
Patent No. 10,905,151
A fiber-wrapped smokeless tobacco product includes smokeless tobacco and a plurality of polymeric fibers surrounding the smokeless tobacco. The polymeric fibers can have a basis weight of 5 gsm or less and a diameter of less than 100 microns. In some cases, the polymeric fibers are melt-blown polymeric fibers. In some cases, the polymeric fibers are centrifugal force spun polymeric fibers. A method of preparing a fiber-wrapped smokeless tobacco product includes melt-blowing or centrifugal force spinning a plurality of polymeric fibers to create an polymer deposition zone and passing a body comprising smokeless tobacco through the polymer deposition zone. In some cases, an electrostatic charge can be applied to the plurality of polymeric fibers, the body, or a combination thereof. In some cases, a spin is applied to the body when passing through the polymer deposition zone.
Inventors: Andrew Nathan Carroll (Chester, Virginia), Shannon Maxwell Black (Richmond), Yan Helen Sun (Midlothian, Virginia), William J. Burke (Nashville, Tennessee)
Assignee: Altria Client Services (Richmond)
Feb. 2, 2021

Antimicrobial solution and methods of making and using the same
Patent No. 10,905,124
A chitosan solution is formed from chitin, which is a homopolymer of beta (1-4)-linked N-acetyl-D-glucosamine. Rinsed, dried and ground chitin undergoes a process of deacetylation to convert some N-acetyl glucosamine to glucosamine, a primary component of chitosan. The chitosan solution is prepared by mixing 5chitosan with a alpha-hydroxy acid such as glycolic acid. An aqueous chelated silver solution is prepared by mixing silver oxide with a carboxylic acid such as citric acid. The chitosan solution can then be mixed with the silver solution resulting in a cationic complex. The cationic complex of the present invention may then be electrostatically bonded with generally negatively charged surfaces. In use, citrate promotes uptake of the silver by microbes. The antimicrobial complex can be applied via several methods of application, including an impregnated wipe, a foam, a gel, a spray, a lotion and an ointment.
Inventors: William Wingfield (Richmond)
Assignee: Ag21 Health Sciences (Richmond)
Feb. 2, 2021

Automatic transaction processing failover
Patent No. 10,911,459
Transaction authorization systems may include a transaction processor and an authorization server system. The transaction processor obtains transaction requests authorizations for those requests from the authorization server system. The transaction processor may require an authorization be provided within a threshold time; otherwise, the transaction may be processed without authorization. The authorization server system may be hosted using one or more nodes in a distributed system. Degradation of the performance of the distributed system may cause the performance of the authorization server system to fall below the required performance threshold and transactions may not be authorized before automatic processing. Transaction authorization systems may monitor the health of the individual nodes and/or the distributed system and automatically adjust the routing of authorizations based on current and/or future performance degradation. The transaction authorization system may also allocate additional resources and/or reroute authorizations to a separate distributed system to avoid performance degradations.
Inventors: Lavangana Govil (Glen Allen, Virginia), David J. Hicks (Glen Allen, Virginia), Harinath R. Nallabolu (Glen Allen, Virginia), Ranvirsinh Raol (Glen Allen, Virginia), Srinivas Alladi (Glen Allen, Virginia)
Assignee: Capital One Services (McLean, Virginia)
Feb. 2, 2021

Alternating patterns in cigarette wrapper, smoking article and method
Patent No. 10,905,154
A cigarette wrapper includes transversely extending banded regions applied by a printing technique, such as gravure printing. The banded regions may be applied in a one or more application of a printing composition that may be an aqueous starch solution also containing an anti-wrinkling agent such as propylene glycol, and calcium carbonate. The pattern of banded regions may be bands or stripes and the like along and/or around the tobacco rod. The banded regions may be solid or contain any number of cross-web and/or longitudinal discontinuities. The pattern may be configured so that when a smoking article is placed on a substrate, at least two longitudinal locations along the length of the tobacco rod have film-forming compound located only on sides of the smoking article not in contact with the substrate.
Inventors: Timothy S. Sherwood (Midlothian, Virginia), Robert N. Smith (Glen Allen, Virginia), Marc W. Rose (Mechanicsville, Virginia), Tyrone W. Murray (Midlothian, Virginia)
Assignee: Altria Client Services (Richmond)
Feb. 2, 2021

Gold nanoparticle in ceramic glaze
Patent No. 10,913,856
A range of processes is described herein for the preparation of a range of gold nanoparticle (Au NP) ceramic glazes with traditional firing methods that represents significant efficiency and ecological advancements over existing methods and allows for the replacement of commercial ceramic colorant methods, while retaining the costly equipment and firing methods already used. The process allows for ceramic surface color while breaking standards for minimal amounts of transition metal colorant used. The nanoparticle-based glazes described here add new colors to the known ceramic surface palette and offers greater consumer safety as an alternative to existing coloring processes that use higher concentrations of toxic metal and an increased risk of metal leaching from the final ceramic vessel into its contents (e.g., soil, beverage, food).
Inventors: Ryan Coppage (Richmond), Michael Leopold (Glen Allen, Virginia), Christine Lacy (Richmond)
Assignee: University of Richmond (Richmond)
Feb. 9, 2021

Symmetrically dynamic equalized volume and pressure air management system
Patent No. 10,913,322
An air management system for a vehicle having a supply tank, a system controller integrated with the supply tank, a first pneumatic circuit pneumatically connected to the system controller, and a second pneumatic circuit pneumatically connected to the system controller. The system controller adjusts independently air pressure of the first pneumatic circuit and the second pneumatic circuit without establishing pneumatic communication between the first and second pneumatic circuits. The system controller establishes pneumatic communication between the first and second pneumatic circuits when the system controller is not adjusting independently the air pressure of the first pneumatic circuit and the second pneumatic circuit.
Inventors: Matthew Vaughan (Surfers Paradise, Australia), Joseph Calaway (Camden, Michigan), David Bryan Lewis (Amelia Court House, Virginia), George Arrants (Richmond)
Assignee: Base Air Management Limited (Sydney, Australia)
Feb. 9, 2021

Token identity devices
Patent No. 10,915,890
Disclosed embodiments include methods, systems, and computer-readable media configured to provide wearable devices storing tokens associated with digital versions of physical documents/cards. The wearable devices may further transfer tokens securely to interested parties without Bluetooth.RTM. or other network connectivity beyond NFC radio. In some embodiments, a token vault operator system may receive a request to establish a token vault account for a user, authenticate an identity of the user based at least on the received request, and generating a token vault ID associated with the user. The token vault operator system may further configure access to data sets generated for and associated with the token vault ID, generate tokens associated with the token vault ID, each token corresponding to one of the one or more data sets, and provide the generated plurality of tokens associated with the token vault ID to at least one user device.
Inventors: Lawrence Douglas (Mclean, Virginia), Paul Moreton (Glen Allen, Virginia)
Assignee: Capital One Services (McLean, Virginia)
Feb. 9, 2021

Intelligent services and training agent for application dependency discovery, reporting, and management tool
Patent No. 10,915,428
Techniques for monitoring operating statuses of an application and its dependencies are provided. A monitoring application may collect and report the operating status of the monitored application and each dependency. Through use of existing monitoring interfaces, the monitoring application can collect operating status without requiring modification of the underlying monitored application or dependencies. The monitoring application may determine a problem service that is a root cause of an unhealthy state of the monitored application. Dependency analyzer and discovery crawler techniques may automatically configure and update the monitoring application. Machine learning techniques may be used to determine patterns of performance based on system state information associated with performance events and provide health reports relative to a baseline status of the monitored application. Also provided are techniques for testing a response of the monitored application through modifications to API calls. Such tests may be used to train the machine learning model.
Inventors: Muralidharan (Balasubramanian (Gaithersburg, Maryland), Eric K. Barnum (Midlothian, Virginia), Julie Dallen (Vienna, Virginia), David Watson (Arlington, Virginia)
Assignee: Capital One Services (McLean, Virginia)
Feb. 9, 2021

Storage unit replacement using point-in-time snap copy
Patent No. 10,915,406
In one embodiment, I/O operations may be swapped from an original storage unit to a replacement storage unit in a manner which can reduce or eliminate delays caused by copying of data from the original storage unit to the replacement storage unit. A point-in-time snap copy relationship between the original storage unit and the replacement storage unit of storage locations is established and I/O operations are swapped from the original storage unit to the replacement storage unit. The I/O operations are resumed, accessing the replacement storage unit instead of the original storage unit in the input/output operations issued by the at least one host. Other aspects are described.
Inventors: Amy N. Blea (Round Rock, Texas), David Randall Blea (Tucson, Arizona), Gregory E. McBride (Vail, Arizona), William J. Rooney (Hopewell Junction, New York), John Jay Wolfgang (Midlothian, Virginia)
Assignee: International Business Machines Corp. (Armonk, New York)
Feb. 9, 2021

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