The R&D Dept.: Local patents for 9.22.21

Locking mechanism
Patent No. 11,117,013
A lock mechanism which can be placed on a shaft, such as a bar or pole, in either a first direction or second direction, is secured to the shaft using two sets of balls which project out of apertures in an inner cylinder to frictionally engage the shaft. The balls are selectively retractable from their projecting position to allow the inner cylinder to slide on and/or be removed from the shaft. Biasing members, such as wavy springs, bias the two sides of the lock mechanism towards one another. In the locked configuration, the balls are forced by inclined surfaces within the two sides to project outwardly from the inner hollow cylinder. The inclined surfaces are aligned with two rows of apertures in the inner hollow cylinder, and they are inclined in opposite directions. Thus, either way the lock mechanism is installed or placed on the shaft, the balls will project out of the apertures in the inner hollow cylinder and will securely engage the shaft.
Inventors: David Robert Davies (Chesterfield, Virginia), Hugh Anderson (Henrico, Virginia), Randy Franks (Henrico, Virginia)
Assignee: SpeedClips USA (Henrico, Virginia)
Sept. 14, 2021

Nicotine lozenge
Patent No. 11,116,758
A nicotine lozenge provided herein includes a body that is partially or wholly receivable in an oral cavity. The body includes a soluble-fiber matrix and nicotine or a derivative thereof dispersed in the soluble-fiber matrix. In some cases, a nicotine lozenge provided herein includes at least 40 weight percent of soluble fiber. In some cases, soluble fiber in a nicotine lozenge provided herein can include maltodextrin. The nicotine lozenge is adapted to release the nicotine or a derivative thereof from the body when the body is received within the oral cavity of an adult consumer and exposed to saliva. A method of making nicotine lozenges provided herein includes forming a molten mixture of at least 40 weight percent soluble fiber, nicotine, and less than 15 weight percent water while maintaining a mixture temperature of less than C. and portioning the molten mixture into a plurality of nicotine lozenges. In some cases, the ingredients can be mixed to form the molten mixture in an extruder.
Inventors: Feng Gao (Midlothian, Virginia), Diane L. Gee (Chesterfield, Virginia), Phillip M. Hulan (Midlothian, Virginia), Shuzhong Zhuang (Glen Allen, Virginia), William J. Burke (Nashville, Tennessee)
Assignee: Altria Client Services (Richmond)
Sept. 14, 2021

Poly alpha-1,3-glucan fibrids and uses thereof and processes to make poly alpha-1,3-glucan fibrids
Patent No. 11,118,312
Disclosed herein are poly alpha-1,3-glucan fibrids and methods for making them. The fibrids have a fibrous shape with an average length of between 10 .mu.m and 10 mm and width of between 200 nm and 200 .mu.m. Also disclosed are uses for the fibrids, including paper-making and as a viscosity modifier in making formulations for applications such as laundry applications and personal care applications, and as an emulsifier in food.
Inventors: Natnael Behabtu (Leiden, Netherlands), Jayme L. Paullin (Exton, Pennsylvania), Mikhail R. Levit (Glen Allen, Virginia)
Assignee: Nutrition & Biosciences USA 4 (Rochester, New York)
Sept. 14, 2021

Protecting user privacy in playback of user sessions
Patent No. 11,121,883
Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on a computer storage medium, for protecting user privacy in the playback of user sessions are described. In one aspect, a method includes accessing, for a user session with one or more user interfaces, event data that includes interface data specifying a structure of the user interface(s), and, for each of one or more user interface elements for which content was presented by the user interface(s) during the user session, an encrypted content element including the content of the user interface element encrypted using a public key corresponding to a rule enabling recording of the content of the user interface element and data identifying the rule. Playback of the user session is generated including, for each of the interface element(s), decrypting the encrypted content element for the user interface element and presenting the decrypted content during the playback of the user session.
Inventors: Joel Grayson Webber (Decatur, Georgia), Benjamin David Dean (Atlanta, Georgia), Mark Nicholas Seth Fowler (Midlothian, Virginia)
Assignee: FullStory (Atlanta, Georgia)
Sept. 14, 2021

Composite scaffold for the repair, reconstruction, and regeneration of soft tissues
Patent No. 11,116,622
A composite scaffold having a highly porous interior with increased surface area and void volume is surrounded by a flexible support structure that substantially maintains its three-dimensional shape under tension and provides mechanical reinforcement during repair or reconstruction of soft tissue while simultaneously facilitating regeneration of functional tissue.
Inventors: Kevin A. Rocco (New Haven, Connecticut), Bhavana Mohanraj (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), Jeffrey Ott (New Haven, Connecticut), Justin Bendigo (Reading, Pennsylvania), Jacob Edward Komenda (New Haven, Connecticut), Mark Theodore Aronson (Midlothian, Virginia), Andrew James Carter (Stow, Massachusetts)
Assignee: Biorez (New Haven, Connecticut)
Sept. 14, 2021

Inflatable seal system with retractable load bearing feature
Patent No. 11,118,697
An inflatable seal system with retractable load bearing feature providing sealing in the annulus between a ball inside a pipe, with minimal pressure applied to inflate the inflatable seal, by using a retractable load bearing construct to hold the ball in place against the high-pressure forces in the pipe.
Inventors: Pallant Satnarine Ramsundar (Chester, Virginia)
Assignee: N/A
Sept. 14, 2021

Adapter for hot-melt adhesive dispenser and system including the same
Patent No. 11,117,159
An adapter is configured to be mounted onto or otherwise coupled to a hot-melt adhesive dispenser. The adapter may include a body defining at least a first inlet channel, a second inlet channel, and a feed channel. The first inlet channel is configured to receive a first adhesive. The second inlet channel is configured to receive a second adhesive. The feed channel is configured to direct at least one of the first adhesive or the second adhesive to the hot-melt adhesive dispenser.
Inventors: Dwight D. Williams (Powhatan, Virginia)
Assignee: Altria Client Services (Richmond)
Sept. 14, 2021

System and method for comprehensive sales and service metric reporting
Patent No. 11,127,090
A system and method in accordance with example embodiments for comprehensive sales and service data reporting. Sales and service events that take place at a front end branch of an enterprise may be input into a front end system and transmitted to a backend system where various modules then use the front end system data to generate various data and reports to display various data, such as, for example, sales incentive metrics and key performance indicators.
Inventors: Kenneth A. Windbeck (Reston, Virginia), Emil W. Philips (Richmond), Corey J. Barrett (Henrico, Virginia), Jason R. Kary (Center Moriches, New York), Sean J. White (Arlington, Virginia), Paula Edwards-Seal (Silver-Springs, Maryland), Elizabeth Hoffman (Vienna, Virginia)
Assignee: Capital One Services (McLean, Virginia)
Sept. 21, 2021

Refrigeration system with condenser temperature differential setpoint control
Patent No. 11,125,483
A refrigeration system for a temperature-controlled storage device includes a refrigeration circuit that circulates a refrigerant, a separate cooling circuit that circulates a coolant, and a controller. The refrigeration circuit includes a compressor, a condenser, an expansion device, and an evaporator. The cooling circuit includes a pump, a control valve, and a heat removing device in fluid communication with the condenser via the coolant. The controller is operatively coupled to the control valve and configured to identify a coolant temperature differential setpoint, monitor a temperature of the coolant provided to the condenser by the cooling circuit, calculate a coolant temperature differential based on the temperature of the coolant provided to the condenser, and operate the control valve to modulate a flow of the coolant through the condenser to drive the coolant temperature differential to the coolant temperature differential setpoint.
Inventors: Timothy D. Swofford (Midlothian, Virginia), Neil J. Rathje (Chesterfield, Virginia), Jules G. Choueifati (Richmond)
Assignee: Hill Phoenix (Conyers, Georgia)
Sept. 21, 2021

Cordless concrete nailer with removable lower contact trip
Patent No. 11,123,850
A removable contact trip can be received in an aperture of the barrel and can be slidable between a retracted position and an extended position relative to an end of the barrel. The removable contact trip can define a muzzle aperture aligned with the driver axis and through which a fastener is driven by the nail driver. The removable contact trip can include a latch pocket. A removable contact trip latch can be biased toward a latched position in which the removable contact trip latch extends through a window of the barrel and is receivable in the latch pocket to latch the removable contact trip to the barrel. The removable contact trip latch can also be movable to an unlatched position in which the removable contact trip latch is not receivable in the latch pocket to unlatch and permit removal of the contact trip from the barrel.
Inventors: Erin Elizabeth Jaskot (Richmond), Stuart Garber (Towson, Maryland)
Assignee: Black & Decker (New Britain, Connecticut)
Sept. 21, 2021

Spa with water purification system
Patent No. 11,123,262
A spa has an insulated cabinet with an uninsulated shell disposed therein. A filter assembly is downstream of a water intake. A heater is downstream of the filter assembly and a pump is downstream of the heater. A diversion line is in fluid line connection with an outlet of the pump. An ozonizor is in fluid communication with the diversion line. The filter assembly is coupled to the diversion line. A data processing system is coupled to the heater, pump, a control panel and a temperature sensor, wherein the data processing system responsive to when the actual temperature of an amount of water in the shell is a magnitude in degrees below a set temperature 1) turns the heater off if it is on or does not turn the heater on if it is already off and 2) turns the pump on if it is off or if it is already running does not turn the pump off.
Inventors: Richard T. French (Chesterfield, Virginia)
Assignee: Barefoot Spas (Chesterfield, Virginia)
Sept. 21, 2021

Location-based note sharing
Patent No. 11,128,983
In one aspect, the present disclosure relates to a method that includes presenting a first user interface (UI) and a second UI on a mobile device. The first UI may include a map display and a control to compose a note. The method may include, in response to a user of the mobile device activating the control to compose the note, presenting a second UI including: an input to receive text for the note, one or more controls to select a picture for the note, and a control to save the note. The method may include, in response to the user activating the control to save the note: determining a location for the note using a geo-location sensor within the mobile device, sending the received text, the selected picture, and the location for the note to a server device, and displaying an indication of the note on the map display based on the location determined for the note.
Inventors: Arunkumar Natarajan (Glen Allen, Virginia), Venkata Mandali (Glen Allen, Virginia)
Assignee: Capital One Services (McLean, Virginia)
Sept. 21, 2021

Needle storage magazine with status indication
Patent No. 11,123,500
A magazine (18) that stores a plurality of needles (56) configured to engage a medication pen (2) for medication delivery, the magazine (18) comprising a magazine housing (20) enclosing a removable array (26) having a plurality of hub chambers (22) each enclosing one of a plurality of needle hubs (50), a connector (28) in each of the plurality of huh chambers (22), each connector (28) engages one of the plurality of needle hubs (50), a plurality of peel tabs (30) each sealing one of the plurality of hub chambers (22), and an electronic indicator (62) to identify a status of the plurality of needle hubs (50), wherein the electronic indicator (62) identifies how many of the plurality of needle hubs (50) are unused.
Inventors: Sudarsan Srinivasan (Glen Allen, Virginia), David Schiff (Highland Park, New Jersey), Stephan Lawson (Malvern, Pennsylvania), Nicholas Hugh McGill (Broomhall, Pennsylvania)
Assignee: Becton, Dickinson and Co. (Franklin Lakes, New Jersey)
Sept. 21, 2021

Systems and methods for performing transactions with contactless cards
Patent No. 11,129,019
Example embodiments of systems and methods for data transmission system between transmitting and receiving devices are provided. In an embodiment, each of the transmitting and receiving devices can contain a master key. The transmitting device can generate a diversified key using the master key, protect a counter value and encrypt data prior to transmitting to the receiving device, which can generate the diversified key based on the master key and can decrypt the data and validate the protected counter value using the diversified key.
Inventors: Kaitlin Newman (Washington, D.C.), Kimberly Haynes (Reston, Virginia), Charles Nathan Crank (Henrico, Virginia), Andrew Cogswell (Midlothian, Virginia), Colin Hart (Arlington, Virginia), Jeffrey Rule (Chevy Chase, Maryland), Lara Mossler (Farmville, Virginia), Latika Gulati (Vienna, Virginia), Abdekader Benkreira (Washington, D.C.), Sarah Jane Cunningham (Arlington, Virginia), Sophie Bermudez (Washington, D.C.), Michael Mossoba (Arlington, Virginia), Wayne Lutz (Fort Washington, Maryland)
Assignee: Capital One Services (McLean, Virginia)
Sept. 21, 2021

Computer-based systems of microservice orchestration based on bounded contexts and methods of use thereof
Patent No. 11,127,080
In order to provide agile and dynamic portfolio management, systems and methods for underwriting and portfolio management include an ecosystem including a platform, including processing devices, communication interfaces, runtime environments, and databases, where the databases are configured to store ecosystem data, where the ecosystem data includes data associated with a plurality of systems. A service layer is in communication with the platform, the service layer including containers executed in the runtime environment and configured to implement microservices, where each of the containers include: at least one microservice and a datastore device configured to store domain-specific data. An orchestrator is in communication with the service layer, the orchestrator to schedule execution of the microservices according to bounded contexts coordinated with composite application programming interfaces (API) interfacing with a microservice specific API.
Inventors: Jim Brocato (McLean, Virginia), Alberto Silva (McLean, Virginia), Victor Lombardi (McLean, Virginia), Christopher Bowers (Midlothian, Virginia)
Assignee: Capital One Services (McLean, Virginia)
Sept. 21, 2021

Vapor-permeable, substantially water-impermeable multilayer article
Patent No. 11,123,965
This disclosure relates to an article (e.g., a vapor-permeable, substantially water-impermeable multilayer article) that can include a nonwoven substrate and a film supported by the nonwoven substrate. The film can include a polyolefin grafted with an anhydride, an acid, or an acrylate.
Inventors: Mehdi Afshari (Midlothian, Virginia)
Assignee: Fiberweb (Old Hickory, Tennessee)
Sept. 21, 2021

Vicine and covicine removal from a feed stock
Patent No. 11,122,818
A system and method for vicine/covicine removal includes generating a feed stock from a plant-based protein source, the plant-based protein source having anti-nutritionals disposed therein, including vicine and covicine. The system and method includes generating an ethanol slurry by combining the feed stock with an ethanol wash containing a first volume of ethanol and processing the ethanol slurry through an extractor to generate an ethanol matrix and a feed stock mass. The method and system further includes providing the feed stock mass to a desolventizer and generating a desolventized feed stock mass therefrom. Therein, the method and system includes drying the desolventized feed stock mass to generate a clean feed stock with at least a portion of the vicine/covicine removed therefrom.
Inventors: Michael A. Spinelli (Moseley, Virginia), Krisan Singh (Midlothian, Virginia), Reinhold Brand (Henrico, Virginia)
Assignee: Nutriati (Henrico, Virginia)
Sept. 21, 2021

Routing packets in multiple destination networks with overlapping address spaces
Patent No. 11,128,568
A packet is analyzed at an outbound end of a tunnel from a first data network to determine whether the packet is directed to a first remote target in a first remote data network over a first tunnel or to a second remote target in a second remote data network over a second tunnel. A target address of the packet is present in both the first remote data network and the second remote data network. When the packet is to be directed to the first remote target in the first remote data network, an octet in the target address of the packet is changed from a first value to a second value, the changing forming a modified packet. When the second value is stored in the octet, the modified packet is caused to be sent to the tunnel for delivery to the second data network.
Inventors: Eric M. Anderson (Friendswood, Texas), Susan A. Hearn (Ontario, Canada), Linwood E. Loving (Mechanicsville, Virginia), Martin G. Mclaughlin (Glasgow, Great Britain), Daniel R. Miller (Prospect, Connecticut), John B. Simmons (Westminster, Colorado)
Assignee: International Business Machines Corp. (Armonk, New York)
Sept. 21, 2021

Shaped elastomeric container with integrated leak resistant seal and pressure shield
Patent No. 11,124,330
A container made of an elastomer such as silicone with an integrated leak resistant seal and pressure shield. Seal incorporates press-fit elements with sizes and shapes sufficient to provide a strong seal that resists leakage of liquids from inside the container, seal is integrated into the container and requires no external clips or clasps. The pressure shield increases leak resistance by at least 300% and is formed by adding material to the inside of the container and not to the engaging portions of the seal and works by deflecting pressure away from the two leak resistant seal portions. Additional features are provided to facilitate opening such as extended flaps for pulling the sides open, and asymmetric cavities for press-fit elements to reduce the initial opening force. The container may include a hole and be of asymmetrical shape, such as trapezoidal, to provide a wide opening along with a strong seal.
Inventors: Paul Maguire (Goochland, Virginia), Katousha Ghaemi Nouri (Emeryville, California), Angelo Carpinelli (Emeryville, California), Bryan Kin Fo Au (Hong Kong, China)
Assignee: Stasher (Emeryville, California)
Sept. 21, 2021

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