The Docket: Local court roundup for 1.12.23

Chesterfield Circuit Court

Kapitus Servicing, Inc. v. ASAP Lab LLC d/b/a ASAP Lab; ASAP Lab Holdings, LLC d/b/a ASAP Lab; and Timothy Buckman
Plaintiff says the Florida business is in default of a forward purchase agreement and seeks judgment in the principal amount of $204,481.
Attorneys: Nhon H. Nguyen, Timothy A. Hennigan and Charles D. Waters of Nguyen|Ballato
Filed: 1/5/2022

Kapitus Servicing, Inc. v. Transphase Electrical, Inc. d/b/a Transphase Electrical; and Ronald Wilson
Plaintiff says the New York business is in default of a forward purchase agreement and seeks judgment in the principal amount of $126,113.
Attorneys: Nhon H. Nguyen and Charles D. Waters of Nguyen|Ballato
Filed: 1/5/2022

Henrico Circuit Court

Sherrie R. McNulty v. Commonwealth of Virginia and Capital Region Airport Commission
Plaintiff says on/about July 24, 2021, defendants failed to keep the floors inside the airport terminal dry and free from water, and as a result, plaintiff fell and seeks judgment of $250,000 for injuries.
Attorneys: Brenda L. Page and Alan F. Duckworth of Page Law Firm
Filed: 1/3/2023

Kapitus Servicing, Inc. v. Carlisle Auto Body & Collision, Inc. d/b/a Carlisle Customs & Classics; and Vincent Scalavino
Plaintiff says the Pennsylvania business is in default of a forward purchase agreement and seeks judgment in the principal amount of $173,357.50.
Attorneys: Nhon H. Nguyen and Charles D. Waters of Nguyen|Ballato
Filed: 1/3/2023

Thomas Christopher Hunter v. Tina Ackley; Michael C. Winston; Sentara Healthcare; and Sentara Hospitals
Plaintiff says at the time of the incident he was a successful business proprietor and sole member of SIGGE LLC, which served as the intermediary between manufacturers of surgical equipment and medical providers in need of such equipment. Plaintiff says once he produced the equipment from a manufacturer or from SIGGE-owned inventory via consignment, the equipment would be provided by SIGGE on a metallic, sealed and sterilized tray, and stored in a facility’s sterile storage area. When a procedure did not proceed as planned, plaintiff says defendant representatives asked him to remove SIGGE-owned trays from the sterile storage room at Sentara Careplex in Hampton so as to unencumber space, and he removed a SIGGE-owned and clearly marked cervical removal tray as requested by Ackley on Oct. 20, 2019, and texted her that he had done so. Plaintiff says in November he was falsely accused of stealing equipment, and on Oct. 31, 2020, was arrested for grand larceny. Plaintiff says at a preliminary hearing on Jan. 8, 2021, he supplied irrefutable evidence demonstrating the tray at issue was the property of SIGGE, not defendant, and the case was nolle prose. Plaintiff says his reputation was destroyed and he was made a pariah in his trade, causing loss of earnings and earnings potential, and that he was subjected to baseless criminal prosecution. Plaintiff seeks compensatory damages of $20 million, and punitive, $5 million.
Attorneys: Jonathan E. Halperin and Isaac A. McBeth of Haperin Law Center
Filed: 1/4/2023

Freedom Drywall Inc. v. Thomas Builders, Inc. and Justin Thomas, individually
Plaintiff says it served as subcontractor for renovations of the Residence Inn by Marriott Richmond Midtown/Glenside in 2019 and 2020, and defendant has failed to pay $110,232.08 due.
Attorneys: Yiorgos L. Koliopoulos and William A. Truban III of Williams Mullen
Filed: 1/6/2023

Richmond Circuit Court

Letia Michelle Hawley v. Drucker & Falk, LLC and Jamie Harrison
Plaintiff says Harrison, employed by defendant, came to her apartment in The Current at 21 E. 4th St. on/about July 23, 2021, to repair her dishwasher, and once inside, physically and sexually assaulted her and grabbed her legs, causing her to fall and injure her knee. Plaintiff seeks compensatory damages of $250,000, and punitive, $250,000.
Attorneys: Barry Montgomery of Kalbaugh, Pfund & Messersmith
Filed: 12/27/2022

Roshonda Alexander, Jada Alexander, Terrica Alexander and Terrence Dunn Jr. v. Lawson Realty Corporation and Alexander at 1090 Apartments, L.P.
Plaintiffs claim damages of $40,000, alleging gross mismanagement and failure to repair and maintain their apartment caused medical problems from mold and harm to their personal belongings.
Attorneys: Jonathan P. Harmon and Carson R. Bartlett of McGuire Woods
Filed: 12/30/2022

S. 14th Richmond, LLC v. CAO Apartments, LLC
Plaintiff says it purchased 8-10 S. 14th St., a multifamily residential real property, and that the property agreement included certain representations and warranties, and after closing on July 1, 2021, plaintiff discovered the property contained only 25 permitted units instead of 27 as represented. Plaintiff alleges defendant sold the property with existing violations of building code requirements, thereby decreasing the value of the property, and seeks compensatory damages of no less than $242,592.60, and punitive, $350,000.
Attorneys: Alexander P.M. Boyd and Evan V. Clarke of Hirschler Fleischer
Filed: 12/30/2022

Peter Sullivan v. Veera Enterprise, Inc.
Plaintiff says on/about May 3, 2022, he was permanently injured when he fell over broken concrete as he stepped from his car at defendant’s Sunoco gas station at 10292 E. Patrick Henry Road, Ashland. Plaintiff seeks judgment of $1.5 million.
Attorneys: Gray B. Broughton of The Broughton Law Firm
Filed: 1/3/2023

Major C. Hoxter v. Dodson Property Management, LLC and Bikram K. Guliani
Plaintiff says defendants – property manager and owner, respectively, of apartments at 4907 Chamberlayne Ave. – ignored repeated communications and maintenance requests about a loose fixture on the bedroom ceiling, and on/about Dec. 30, 2019, the ceiling collapsed and fell on his head, causing severe injuries. Plaintiff asks judgment of $9,775,000.
Attorneys: Jason M. Hart and S. Geoffrey Glick of The Joel Bieber Firm
Filed: 1/3/2023

O’Toole Distribution, Inc. t/a Pella Windows and Doors v. Dobson Homes, Inc.; Tommy D. Dobson a/k/a Tommy Dobson; and Anne C. Dobson a/k/a Christine Dobson
Plaintiff says it provided materials on credit to defendants and is owed the principal sum of $227,637.63.
Attorneys: James W. Curry of Nguyen|Ballato
Filed: 1/5/2023

Jason Jamal Jones v. Virginia Design and Construction, LLC
Plaintiff says defendant has failed to perform rehab work on his home on Garland Avenue as contracted, and seeks judgment of $160,000.
Attorneys: Henry W. McLaughlin of The Law Office of Henry McLaughlin
Filed: 1/5/2023

Elite Child, Inc. v. Courtesy Home Buyers, LLC
Plaintiff says defendant has defaulted on a contract to purchase a home in Newport News and seeks an order for specific performance requiring defendant to pay plaintiff $92,000 for conveyance of the deed, and additional monies for insurance and taxes.
Attorneys: Henry W. McLaughlin of The Law Office of Henry McLaughlin
Filed: 1/5/2023

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