Hugh Newton

Economics for breakfast

Uncertainty was the word of the day from local business leaders at a panel discussion held Thursday morning.

Fed report: It’s not easy being small

Small and medium-size banks continued to bear the brunt of the sluggish economy in the first quarter of 2010 compared with large banks.

“Back to basics” say bankers

Local bankers know they’re not the most popular guys around town these days. But the banking model doesn’t work so well when real estate prices are fluctuating so wildly and major industries are falling by the wayside. There were two banking panels this week both centered around the topic of why banks seem tighter lending than this time two years ago. Both had a similar refrain.

Monday Q&A: The new bank on the block

It’s no fun to be a banker right now. Businesses are complaining about their loans or credit lines, and the government is getting more and more active in regulation. But an out-of-state bank thinks there is room for another in Richmond. This week, BizSense chats with Hugh Newton, the regional president of M&T Bank.