Large round of layoffs at the T-D

The Times-Dispatch told 28 editorial staffers and31 non-newsroom employees Thursday that they were no longer needed and could leave immediately. Several of the laid-off workers had decades of experience, which likely means their salaries were higher than the younger reporters and might be one reason they were cut.

Salaries hold steady for Media General execs

Despite losing $632 million in 2008 and asking salaried employees to take two weeks off, it still pays to be a head honcho at Richmond-based Media General. Chief executive Marshall Morton received $2.76 million in total compensation in 2008, according to an SEC filing. That’s about the same as 2007 and about 15 percent less… Read more »

So long, inRich.com

Media General’s fling with the inRich.com domain name is coming to an end. The company plans to phase out inRich.com and re-brand Richmond.com with a similar format, according to information Media General provides to potential advertisers.  Media General owns the Times-Dispatch.