The R&D Dept.: Local patents for 10.20.21

Multi-level network-based access coordination
Patent No. 11,144,894
Multi-level network-based access is coordinated. Multiple downloadable first software applications configured to provide a first class of service are distributed over a communications network. Multiple downloadable second software applications configured to provide a second class of service are distributed over the communications network. A centralized computer system coordinates access between the first software applications and the second software applications, such that access between any of the first software applications and the second software applications is controlled by and through confirmation of the centralized computer system. Services on behalf of the first software applications are provided by the centralized computer system to the second software applications once access between a first software application and a second software application is confirmed.
Inventors: Duncan Parker (Richmond)
Assignee: Dinegigs (Richmond)
Oct. 12, 2021

Circulating biomarker levels for diagnosis and risk-stratification of traumatic brain injury
Patent No. 11,143,662
Methods, compositions and kits useful in the diagnosis, prognosis and/or assessment of brain injuries and risk for brain injuries, such as hemorrhage, are based upon detection of certain biomarkers.
Inventors: Donna J. Edmonds (Richmond), Timothy E. Van Meter (Richmond), NaZanin Mirshahi (Richmond)
Assignee: Brainbox Solutions (Richmond)
Oct. 12, 2021

Loading device and method
Patent No. 11,143,485
A load carrier for a muzzleloader having a muzzle, comprising a first assembly component and a second assembly component, the first assembly component comprising a tubular open-ended charge receiving body configured to receive a charge though an open end section of the charge receiving body with the second assembly component comprising a tubular delivery body comprising a delivery end section and a connector end section, the delivery end section having an external diameter so as to be insertable into the muzzle and a removeable cap engageable with the delivery end section. The connector end section of the second assembly component may be engageable with the open end section of the charge receiving body of the first assembly component. Insertion of at least a portion of the delivery end section into the muzzle during pouring facilitates consistent and speedy loading. The disclosure also provides associated methods.
Inventors: Martin T. Garthaffner (Chesterfield, Virginia), Aaron M. Garthaffner (Doswell, Virginia)
Assignee: N/A

Films for use as interleaves between substrates
Patent No. 11,141,955
Films may be used as interleaves between hard and non-compressible surfaces such as surfaces of sheets or plates made of glass, metal, such as steel, polycarbonate, and/or poly(methyl methacrylate). The films may be embossed and/or may include a foamed core layer having a plurality of micro-voids. In particular, the films may include a polyolefin, a basis weight of between about 30 gsm and about 70 gsm, an embossed thickness of between about 150 microns and 800 microns, and a stiffness of between about 150 grams and about 750 grams according to the Circular Bend Stiffness Test.
Inventors: Bankim Bhupendra Desai (Chesterfield, Virginia), Carl Douglas Ray (Chesterfield, Virginia), Ricky Santoso (Glen Allen, Virginia), Shailesh Chunilal Patel (Chesterfield, Virginia), Kevin A. Brady (Cary, Illinois)
Assignee: Tredegar Surface Protection (Chesterfield, Virginia)
Oct. 12, 2021

Dual channel jetting apparatus for 2D/3D electrohydrodynamic (EHD) printing
Patent No. 11,141,989
An electrohydrodynamic (EHD) jet printing apparatus or system may include circulation of printing fluid to minimize or eliminate clogging in a nozzle. An exemplary nozzle comprises at least two ink channels–one allowing flow to a droplet emitting opening and one allowing flow away from the droplet emitting opening–configured for circulating ink. The nozzle may transfer ink to a substrate with an EHD technique involving voltage or current modulation. For example, an electric field may be applied between the nozzle and printing substrate such that the ink meniscus changes shape and releases ink from the tip of the liquid cone. A multi-channel nozzle may take a variety of configurations, including two co-axially aligned capillaries, side-by-side parallel capillaries, or capillaries arranged at an angle with respect to one another but converging at a single point where the conical meniscus is formed.
Inventors: Daren Chen (Glen Allen, Virginia), Hong Zhao (Glen Allen, Virginia)
Assignee: Virginia Commonwealth University (Richmond)
Oct. 12, 2021

Systems and methods for cryptographic authentication of contactless cards using risk factors
Patent No. 11,144,915
Example embodiments of systems and methods for data transmission system between transmitting and receiving devices are provided. In an embodiment, each of the transmitting and receiving devices can contain a master key. The transmitting device can generate a diversified key using the master key, protect a counter value and encrypt data prior to transmitting to the receiving device, which can generate the diversified key based on the master key and can decrypt the data and validate the protected counter value using the diversified key. Example embodiments of systems and methods can be used to provide further authentication and added levels of security for transactions.
Inventors: Kevin Osborn (Newton Highlands, Massachusetts), Jeffrey Rule (Chevy Chase, Maryland), James Ashfield (Midlothian, Virginia), Srinivasa Chigurupati (Long Grove, Illinois)
Assignee: Capital One Services (McLean, Virginia)
Oct. 12, 2021

Trust framework against systematic cryptographic
Patent No. 11,153,074
A computing system receives encrypted data that can be decrypted by a first secret to obtain data, wherein the first secret is securely stored by the system, determines that the data encodes a second secret and executable code usable to perform cryptographic operations, and run the executable code to perform the cryptographic operations. The first secret may be a one-time pad.
Inventors: Dalton James Nikitas (Seattle, Washington), Steve Preston Lightner Norum (Richmond), Avni Harilal Rambhia (Fairfax, Virginia)
Assignee: Amazon Technologies (Seattle, Washington)
Oct. 19, 2021

Real-time selection of authentication procedures based on risk assessment
Patent No. 11,151,568
A device may receive, from a server device, a real-time notification indicating that a field of a user account is being modified. The field may include personal information of a user associated with the user account and/or information identifying authorized users of the user account. The device may receive, from a user device, a request associated with a high-risk transaction involving the user account. The device may determine a risk score indicating a likelihood of the high-risk transaction being performed by an unauthorized user. The device may selectively identify an authentication procedure, of a group of authentication procedures, based on the risk score. The device may provide authentication instructions for the authentication procedure to the user device to allow the user device to perform the authentication procedure.
Inventors: Maria Bermudez-Cisneros (Arlington, Virginia), Darlen Schwartz (McLean, Virginia), Michelle Kelo (Chesterfield, Virginia), Nicholas Flieg (Richmond), Adam Rubin (Arlington, Virginia)
Assignee: Capital One Services (McLean, Virginia)
Oct. 19, 2021

Behavior analysis using distributed representations of event data
Patent No. 11,151,468
The features relate to artificial intelligence directed detection of user behavior based on complex analysis of user event data including language modeling to generate distributed representations of user behavior. Further features are described for reducing the amount of data needed to represent relationships between events such as transaction events received from card readers or point of sale systems. Machine learning features for dynamically determining an optimal set of attributes to use as the language model as well as for comparing current event data to historical event data are also included.
Inventors: Kevin Chen (San Diego, California), Mason Carpenter (Richmond), Xiong; Shanji Xiong (San Diego, California), Honghao Shan (San Diego, California), Hua Li (San Diego, California), Olcay Boz (San Diego, California), Zhixuan Wang (Irvine, California)
Assignee: Experian Information Solutions (Costa Mesa, California)
Oct. 19, 2021

Platform for optimizing goal progression
Patent No. 11,151,142
A system, method, server, and computer readable medium for tracking goal progression. Input establishing accounts for providers serving clients is received. Each of the clients is assigned to one or more of the providers in response to selections from an administrator. Goals are established for each of the clients in response to treatments and assistance required. Data associated with each of the clients received from the providers is compiled. A determination is made whether the goals are being met in response to rules based on the compiled data. Alerts are automatically communicated in response to the compiled data varying from a threshold to become significant for one or more of the clients.
Inventors: Lisa A. Marshall (Richmond), James Gaynor (Winchester, Virginia)
Assignee: Parallax Behavioral Health (Santa Monica, California)
Oct. 19, 2021

Methods for preparing therapeutically active cells using microfluidics
Patent No. 11,149,251
The present invention is directed to the use of microfluidics in the preparation of cells and compositions for therapeutic uses.
Inventors: Anthony Ward (Rancho Santa Fe, California), Roberto Campos-Gonzalez (Carlsbad, California), Alison Skelley (Riverside, California), Khushroo Gandhi (Palo Alto, California), Curt Civin (Baltimore, Maryland), James C. Sturm (Princeton, New Jersey), Michael Grisham (Richmond)
Assignee: GPB Scientific (Richmond) & The Trustees of Princeton University (Princeton, New Jersey) & University of Maryland, Baltimore (Baltimore, Maryland)
Oct. 19, 2021

Metabolically stable 5-HMF derivatives for the treatment of hypoxia
Patent No. 11,149,012
5-HMF derivative compounds that bind covalently with hemoglobin are provided. Methods of treating sickle cell disease and other hypoxia-related disorders by administering such compounds are also provided.
Inventors: Abdelsattar Mansour Ebeid Omar (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia), Moustafa El-Sayed El-Araby (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia), Martin K. Safo (Richmond)
Assignee: King Abdulaziz University (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia) & Virginia Commonwealth University (Richmond)
Oct. 19, 2021

Electronic smoking article
Patent No. 11,147,312
An electronic smoking article includes a liquid supply region including liquid material and a heater-wick element operable to wick liquid material and heat the liquid material to a temperature sufficient to vaporize the liquid material and form an aerosol. The heater-wick element is formed of a carbon or graphite foam.
Inventors: Susan E. Plunkett (Richmond), David B. Kane (Richmond)
Assignee: Altria Client Services (Richmond)
Oct. 19, 2021

Collapsible container
Patent No. 11,147,310
Articles of manufacture, products, and packaging methods are provided that include collapsible container. Collapsible containers provided herein can define an open interior space with a peripheral side wall having a top edge and a bottom edge and a bottom wall attached to the bottom edge of the side wall. The bottom wall can include a displaceable portion in an expanded configuration that extends below the bottom edge of the side wall and adapted to being displaced to a collapsed configuration that extends above the bottom edge of the side wall. Product constituents (e.g., pouches of smokeless tobacco) can be placed in a collapsible container provided herein while the collapsible container is in its expanded configuration. After installing a lid onto a collapsible container to enclose the product within the collapsible container, the container can be collapsed to its collapsed configuration.
Inventors: James D. Evans (Chesterfield, Virginia)
Assignee: Altria Client Services (Richmond)
Oct. 19, 2021

Systems, methods, and computer-accessible mediums for repressing or turning off the read of a digital tag
Patent No. 11,153,428
An exemplary system, method, and computer-accessible medium can include, for example, storing on a first device a digital tag, the tag configured to be associated with at least one application on a second device, such that receipt of the tag on the second device launches the application on the second device; and emitting from the first device to a second device the digital tag; wherein the application on the second device is configured to launch in a special state when the second device is in at least one state from a pre-determined list of states.
Inventors: Jeffrey Rule (Chevy Chase, Maryland), Paul Moreton (Glen Allen, Virginia), Wayne Lutz (Fort Washington, Maryland)
Assignee: Capital One Services (McLean, Virginia)
Oct. 19, 2021

Preparation and use of aminoalkylphosphonic acid dialkyl ester compounds in a lubricant for antiwear, friction reduction, and/or micropitting prevention
Patent No. 11,149,226
In accordance with the disclosure, one aspect of the present application is directed to a lubricant additive composition. The lubricant additive composition includes a component or mixture of components selected from (a) an aminoalkylphosphonic acid dialkyl ester; (b) a cyclized product of an aminoalkylphosphonic acid dialkyl ester; and a mixture of (a) and (b). Preparation and use of the additive composition in a lubricant for antiwear and/or friction reduction are also disclosed.
Inventors: Helen T. Ryan (London, Great Britain), Bevin W. Parks-Lee (Midlothian, Virginia), Jeffrey J. Soden (Midlothian, Virginia), Stuart Wickson (Leeds, Great Britain)
Assignee: Afton Chemical Corp. (Richmond)
Oct. 19, 2021

Surface mounted cable and tray molding
Patent No. 11,149,439
An improved cable molding product that can be easily installed to protect low voltage and line voltage electrical cables in new and existing building construction applications. Its primary benefits are found in decreasing the cost of installation procedures and improving the aesthetics of low voltage electronic system cable and lie voltage cable runs at exterior and interior openings in new and existing buildings. The two-part secure molding system is comprised of a base portion that is mounted for instance to an inside face of rectangular aluminum tubing or any interior wall. Low voltage wiring cable is placed into a rectangular base portion channel. The line voltage wiring is placed into the separate base portion channel. A rectangular cover snaps securely onto and over the base to conceal the cable and wire.
Inventors: James Thomas Clarke Jr. (Henrico, Virginia), Mark Alexander (Dowagiac, Michigan)
Assignee: Frame & Mullions (Henrico, Virginia)
Oct. 19, 2021

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