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Sponsored Content: Retatrutide ‘wiped out’ fat in liver of obese patients

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By A.J. Hostetler More than 85% of obese participants with fatty liver disease in a clinical trial of the experimental drug retatrutide reduced their liver fat to the point where they would no longer be classified as having fatty liver disease, according to the Virginia Commonwealth University hepatologist leading the sub-study. Arun Sanyal, M.D., director… Read more »

Sponsored Content: VCU Health workforce programs help young adults with employment

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In a typical day, Angel Glenn, a 22-year-old certified medical assistant in the VCU Health neurology department, makes sure patients get their medication refills and forms sent to the correct doctor. Her duties also include checking over patients’ referrals – ensuring they are processed correctly – and scheduling medical visits. Glenn always knew she would… Read more »