The R&D Dept.: Local patents for 4.21.21

Systems and methods for providing a separate interest rate for an individual transaction
Patent No. 10,977,726
Systems and methods for providing a separate interest rate for an individual transaction are disclosed. A system may provide a service associated with a account having an account balance and an associated first interest rate. The system may include a service device having one or memory devices storing instructions and one or more processors configured to execute the instructions to perform a separate interest rate service process. The process may include providing a separate interest rate service offer to a client device and receiving a separate interest rate selection from the client device. The process may also include determining a selected portion of the account balance corresponding to an amount to which a second interest rate, different from the first interest rate, is to be applied based on the separate interest rate selection.
Inventors: Marcie Apelt (Richmond), Megan Edds (Glen Allen, Virginia), Keith Barron (Henrico, Virginia), Ashley Gibbs (Richmond), Matthew Vischulis (Vienna, Virginia), Carl Ashby (Montpelier, Virginia), Baining Hu (Vienna, Virginia), Yi Liu (Oakton, Virginia), David Schardt (Henrico, Virginia)
Assignee: Capital One Services (McLean, Virginia)
April 13, 2021

System and method for providing a driverless portable ATM
Patent No. 10,977,630
Systems and methods include a database of a financial institution that maintains a respective status of a plurality of mobile automated teller machines (ATMs), the status of each of the plurality of mobile ATMs indicating the location of the respective mobile ATM and the amount of cash available for withdrawal from the mobile ATM, a communication interface that receives a request for a mobile ATM from a user device via a network, the request including user device location data, a location processor that compares the user device location data to location data associated with the plurality of mobile ATMs, and determines a first mobile ATM from the plurality of mobile ATMs that is closest to the user device based on the user device location data, and a transaction processor of a backend system of the financial institution that processes a transaction based on received confirmation.
Inventors: Brian Deluca (Midlothian, Virginia), Harish Chavan (Glen Allen, Virginia), Jamie Warder (Bethesda, Maryland), Max Doerfler (Richmond), William Grisaitis (Arlington, Virginia), Mayank Pande (Glen Allen, Virginia), Robert Kania (Falls Church, Virginia)
Assignee: Capital One Services (McLean, Virginia)
April 13, 2021

Smart waste device and waste tracking system
Patent No. 10,977,622
An electronic waste tracking device, process, and system to track waste from one location to another location.
Inventors: David V. Borowski (Green Bay, Wisconsin), William C. Huddleston (San Diego, California), Benjamin A. Thorp (Richmond), William L. Klima (Fredericksburg, Virginia)
Assignee: N/A
April 13, 2021

Methods and devices for multi-step cell purification and concentration
Patent No. 10,976,232
Described herein are microfluidic devices and methods that can separate and concentrate particles in a sample.
Inventors: Anthony Ward (Rancho Santa Fe, California), Khushroo Gandhi (Palo Alto, California), Alison Skelley (Riverside, California), Curt Civin (Baltimore, Maryland), James C. Sturm (Princeton, New Jersey), Lee Aurich (Oakland, California), Michael Grisham (Richmond), D’Silva; Joseph (Princeton, New Jersey), Robert H. Austin (Princeton, New Jersey)
Assignee: GPB Scientific (Richmond) & The Trustees of Princeton University (Princeton, New Jersey) & University of Maryland, Baltimore (Baltimore, Maryland)
April 13, 2021

Two component sprayable adhesive additive and method of use
Patent No. 10,975,270
A two component sprayable adhesive and system for spraying is provided. The two component adhesive may have an adhesive, and an activator. These components are mixed after spraying, either in the air or on a substrate. The activator destabilizes the adhesive making it more tacky and effective. In at least one of the two components, an additive is provided to provide a visual indication that the components are mixed and/or properly mixed in the intended ratio.
Inventors: Ian L. Churcher (Richmond), Steven E. Adams (Richmond)
Assignee: Worthen Industries (Nashua, New Hampshire)
April 13, 2021

Rider propelled scooter
Patent No. 10,974,785
A scooter to be propelled by a rider is disclosed herein. The scooter comprises a frame including a base capable of supporting the rider standing thereon and having a first side and a second side, and an arcuate bar having a lower end and an upper end. The base has a slot formed at the second side thereof. The arcuate bar extends upwardly from the first side of the base from the lower end thereof. A front wheel is coupled to the upper end of the arcuate bar by a support member, and a rear wheel is coupled to the base at the second side thereof such that the rear wheel is extending into the formed slot thereat. A handlebar is provided at the upper end of the arcuate bar and in connection with the support member to provide directional movement to the front wheel.
Inventors: Kevin Friend (Richmond)
Assignee: N/A
April 13, 2021

Atomizer devices, bottles, and methods of using the same
Patent No. 10,974,266
Bottles and atomizer configurations provide dispensers capable of atomizing a fluid or liquid contained in the bottle, wherein the bottles may include shapes and features to facilitate evacuation of the bottles and the atomizers provide improved features for storing and dispersing product from the bottles.
Inventors: Brandon L. Ramsuer (Henrico, Virginia), Kelly A. Harrigan (Richmond), Brian van Houten (Kansas City, Missouri), William L. Driskell (Lee’s Summit, Missouri)
Assignee: Silgan Dispensing Systems Corp. (Grandview, Missouri)
April 13, 2021

Thermal management methods and apparatus for producing uniform material deposition and curing for high speed three-dimensional printing
Patent No. 10,974,495
A three-dimensional object printing system comprises a ejectors configured to eject drops of material towards a platen, a heater, a sensor configured to sense temperature of the ejected material, a radiator configured to direct radiation to the ejected material, a cooler configured to cool the ejected material, and a controller operatively connected to the ejectors, heater, sensor radiator and cooler. The controller is configured to control the ejectors to form layers of material for a three-dimensional object on the surface of the platen with reference to image data of the three-dimensional object, to operate the heater to heat the surface of the platen, to compare a temperature signal received from the sensor to a predetermined threshold, to operate the radiator to radiate the object layers, and to operate the cooler to attenuate heat produced by the radiated material in response to the signal from sensor exceeding the predetermined threshold.
Inventors: Paul J. McConville (Webster, New York), Hong Zhao (Glen Allen, Virginia), Charles T. Facchini II (Webster, New York)
Assignee: Xerox Corp. (Norwalk, Connecticut)
April 13, 2021

Systems and methods for use of capacitive member to prevent chip fraud
Patent No. 10,977,539
Example embodiments of systems and methods for preventing chip fraud are provided. A chip fraud prevention system may comprise a device including a chip, wherein the chip is at least partially encompassed in a chip pocket. One or more connections may be communicatively coupled to one or more surfaces of the chip, and a capacitance member may be coupled to a surface of the chip. The capacitance member may comprise a known capacitance value and the chip may comprise a memory containing an applet, wherein the applet is configured to measure the capacitance value of the capacitance member.
Inventors: Daniel Herrington (New York, New York), Stephen Schneider (Midlothian, Virginia), Tyler Maiman (Melville, New York)
Assignee: Capital One Services (McLean, Virginia)
April 13, 2021

Adaptive control of coating thickness
Patent No. 10,976,154
An example method that includes receiving, by a computing device, a geometry of the component that includes a plurality of locations on a surface of the component; determining, by the computing device, a respective target thickness of the coating for each respective location of the plurality of locations based on a target coated component geometry and the geometry of the component; and determining, by the computing device, a number of passes or velocity of a coating device for each respective position of a plurality of positions to achieve the respective target thickness for each respective location.
Inventors: Keith Bourne (Chester, Virginia), Matthew R. Gold (Carmel, Indiana), Marshall Louis Sweet (Midlothian, Virginia), Frol Periverzov (Chester, Virginia), Benjamin Zimmerman (Moseley, Virginia)
Assignee: Rolls-Royce North American Technologies (Indianapolis, Indianapolis)
April 13, 2021

System and method for detecting fraudulent bank transactions
Patent No. 10,977,656
A system for detecting a fraudulent ATM transaction is disclosed. The system relates to an ATM machine that receives a bank/ATM card from a customer. The ATM first attempts to read information from the card chip, but is unable to do so due to a read error. The ATM then instead reads the information from the magnetic strip, and initiates a fraud detection procedure. In one such procedure, the ATM uses a local wireless access point to detect a customer’s device, such as a phone, in the vicinity of the ATM. In another such procedure, the ATM communicates with a backend server. The backend server then determines the location of the customer device either by transmitting a message to request authorization, or by utilizing GPS or other location-detection means on the customer device to determine whether the customer device is within the ATM vicinity.
Inventors: Richard Allen Post (Mechanicsville, Virginia)
Assignee: Capital One Services (McLean, Virginia)
April 13, 2021

Systems and methods for real-time data quantification, acquisition, analysis, and feedback
Patent No. 10,973,439
This disclosure relates to systems, media, and methods for providing near-instantaneous feedback from real-time motion sensor data. In an embodiment, the system may perform operations including loading at least one target motion trigger. Disclosed embodiments may receive real-time sensor data from the first motion sensor detachably fixed to a user. Additionally, disclosed embodiments may include calculating a motion profile based on the real-time sensor data, the motion profile describing a multi-dimensional representation of acceleration of a motion performed by the user. Disclosed embodiments may also include comparing the at least one target motion trigger to the calculated motion profile to determine if the motion performed by the user corresponds to the target motion. Further, disclose embodiments may include transmitting, based on the comparison, an instruction to provide an alert to a user.
Inventors: John Douglas (Potomac, Maryland), Frank Fornari (Naples, Florida), Igor Peric (Barcelona, Spain), Jeff Rowberg (Salem, Virginia), Alexander Maslennikov (North Potomac, Maryland), Bridget Bell (Henrico, Virginia)
Assignee: BioMech Sensor (Midlothian, Virginia)
April 13, 2021

Carbon-containing aramid bicomponent filament yarns
Patent No. 10,982,353
A yarn comprising a plurality of bicomponent filaments having a first region comprising a first polymer composition and a second region comprising a second polymer composition; the regions being distinct and present in the bicomponent filaments in a sheath-core structure or a side-by-side structure; wherein the first polymer composition comprises aramid polymer containing 0.5 to 20 weight percent homogeneously dispersed discrete carbon particles and the second polymer composition comprises aramid polymer being free of discrete carbon particles and having at least one homogeneously dispersed masking pigment, the yarn having a total content of 0.5 to 5 weight percent discrete carbon particles.
Inventors: Mark William Andersen (Charlottesville, Virginia), Mark T. Aronson (Midlothian, Virginia), Christopher William Newton (Richmond), Thomas Wayne Steinruck (Glen Allen, Virginia), B. Lynne Wiseman (Richmond), Reiyao Zhu (Moseley, Virginia)
Assignee: Dupont Safety & Construction (Wilmington, Delaware)
April 20, 2021

Direct to container system with on-line weight control and associated method
Patent No. 10,981,682
Systems and methods for manufacturing and inserting a pre-determined number of material-filled pouches into containers are disclosed. A system includes a pouch providing system comprising a plurality of lanes, wherein each one of the plurality of lanes includes a pouch making machine and a hold-back structure. The system also includes a conveyor system structured and arranged to move a plurality of containers into alignment with the plurality of lanes. The system further includes a controller structured and arranged to control the hold-back structure in each one of the plurality of lanes such that the pre-determined pouches are inserted into the plurality of containers when the plurality of containers are aligned with the plurality of lanes.
Inventors: James D. Evans (Chesterfield, Virginia), Herbert Cary Longest (Midlothian, Virginia), Tamika S. Murrell (Richmond), Robert V. Powell Jr. (Richmond), Jeremy Straight (Midlothian, Virginia), Jarrod Chalkley (Mechanicsville, Virginia)
Assignee: Altria Client Services (Richmond)
April 20, 2021

Guidewire retention clip
Patent No. 10,980,984
A guidewire retention clip is provided to prevent the accidental, complete insertion of a guidewire into a patient during various procedures. As provided herein, the guidewire retention clip may include a body having a portion configured to hold a guidewire; a sensor associated with the body configured to detect movement of the guidewire to and from the body; and an audio and/or visual indicator arranged on the body, wherein the audio and/or visual indicator is triggered when the sensor detects movement of the guidewire. Methods of using the guidewire retention clip are also provided.
Inventors: Hilton Bennett (Richmond), William Paul Murphy (Richmond), Bennett Ward (Midlothian, Virginia), Nathan Minh Le (Richmond), Ramya Nandigam (Richmond), Sara Um (Richmond)
Assignee: Virginia Commonwealth University (Richmond)
April 20, 2021

Electronic cigarette
Patent No. 10,980,953
An electronic cigarette includes a liquid supply including liquid material, a heater operable to heat the liquid material to a temperature sufficient to vaporize the liquid material and form an aerosol, a wick in communication with the liquid material and in communication with the heater such that the wick delivers the liquid material to the heater, at least one air inlet operable to deliver air to a central air passage upstream of the heater, and a mouth end insert having at least two diverging outlets. The electronic cigarette can also include an air flow diverter which directs incoming air away from a heating zone of the heater.
Inventors: Christopher S. Tucker (Midlothian, Virginia), Geoffrey Brandon Jordan (Midlothian, Virginia), Barry S. Smith (Hopewell, Virginia), Ali A. Rostami (Glen Allen, Virginia), Charles E. B. Glenn Sr. (Richmond)
Assignee: Altria Client Services (Richmond)
April 20, 2021

Charger assembly and charging system for an electronic vaping device
Patent No. 10,980,277
A charger assembly is configured to charge the electronic vaping device. The charger assembly includes a base including a housing defining a port. The port is configured to receive a tip end of an electronic vaping device. The port includes a magnetic electrical contact centrally positioned at a bottom of the port and a first pin positioned at the bottom of the port. The charger assembly also includes a microprocessor electrically connected to the magnetic electrical contact and the first pin.
Inventors: Geoffrey Brandon Jordan (Midlothian, Virginia), Barry S. Smith (Hopewell, Virginia), Douglas A. Burton (Glen Allen, Virginia), Eric Hawes (Glen Allen, Virginia), Sean Sundberg (Richmond), Berina Yerkic-Husejnovic (Richmond)
Assignee: Altria Client Services (Richmond)
April 20, 2021

Healthcare asset tracker apparatus and methods
Patent No. 10,983,579
Improved fixed receiver devices including both transmit and receive circuitry and operating on battery power are disclosed. An example transmitter/receiver location device includes a network interface to enable transmission and receipt of messages via a first communication medium and transmission and receipt of messages via a second communication medium. The example device includes a battery to provide power to the device, the battery to have a battery level and to be chargeable. The example device includes a memory to store instructions and data. The example device includes a processor to at least: process a beacon message received via the network interface; generate an information message for a location server based on location information from the beacon message and status information based on the battery level for the device; and adjust an operating state of the device based on the battery level.
Inventors: Matthew Cannell (Glen Allen, Virginia), Phillip Crawley (Glen Allen, Virginia)
Assignee: General Electric Co. (Schenectady, New York)
April 20, 2021

Preclean and dielectric deposition methodology for superconductor interconnect fabrication
Patent No. 10,985,059
A method is provided of forming a superconductor device interconnect structure. The method comprises forming a first dielectric layer overlying a substrate and forming a superconducting interconnect element in the first dielectric layer. The superconducting interconnect element includes a top surface aligned with a top surface of the first dielectric layer to form a first interconnect layer. The superconductor device interconnect structure is moved into a dielectric deposition chamber. The method further comprises performing a cleaning process on a top surface of the first interconnect layer in the dielectric deposition chamber to remove oxidization from a top surface of the first interconnect layer, and depositing a second dielectric layer over the first interconnect layer in the dielectric deposition chamber.
Inventors: Brian Paul Wagner (Baltimore, Maryland), Christopher F. Kirby (Gambrills, Maryland), Michael Rennie (Ashland, Virginia), James T. Kelliher (Elkridge, Maryland), Khyhouth Lim (Baltimore, Maryland)
Assignee: Northrop Grumman Systems Corp. (Falls Church, Virginia)
April 20, 2021

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